La Casita Criolla

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La Casita Criolla


The newly release La Casita Criolla has been the buzz in the online cigar world way before it was released at IPCPR. The all Connecticut broadleaf cigar interested many and perplexed others who weren’t quite sure if an all broadleaf cigar would work. Would the La Casita Criolla wbe one of those “too much of a good thing…?” I’ll admit I was skeptical myself. Broadleaf tobacco is a favorite wrapper of mine but I never paid much attention to its use as anything outside of a wrapper. Its hard to be original in the cigar industry and while I can’t say for certain if this is the first and only all Broadleaf cigar, but no others come to mind. The closes I can come to are the triple maduro blends out there like the CAO MX3 and Camacho Triple Maduro although those may not count since they use all different kinds of tobacco and not just a single type like broadleaf.

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If you watched our IPCPR Coverage this isn’t going to shock you. The La Casita Criolla is an early favorite for Cigar of The Year contention. Its unlike anything Pete has released before and truly stands out and stands above anything in the current arsenal of Tatuaje. Solid medium in strength but possesses a rich, deep, penetrating flavor profile. A slight peppery flavor creates a thin film on your palate giving a nice sensation. The La Casita Criolla is chock full of nuttiness, cedar and a dark, almost molasses flavor profile. Simple flavors from beginning to end but flavor that sure does satisfy the soul.

Production Note – Thank to Matt from for helping me fix the “popping” issue in Final Cut Pro X. I did however forget to apply the fix to the opening sequence (30 seconds) but after that, the audio should be clean.

Contest – Easy contest. All you have to do is leave a comment and submit a cigar related question. These questions will be used to help build a log of questions we will use for future episodes of Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA). Each question submitted counts as one (1) entry. No limit on number of entries. Submitted questions should be cigar related to qualify. Contest will close at 11:59pm (US Eastern) on Sunday, August 28, 2011. Two (2) winners will be selected at random. Each winner will win one (1) five (5) pack of La Casita Criolla from my personal collection.


122 thoughts on “La Casita Criolla

  1. Hey Gerry –
    I am kicking myself for not picking up one of these last time I was at my B&M. Definitely somthing I gotta pick up next time…

    1) How did you guys go from just being a couple of guys that loved cigars to really having the knowledge to speak with an educated background about cigars? I have been hearing about Tobaconist University – is this something you guys have done?
    2) Can you speak more to the geeky stuff that you guys do in the background? How much time do you guys spend working on stuff “behind the scenes” compared to the stuff we see on the website?

  2. Fuck – sorry for the name misspelling. I have a boss with a ‘G’ and so that has now brain fucked me into spelling Jerry with a ‘G’.

  3. Jerry,

    LOL. I’ve smoked a box since that one cigar review, and still agree with my initial review. I guess I will add that to the end of that review. 🙂


  4. These sound pretty tasty… can’t wait to get my hands on some.

    Cigar-related questions:

    1. What’s the best way to ship single cigars to friends through the mail? I’d like them to arrive without getting crushed or dried out, but don’t want spend much either. Would reusing an old tubo tube with cedar?

    2. Is there any easy way to sharpen double-guillotine style cutters? I’ve got a really nice one that I’d hate to throw away, but it’s become dull to the point of being useless. Can I sharpen it or is it relegated to paperweight status?

  5. If you were to create rules to smoking cigars (whats taboo, expected, frowned upon, liked), what would be your top three and why?

  6. Whats up Jerry, good review as usual. I’m looking forward to trying these guys. This and the Padilla Artemis are the two cigars out of IPCPR this year i want to try the most.

    My question for the contest is:
    Why do you think conneticut wrappers seem to be making a resurgence? (not like i have anything against them)

  7. How do you keep track of cigars that you’ve tried liked and or disliked?

    What is the one cigar you always pass over when you see it in your humidor?

