Viaje Oro (Humidor Diving)

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Viaje Oro (Humidor Diving)

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Last week I debuted a new series which I called Humidor Diving (Graycliff Chateau Grand Cru was featured). In that video I made mention that I wanted to space out the videos going forward. With that said, you are probably wondering why I’ve got two Humidor Diving videos back to back? The answer to that is simple, my camcorder is on its way out and I wasn’t sure if I could manage a standard review.

I was able to to limp through a shorter Humidor Diving video, which I hope you will enjoy. This time I wound up going with a Viaje Oro. The video runs about fourteen minutes and includes some more footage of me rummaging through one of my coolidors.

I have a cleaning kit en-route to my house. I’m not sure that it is going to resolve my camcorder problems, but it was worth a shot. In the event that my camcorder isn’t fixed, it may be a week or two until I’m back up and running full speed. In the meantime you will just have to bear with me as I present more Humidor Diving and Short Ashes videos.

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8 thoughts on “Viaje Oro (Humidor Diving)

  1. It seems that every maker has their fair share of hits and misses, so it’s good to get an idea of what’s available, good or bad. Haven’t had a Viaje, so any info I can glean from you guys is valuable.

    I like the concept of the humidor diving, although since I’ve only been back into the cigar thing for several months, it’s not really viable for me.

    Walt, your coolidors are a mess. I’ll have to reluctantly volunteer to help you clean out – er, I mean straighten up – your stock. 😉

    Hope you’re up and running at full speed soon! And show us a little more of that passionate and opinionated Walt from YQMA. lol

    Thanks for sharing what lurks in the dark depths of your collection!

  2. Good video Walt and I love this format.

    I’ve only smoked one Oro and thought it a bit on the rough side but enjoyable, I’d like to try the Platino and see how it compares.

  3. Very cool Idea Walt I like seeing your collection, I think you guys should show more coverage of your collections it gives the little people like me hope hahah. I have only ever had one Viaje the Holiday Blend wasn’t bad but not worth the money in my eyes. Keep up the good work.

  4. I’ve never been impressed with these guys. I’ve had the 50/50, Oro, a few limited edicions, and holiday. I’ve officially given up on them. They aren’t bad, but simply aren’t worth the money to me. I’d rather have at least 2 dozen cigars over this guy for the price.

    Regardless, i dig the concept of humidor diving and enjoy the videos.

  5. Wut happened to you walkin humidor u were building?

    I love seeing these videos its amazing the amount of stuff u have and variety.

  6. Hey Walt, is there a noticeable difference in taste between cigars in your coolidor and cigars in your spanish cedar humidor, if you have one? Just curious. I can’t think of another high end brand than Viaje that gets beat up as much. I’ve never had one myself, but it seems seems like a lot of hype from what I read for the most part.

  7. I’ve had the Oro sitting in my humidor for almost a year now and haven’t thought too much about it. I really enjoyed the Satori from Viaje and didn’t mind the Platino. Still have both 50/50s and the skull in crossbones so ill have to smoke those before I form any concrete opinion about Viaje. I like the Concept for Humidor diving, keep up the good stuff Walt.

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