809 Connecticut

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809 Connecticut

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Today I have another bundle cigar review for you and that is the 809 Connecticut in the toro size. This cigar is made by the Pride Cigar Company but there is very little information available about it. I have found a couple other 809 flavors online also.

I have been having computer problems so this will not be a full writeup like usual as I am just hoping to keep the computer running long enough to edit the video.

Starting out this 809 Connecticut, which is a Dominican Puro, I smell hay and grass from the wrapper and foot along with a bit on the cold draw. Upon lighting the cigar it gives more woody taste than anything with a little sweet hay and spice in the background. Starting off it is a mild cigar.

Spice has picked up and a little salty taste has come into play but the woody flavor is dominating everything else. This 809 Connecticut is a little dry but doesn’t make you drink gallons of water.

One tip for bundle cigars, purge a LOT. I tend to notice better flavor results when purging constantly rather than just once or twice a cigar.

Rounding out the 809 Connecticut was the basic wood profile with a couple other things thrown in for good measure. Not a bad smoke but nothing that will get you excited to grab one from the humidor.

Burn was excellent throughout for every one I have smoked so far. I have never had to touch one up yet. Ash also held on pretty decent but I did not go for a long ash record.

Would I buy it again? Yes I would. I think for $1 it is decent enough to be smoked and cheap enough that you don’t have to make 100K a year to afford them when smoking multiple cigars per day.

I know a ton of you out there will shy away from these due to the price point but for those of you that want a cheap cigar to fill in throughout the day, give it a shot and see what you think.

As always, let me know if you have tried them in the comments and what your thoughts were on them.

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6 thoughts on “809 Connecticut

  1. Don’t believe I’ve seen or heard of these before, but it’s nice to know about. Thanks for the info – at least what little there was. 🙂

    Look forward to your Cigar Expo coverage. Have fun!

  2. Very informative as always Mike. Not my flavor profile but maybe I would buy a few for some friends I know who would like this profile. Keep up the good work.

  3. The 809 Sumatra is a great cigar. We did a blind tasting with them and most people guessed it was an eight dollar stick.

  4. These sound interesting — especially for the price — but I can’t find them on-line. Appreciate the review, though!

  5. Mike,
    I did not take the time to see your video review, but your written review concurs with my own experience. I like the woody profile as it is distictive and pleasant both in aroma and flavor from start to finish. I noticed an increasing peppery note as it progressed to the last 1 1/8 inch. For an inexpensive stick it has met my personal preferences nicely.

    I found this stick at the Smoker Friendly store humidor in Plum, PA on 9/12/16 as I was passing through. It has been in my humidor until today. A pleasant surprise.

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