  8. Concur, this is a fine cigar.

    Question: Can it be consider an actual “puro” as it is so often referred if in fact the Connecticut Broadleaf seed was actually grown (and the cigar constructed) outside of the U.S.? My hunch is that this is actually false marketing to call it an “American Puro” since this would be akin to calling every cigar using Cuban seed a “Cuban Puro” even if it was grown in Honduras, Ecuador, Nicaragua, etc., etc.,. Anyhow, as I understand it, this is still the closest thing to the “American Puro” that exists at the premium level. Correct….or no? Thanks, and keep up the fine entertaining work.

  9. Can’t wait to try the cigar.

    My question: Does the cigar glue (available online) actually repair tears in wrappers or help re-seal wrappers that are peeling away?

  10. Hey JC, how about covering filling lighters and the importance of bleeding them before use. Also what about covering cigar wrappers i.e. PA broadleaf, Sumatra, Criollo and Habano and then the differance between them and color, Oscuro, Maduro Rosado. I notice alot of people do not know the differance between them. Good educational stuff.

    Thanks keep up the good work

  11. I passed up one of these, and now kicking my ass for doing so. A customer offered me one, but I forgot to get in from him. Anyway….question;

    I have some original release Opus X from 1995. They’ve been in my humidor since 2008, and before that in my Dad’s. How long will they last, assuming that they are kept well?

  12. Hey Jerry

    Great Review I would love to try one of these I can’t find any of Pete’s stuff in my area so a fiver would be big time.

    My question is simple

    Whats your ideal location to smoke your sticks, (beach, backyard, B&M)? For me it doesn’t get much better then the Beach.

  13. Question: Lighting a cigar, I was watching a xikar video on lighting a cigar ( and they mention your not suppose to burn the wrapper, when lighting the foot. Do you guys agree or is this a loose guideline? I’ve seen Walt use the creme brulee torch, which I have experience with, I also have a quad flame Jetline table torch all of which seems to hit the entire foot of the cigar including the wrapper. Is this a no-no? I’m a 50-54 gauge smoker should I stick to a single flame torch that can guarantee I only hit the cigar’s filler when lighting the foot?


  14. Great review. Looking forward to getting my hands on a few of these. The tatuaje arsenal never ceases to amaze me.

    1) What are your thoughts about smoking lounge etiquette? I have recently noticed a few people bringing their own cigars and lighting up without even considering a purchase. Is this accepted practice?

    2) If I smoke a cigar once and decide that I don’t necessarily enjoy its profile, I frequently write off all vitolas of that particular cigar and never pick it up again, opting for something I haven’t tried. Do you think I am missing out? Would you pick it again and hope you notice something different that next time? Different size? Or move on to try a different blend?

  15. Awesome review. I have a question. My question would be how you went about developing your pallet? I find that I can easily identify cocoa, espresso or leather flavors but have trouble picking out and differentiating spice and types of spice. So did it just come along naturally or did you do anything like food experts in tasting something that had a flavor you want to identify before puffing?

  16. These are being shipped to the Netherlands as well, which is great news for me!!!

    I am a fan of Cameroon wrapper and know that Cameroon tobacco is used for binder as well, but is it also used as filler in longfiller cigars as well? Man, come to think of it: why not make a Cameroon tobacco puro? That would be some spicey cigar!

  17. hi guys,
    Here is my list of questions:
    1) What is the worst cigar you had the misfortune to smoke this year? and why?
    2) Why do so many USA online retailers refuse to ship international?
    3) Now that castro is a gonner why is the USA still not removing the boycott of cubans? is it to help local manufacturers, eventhough in my opinion nicaragua are far better?
    4) have you had any real cuban cigars and which one did you prefer?

  18. Good review as always. 1} The cellophane, take it off, or leave it on in the humidor? 2} Is there a difference between butane?

  19. Questions below, not for contest
    Jerry have you gone Hollywood on us? Video looks like you have a green screen in the background with the fence just painted on. (I know its just the focus of the camera) The video quality is awesome though best I’ve seen on the site or any other cigar review site for that fact.

    Where did you order the La Casita Criolla from?

    1. Thanks for the compliments on video quality. In the grand scheme of things video quality shouldn’t be that important but its something I take pride in.

