IPCPR 2011: Day 1 Digest

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IPCPR 2011: Day 1 Digest

Not able to make it to the IPCPR 2011 convention this year? Want to know what is going on but don’t have the time to sit in front of your computer all day as the information is published? We have got you covered! Below you will find a digest of all Stogie Review coverage from Day 1 of IPCPR 2011.

Sneak Peek Videos:
Show Floor Videos:
Photos From Twitter:

IPCPR 2011 - Playboy Bunnies
Playboy bunnies at the Macanudo section of the General booth. #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - Nub Leaf Ashtray
I like this oliva nub leaf ashtray. #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - La Flor Dominicana Airbender Maduro Barn
Check out the @lfdcigars airbender maduro barn. #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - Casa Fernandez Miami
Here’s the new @casafernandez miami. #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - Chris McCalla
The man behind #ipcpr, Chris McCalla.

IPCPR 2011 - AVO Heritage Short Torpedo
Now for something I know @cigarsthomas will like, a new @avocigars short torpedo. #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - Room 101 Namakubi
@room101cigars namakubi. #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - Stogie Stein
Check this out, a stogie stein. Pretty clever. #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - CAO OSA - 1
This @caocigars osa will retail for $5.75. #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - Room 101 Connecticut
New @room101cigars connecticut. #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - La Aurora Puro Vintage 2004
@laauroracigars puro vintage 2004. #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - Tatuaje Wolf Man
@tatuajecigars wolfman. #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - Tatuaje Old Man and the C
@tatuajecugars old man and the c. #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - Tatuaje Avion
Avion #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - Jerrys Camera Setup - 1
@jcruz’s camera is sporting a merkin. #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - Illusione Epernay Box Press
These appear to be @vudu9 box pressed epernay torpedos. #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - Illusione MK Ultra
@vudu9 ‘s new mk ultra. #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - Gold Foil Cruzado
@vudu9 cruzado in gold foil.

IPCPR 2011 - China Tobacco Booth
Where going down. Down to chinatown. #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - Wild Booth
Wild booth. #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - Flor De Cana Booth
Flor de Cana has a booth at #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - Padron Family CIgar Box
One of the padron family cigar boxes.

IPCPR 2011 - Room 101 Xikar Cutters
@xikarkvk ‘s new @room101cigars cutters. #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - Xikar Pave Diamond Cutter
You know you want a @xikarkvk pave diamond cutter. #ipcpr

Cigar Mascot - 1
A little brown smoke shop mascot walking the floor. LOL #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - Torano Loyal - 1
New torano loyal. Really inexpensive, < $5. #ipcpr IPCPR 2011 - Torano Vault - 1
New torano vault. #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - Oliva Nub Maduro Tubo - 1
Oliva nub maduro tubos. #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - Cain F Lancero Tubo - 1
Oliva cain f lancero tubos. 1 time ship in Oct. 10 per box. 6.50-ish a stick. #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - Oliva Tubos - 1
Oliva’s got a ton of tubos. #ipcpr

Primer Mundo - Epifania 50 Count
The @primermundo epifania in the 50 count box.

La Aurora - 107 Maduro
@laauroracigars 107 maduro #IPCPR

La Aurora - Preferido Corojo Reserva 2003
@laauroracigars preferido corojo reserva 2003. #IPCPR

Jameson - Santos De Miami
@jamesoncigars Santos De Miami #IPCPR

Jameson Declaration - Screaming Eagle
Something @nickwiegand will like- @jamesoncigars declaration screaming eagle #ipcpr

La Caridad Del Cobre - Javelin
@lcdccigars javelin. Come in boxes of 10. #ipcpr

Casa Gomez - Review Printout
Spotted my @stogiereview review printed out in the @casagomez booth!

Casa Gomez - 7x64
New @casagomez vitola: 7×64!

La Flor Dominicana - Diadema Duo
@lfdcigars diadema duo. #IPCPR

Gran Habano - Ice Cream Truck
The ice cream truck at the @ghcigars booth. #ipcpr

Gran Habano - Opium
@ghcigars gar opium. #ipcpr

Gran Habano - Zulu Zulu
@ghcigars zulu zulu. Based on the long discontinued black line. #ipcpr

Camaco - American Kick Ass Cigars
@akacigars “american kick-ass” cigars hybrid. Cameroon-corojo hybrid wrapper from camacho. #ipcpr

Drew Esate Car - 1.jpg
Nice wheels, @jonathandrew1 . #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - The Cuban by Logic
Puffing on an electronic cigar called “the cuban” by logic. Interesting. #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - J Fuego Royal Nicaraguan
@jfuegocigars royal nicaraguan, reblended, more widely available soon. #ipcpr

IPCPR 2011 - J Fuego Signature Collection
The @jfuegocigars signature collection. Comes with next year’s Origen. #IPCPR

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13 thoughts on “IPCPR 2011: Day 1 Digest

  1. Front row seat all while never leaving the comfort of my patio! Awesome review Jerry (with Brian singing background)! Thanks. Hey is IPCPR open to the public? How does one attend?

  2. IPCPR is not open to the public, its for retailers to attend see whats new and place orders. Some media is allowed this is why Stogie Review is there. I know they had new rules this year for bloggers but I am not sure what they are.

    Doing a great job guys! Would love to hear more about the Casa Fernadez Miami!

  3. Wow, this is some great cigar porn! I’m looking at my stash thinking I need to start making some room, lol.

  4. Holy crap…cigar porn is right. So far, the Fausto, Avion, CDF Miami, Air Bender Maduro, LFD Colorado Oscuro and the Illusione Ultra look damn nice. I’ll take a box of each and call it a day!

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