RabbitAir – Sneak Peek unboxing

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RabbitAir – Sneak Peek unboxing

Welcome to a short and sweet unboxing video of the RabbitAir SPA-780A that I was kindly sent by them to do a review for all you guys and gals.

This turned into a basic unboxing video with a couple details because they already had the whole thing set up for me to use. In the final video I will take it apart and show you the filters and how everything goes together, so don’t fear, you will see the guts!

You will probably hear me talk about this is my next couple videos also as I will be using it consistently for the month I have it. I tried to get it for a long term test but I can fully understand with the cost of these units that they would prefer to only have them out of shop for a short period of time.

In the meantime, check out their website I linked above if you want a general idea of the products they have and stay tuned for me to give this unit a thorough shakedown in the next month.

I apologize for the video being a bit out of frame but i gave my new FlipHD a try. I think the video came out great, I just have to get used to where the frame cuts off.

I am just me.

7 thoughts on “RabbitAir – Sneak Peek unboxing

  1. Nice looking unit, Mike. Looking forward to see how well it works.

    How much do you think it will go for on cbid? 😉

  2. I use this in my office and it works great. Turns on when there’s smoke, turns off when there isn’t, and it looks cool. Has like 7 filters and I believe it’s specifically engineered for smoke (versus pollen or other stuff). Comes in an array of colors, or you can just brand the front of it with whatever you want (in this case they were nice enough to put a big CAO logo on it). Great product so far for me.

  3. Lol – total crotch shot. All you needed to make this sneak peak perfect was to RickRoll at the start of the video!!!

    This is really and awesome idea. I have been thinking if these things are really worth the fat cash you have to throw down for one. Haven’t really seen any cigar sites review it. Really looking foward to hearing your thoughts on this! To get a better idea, it would be good to know how many cigars you smoke a day to gauge how much filtering it has having to do.

    Also, Walt mentioned in the past that he created his own filter using a box fan and some hepa filiters or something along those lines. I would love to know how a homebrew like that would do against a $550 sleek and mass production product. Is it worth the $550 if you can come up with a homebrew filter that works half as well but is a fraction of the price?

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