      I got my La Casita Criolla from my local B&M, W.Curtis Draper.

  20. hey J! here is a question for you, what cigar was the first to be avail to the u.s. commercially and when?

  21. Great review. I’ve been wanting to get a hold of these since reading Tony’s review of them a week ago. I hope one of the B&Ms around here has them.

    Do you think that manufacturers expect consumers to do part of their job when they release cigars that are not quite ready to smoke and need extended aging after being bought? Shouldn’t they be ready to smoke with no harshness right out of the box?

  22. well im going to start at the beginning of the process:
    1- will the use of pesticides and heavy fertilizers affect the quality of the leaf ?
    2- what do you think about this new concept of organic cigars ?
    3-many say that the leaf aging is more important to develop the flavor profile than cigar aging ?
    4-is it true that the left over of the rolling process is sold to cigarette companies ?
    5-what is the easiest and the hardest vitola to roll ?
    6-Has any one tried to use leafs from a wild tobacco plant in a blend ?
    7-what is the best country to buy cigars from in Europe ?
    8-who was the first to use the double binder?
    9- when a double binder is used do both of the leafs has to be of a same nature ?
    10-what is the most complex cigar you ever smoked ?

  23. Question: At IPCPR any of the manufacturers or blogs talk about the FDA’s attempt to try and expand its powers into the regulation of premium cigars? Are they concerned about it affecting business in the near or long term?

  24. Nice review, Jerry. Yeah, the video quality is very good!

    Question for contest to win me some smokes:

    Fanny pack travel humidor, good or bad idea?

  25. Question.

    A lot of cigar manufactures talk about aging, but not many talk about fermenting. Which do you guys find more important and which do you think helps get rid of the bitter grassy taste of young tobacco?

  26. Thanks for the great work.
    1. What is your favorite online cigar store and why
    2. Favorite online auction and why
    3 Do you all smoke more than one of a cigar before review..if so how many

  27. Can you discuss how leasing factories works? There seem to be few factories but many brands. Do brands just lease space or do they also “lease” the rollers, et al? how much difference do individual factories have upon the brands and their blends. So many questions, so little time!

  28. Some people like 70% humidity in the humidors, some like 65%, some have both. My question is, how do you decide what humidity is best for a particular cigar for proper aging? Why do some cigars smoke better at a lower or higher humidity?

    Keep on smokin’!

  29. My question is why do some of these $5 cigars seem to have more complexity and flavor,than the pricer $10 and up cigars.How do these manufacturers come up with these prices.

  30. Do you have a list of items that every cigar enthusiast needs in order to get the most out of smoking premium cigars? (examples Do you need a torch lighter? Do you need a cigar poker? Do you need a humidor? What do you use to smoke your cigars to the nub?)

  31. Hi Jerry great review!! They sound like they’d be right up my alley.

    My question is what size cigar do you think is making the bigger surge to the market right now…the pettite corona or the 6×60. It seems like everyone is coming out with these sizes….and which do all the stogies reviewers prefer. I personally love the pettite corona size.

  32. Nicely done man, Ive only smoked one of these suckers so far. Honestly wasn’t blown away. Liked it, but not blown away. looking forward to trying another one here shortly. Anxious to see if this next one will change my thoughts. As always, thanks for the review.

    Whats your favorite alcoholic beverage to consume while burning some tobacco?

  33. Awesome review. Pete’s cigars are always on the top of my list to try. Still haven’t smoked many of his lines.

    1. How does a blender attempt to make a cigar with great smoke volume production?
    2. How does a blender create the right texture of a smoke?
    3. What about the blending/curing/fermenting process affects burn?
    4. Why do some makers choose to do a single cap, while others go up to a triple cap?
    5. Can you give an example on how a blend is slightly modified for a different vitola?
    6. What types of tobacco prefer higher humidity and what others prefer lower humidity?
    7. Can you explain some of the key characteristics to particular wrapper leaves?

  34. Here are my questions for your log?

    1. Can you tell a cigar maker from smoke a cigar from there manufacture?
    2. Can you name all of the cigar manufactures in the world?
    3. Can you us some of your recent good cigar monemts?
    4. Can you named cigars are good under 5 bucks?

  35. I won a cigar a few months ago in a contest.To my surprise I received 5 or 6 great sticks along with the cigar I won.
    Even though the certain individual has a collection I could never dream of owning.Should I in good faith send some of my cigars as a thank you?

    1. I would grab a Padron Family Reserve if I had to choose my last cigar on earth to smoke. Why? Because it is the kind of cigar that is guaranteed to satisfy without wishing you would have picked a different cigar to smoke.

  36. Hey J, Great Review

    If you were given the chance to stand in front of congress and explain why the embargo with Cuba should be lifted, What would you tell them? By the way you only get time for 2 points.

  37. Thanks for another excellent review. You have certainly peeked my interest in the Casita Criolla.

    Q. What is the most recent cigar you have smoked where the first time did not impress you but you eventually gave the cigar another chance and were really impressed by the same cigar? I know this has happened to me a few times & this brings me to my next question:

    Q. What do you think changed? Did the cigar get that much better with some time in the humidor or was it you?

    Thanks for a first class website.

  38. Great review!
    Question/Comment: “I have recently been sneaking in my cigar smoking while walking my dog. How many guys do this and does anyone get weird looks from others while walking and smoking in public places such as park?” the way I look at it I’m killing two birds with one stone!

  39. Hi Jerry,

    Thanks for the great review! I definitely gotta get my hands on some!!! My question for you, What is the longest you’ve allowed a cigar to age in your humidor? Do you prefer fresh or aged cigars? Do you have a separate humidor you use specifically for aging?

  40. Great review, Jerry, as always! Easy question: What cigars have been the greatest surprise after letting sit at the bottom of your humi for an extended period of time? Maybe something that didn’t wow you off-the-truck (and no, I’m not expecting the Miami Knuckle to be one of them).

    Keep up the great work!

  41. I’ve only been into Cigars for about 2 years now but I have found your site very informative and it has opened my eyes to tons of great cigars, so thanks!!! Evan as a novice I feel I have a good good pallet and tend to remember the majority of cigars I smoke.

    Q: Other than a passion for cigars, what other skills have you acquired or honed in order to run a website like this? And what advice would you give to someone who would be interested in contributing to such an endeavor?

    Great review and thanks for introducing me to Pete J

  42. My question…. Between going to events, recording reviews, trips to your local B&M’s, etc. etc. etc. the cigar hobby has grown beyond most other BOTL’s. How do each of your significant others view your hobby?

  43. Great review can’t wait to win some of these.
    1. Why boxpress a cigar what does it add or take away?
    2. What is a good low cost every day cigar?

  44. Great review. Have you had any manufacturers refuse to speak to you guys after reviewing one other their sticks?

  45. Q: What other activities do you enjoy while smoking a cigar? (fishing, drinking, playing poker, etc)

    Q: Where do you see Stogie Review in 5 years?

    Q: What is one thing you know about cigars now that you wish you knew when you first started smoking?

  46. Hey guys,

    What can I say, another great review!

    Q: What are the main flavour profiles of the most often used wrapper tobaccos in current use? I know, I know, you’ll have to generalize!

  47. Hey Jerry,

    I’m a big fan of Mexican wrappers, they always taste chocolatey and rich, and some of the best cigars I’ve smoked have been San Andreas Maduros. My question is coming out of IPCPR this year Connecticut seemed to be the rage, but Mexican wrappers also seemed to gain steam. Do you think the San Andreas Maduro and other Mexican tobacco will start to gain mainstream acceptance and staying power?

    Thanks for the contest!

  48. Thanks for the review. Do you think ageing makes a big difference in the taste of non-cuban cigars? Which do you prefer, fresh or aged?

  49. Another great review Jerry. My local B&M does not carry any Tats so I would love to get my hands on these.

    My question is: You can smoke a cigar with three people, alive or dead. Who would they be and what cigar will you smoke?

  50. Jerry,

    Great reveiw. Hoping to pick some up soon

    I have gone from singles to boxes and have moved from a desktop humidor to a cabinet humidor. I plan on retiring the desktop for at least a little while. So the question, is there anything I need to do before I ‘retire’ the humidor? What do I need to do to ‘resurrect’ it in the future?


  51. I was not impressed with the La Casita Criolla, I think I need to revisit it. I love the tatuaje reserva 7th. I am looking forward to the Wolf.

  52. Hi Jerry!
    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your site- I’ve been following it for around 6 months now and it’s such a great resource.
    My question is: overall what’s your favorite beverage to drink alongside cigars?(including non-alchoholic drinks like coffee or water).
    Thanks a lot!

  53. Lots of interesting questions here.

    Question: Do you have a favorite (or any) “guilty pleasure” cigar or pairing?

  54. Would love to try these – might even be inclined to leave a review….

    1. I would be interested in seeing a poll of how many guys (or gals) prefer NOT to have an alcoholic beverage while smoking a good cigar. I personally think it takes away the taste of a fine cigar. But I’ve been taken to task because I don’t care to have a wee dram while smoking.

    2. How many NEW cigars were introduced at the 2011 show in Vegas this year?


  55. Jerry,

    Great review as always. We seem to share a definite love for the many sticks Pete Johnson is offering these days. My questions are:

    1) What is your favorite Pete Johnson cigar right now? Which one really gave you that “wow” that you haven’t seen since?

    2) How long do you spend editing for your reviews as compared to the actual time smoking the stogie for that review? (this one’s not cigar related, I know – just curious)

    Great site. Thanks again for all the great reviews!

  56. The man really does not bring to market anything mediocre.

    Notice that in most video reviews the cigars are touched up quite often.
    Especially at the start of a cigar I don’t mind if the burn starts off uneven. In my opinion, if the cigar self-corrects within a half inch or so, it shows it is well constructed. Of course, once I am well into it and then an uneven burn develops I will correct. Agree / disagree ?

  57. Great review as always. Diggin the new look of your reviews, seems like you have a new camera and the quality is fantastic. Onto the questions…
    1. You said in this review that the corona gorda is your favorite size. How does ring gauge and length affect the taste of a cigar and if thinner is better why not have the lancero be your fave?
    2. I buy 90% of my cigar online. What % do you buy online vs b&m and how long do you think is sufficient rest time for optimal smoking conditions?
    3. Can you touch on the mechanics of actually smoking a cigar? Short draws, long draws, hold smoke in yer mouth for a second or immediately exhale? I go through periods were I take long draws and the palate gets a bit overwhelmed.
    4. How many cigars do you smoke before doing a review? Seems like you all generally smoke a few prior to going to publish a full review.

    Thanks for the contest!

  58. As a beer connoisseur, I’m looking for great beer / cigar combinations. With all the possible combinations, it can be quite a task. Is there a general rule of thumb when pairing certain beers with certain types of cigars, other than the obvious don’t let the flavors get in the way of each other?

    Also, when keeping your cigars in the humidor – Cellophane or no cellophane? Does it depend on the cigar and/or how long you want to store it?

  59. This cigar sounds like one to try as I am also a fan of the Connecticut broadleaf and the flavor profile sounds interesting.

    1) All things being equal, quality, construction, how densely packed, draw etc., what causes the smoke of some cigars to get hot when nearing the nub and others to stay cool? I have smoked cigars that I put down with an inch or more left because the smoke got hot. Other cigars I nubbed them even using a toothpick down to the point where it was so short, the cherry would start to burn my lips and had to let it go for that reason but the smoke drawn into my mouth still seemed cool. To me this kind of defies the laws of physics. You would think when drawing smoke so close to the burning tobacco on these cigars that the smoke would be hot but it’s not. Can anyone explain this?
    2) Some BOTL’s have told me that they wet or dampen the wrapper on their cigars before smoking them to help with the burn and prevent the wrappers from cracking. I’m kind of hesitant to wet any cigar although I can see it making the wrapper a little more elastic but if humidified properly I don’t think this would be a concern. Do you feel there any merits to this practice?
    3) I am always concerned about ordering cigars through the mail in the warm weather months. The cigars can sit in a hot truck for 2-4 days. Under proper storage conditions, even if the cigars were prone to beetles (i.e. eggs) I think they would be fine and hatching or an outbreak shouldn’t be a problem. In hot weather is 2-4 days in transit safe? Is there a known time or incubation period that the cigars would have to be exposed to the higher temperatures in order to cause concern?
    4) With triple capped cigars, since you cut it off anyway unless you punch or v-cut, is there any construction advantage to having the triple cap or is it purely cosmetic?
    5) I know you guys smoke a lot of cigars to do the reviews. What would you say is the average number you individually smoke per day or per week?

  60. Questions:

    What’s your favorite broadleaf wrapped stick? And have you considered doing any pieces directly comparing sticks with particular wrapper types to one another? (i.e., sticks with San Andreas Maduro wrappers, etc.)


  61. Nice Review Jerry! here are my questions
    1) How large is your current collection of cigars?
    2)Do you use a database/software to keep track of it?
    3)If so what is it ?
    4) Do you think that temperature effects flavor development in aging cigars for example do smokes stored at 60 degrees age slower/faster than those at 65/70 degrees?

  62. Liking the hat Jerry, even though I am a sad Cubs fan. Great review as always. I’ve been looking for something new to try. I think I am going to try and find some of the La Casita Criolla or even the Tatuaje PB’s. I am fan of smaller ring gauge cigars.

    Do you like to age your cigar for any period of time before smoking or is there any that you hold for aging?

  63. Mmmm, these sound quite good. Oddly enough I have a few questions that pop up in my head sometimes when I smoke cigars, but always end up forgetting or being too lazy to look them up. Which means this is potentially win win for me heh.

    1- Humidors vs Coolerdors, as far as aging is concerned how much of a difference is there between say a cigar that sat in a coolerdor for a year vs a cigar that sat in a cedar humidor for a year?
    2- When you’re getting towards the end of a cigar if it get excessively hot do you put it out early or finish it despite the heat?
    3- Are we currently in a cigar boom similar to the 90’s? (to my general observations it would seem we are due to the incredible amount of new cigars coming out, but statistically I’m curious)
    4- What is the minimum amount of time for a cigar to sit before it will begin to show characteristics of age?
    I’ve never personally frozen/refrigerated my cigars before to kill beetles, hell I don’t even chill them during the summer, though my cigars are spread out around the house in about 8 humidors, so losing a humidor to beetles wouldn’t kill me. In any case here’s the question:
    5- Concerning beetles, what temperatures can kill them, and how long at said temperatures does it take to kill them?
    6- Continuing with the beetle thing, how do you properly freeze cigars to kill beetles without ruining them?

    Well I think that’s all I can muster, I’m considering looking those questions up to answer them for myself now…

  64. This is a controversial topic, but do you think cigar reviews by Cigar Aficionado reviews are unbiased? They are the gold standard in cigar reviews… Are they influenced by politics and/or money? Some of their reviews are way off compared to your site and others in social media.

  65. good review as usual Jerry
    My question : What cutter do you use the most and which type of cutter, punch, v-cutter, or guillotine?

  66. Pretty much every time you have a great cigar you want to give some away which is so f$ckin great. Haha. It speaks to how generous the cigar community is though..

    – I would like to know what is your best cigar experience? Smoking with a famous person, or smoking a cigar while a friend of yours gets married to an unknown foreigner? That was probably the best smoke you’ve ever had…

    – How do you stand on the quality of Cuban cigars compared to Nicaraguan or Dominican cigars? Are they better in terms of flavor, or construction, or neither?

    – Where do you think you would be if you never picked up a cigar? How much would you regret it knowing what joy it has brought you?

  67. For my question it has two parts:

    What is the difference between bench pressed, box-pressed and Cuban pressed? Do the blends have to be changed to press them properly?

  68. Great review, had several of these and they are awesome for sure….like the grand corona better.

    Question: Even if you are not a golfer, do you think I’m “wasting” a decent cigar if smoking it on the golf course? I can’t seem to find a bundle cigar that I can tolerate, yet don’t want to damage or speed through something with complexities!

  69. after the Chattanooga tweet up and the announcement by DWCR for next year having a big herf in orlando and of course The Doc has his herf on the west cost every year is stogie review planning on a herf of some kind for all its fans?

  70. What’s your favorite “bang for the buck” cigar? It’s been a hot category for 2 years now and there are some impressive entries, but which ones stand out for you?

  71. Just smoked my first LCC, the cg size. Pete said this was a” dirty cigar,” and man, that’s the word for it alright! A very dirty earth profile, some sweetness, and some nuts here and there. I enjoyed it, but I think I’ll let most of the others I have age for a while first. But that doesn’t mean much, as I age almost all of the My Father factory products for a while as they are more to my liking with some down time.

    Like the Fausto, the price point on these is awesome!

  72. Here’s my question:

    What are some cigars that you find perform very well for you as the 2nd or even 3rd cigar of the day?

    When I have the time, I love to get 2 sticks in during the day. I find that the 2nd cigar needs to have a lot of flavor, be stronger in body than the previous cigar, and preferably have a decent amount of spice/pepper. Otherwise, I just don’t get much flavor out of that 2nd cigar. Sometimes, though, I grab a stick that should fit the bill, and it just doesn’t perform enough to cut through to my palate.

    Thanks, Jerry!

  73. Always much love for Tat and sticks by Pete!

    Question time…

    1) What is the best way to develop your palate? I know some of this is a personal and probably genetic thing but are there any tips on how to get better detail out of a flavor profile?

    2) Similarly but differently… What is the best way to pick a beverage to pair a cigar with? I generally fall back on bourbon as a default winner but I know that probably enhances the “woody” or “sweet” notes that I constantly pickup in a cigar. Should I stick to water for a first time smoke and then pair once I’ve tested it out?

  74. Already asked my question on the comments after the last YQMA episode. But here goes: How about a discussion regarding the cigar magazines that are out there. Tell us the ones you like/value and perhaps the ones you could do without. Also, like Grego’s question.

  75. Great review, can’t to get my hands on a few.
    1) Since most boutique cigar brand owners use well known cigar manufacturers to produce their cigars, how much input does the brand owner have in the blend of the cigar vs. the input the manufacturer in the blend?
    2) In-line with the 1st question, would My Father Cigars (or any other manufacturer) allow a brand owner to blend a cigar that would not meet the manufacturers normal standars and may bring bad press to the manufacturer just because of their financial gain involved with producing the cigar?

  76. I was listening to a cigar podcast where they were smoking this stick, and the comparison they drew was to the Henry Clay, which is one of my favorite maduro offerings. Perhaps that is also a cigar that makes extensive use of the broadleaf?

  77. Great review…
    Do you pair your drink with the type of cigar you are smoking? If so, what have you found to be the rule of thumb when pairing cigars and beverage?

  78. Do you think Cigar aficionado reviews mean anything? Or should they be re-scaled on a scale between 85-100? 85 being terrible considering that’s the lowest number I’ve seen come from them (although I’m not an expert).

  79. Haven’t been able to try this brand,no one sells them here.What do you think about freezing new cigars,before putting them in your humidor?

  80. Great review as always Jerry.

    My Question: Where can new release cigars like the La Casita Criolla be bought. My local store never seems to carry much other than their regular stock.

  81. can you make a cigar with just wrapper leaves?

    do cigars stored without cellophane take better advantage of the moisture?

    how do you know when a cigar should be aged or smoked before they get too mild or bland?

    what advantages/disadvantages do the different types of cuts have?

  82. Smoking one right now. This is my 3rd that I’ve had this far. The flavors to me are just too dark and bitterness just over powers all other flavors. Maybe this stick is too young but it just hasn’t done it for me :/ I do enjoy most other tatuajes tho

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