Big Pig Connecticut

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Big Pig Connecticut

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Wrapper : Dominican Republic?
Binder : Dominican Republic
Filler : Dominican Republic
Source : Wife made me buy

I have for you today a cigar made by Arganese called Big Pig in the Connecticut wrapper.

These come in one size, 6×60 and are available from or any of the Smoker Friendly stores around the country. I honestly have no idea where my local store got them from since they are not a Smoker Friendly branded shop.


Taking a look at this Big Pig Connecticut

No band on this cigar just the outer wrapper on the 5-pack just like the maduro.

It has the pig tail on the head and it also has a closed foot which I am still not a fan of.

Wrapper has a bit of a marble appearance and not much scent at all. There is a sweet hay scent from the foot though.

Boom chug-a-lugga or just light the cigar, whichever.


Starting out with this Big Pig Connecticut and the taste is pretty much a leather. Let’s hope it adds more as we go along.

A little bit into the cigar and the leather gives way to wood and natural tobacco. Well it kind of added more.

I really need to more higher end cigar reviews, or at least some mid range. There just is not a whole lot to write about these.

Still going with the wood and natural tobacco taste. Burn is a bit wonky and it is burning fast, just like I expected.

There was a change! Just kidding. Had to keep your attention somehow and Jerry in a tutu would just be too scary.

Only thing that really changed towards the end is that it gets a bit harsh at around the inch.

I really hate when a cigar just totally disappoints.


Would I buy it again? No. I don’t even really recommend it. I think people should try everything but these are really low on the priority list. Ok, dead last.

Mild cigar with a harsh flavor towards the end just doesn’t cut the mustard for me.

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I am just me.

7 thoughts on “Big Pig Connecticut

  1. LOL! You are a glutton for punishment, aren’t you? That kinda looks like a bag of doggie treats, since I guess they’re not human treats. I too, enjoy some of Arganese’s other lines, but I’m steering way clear of this one.

    Thanks for the entertaining review, and I hope you’re feeling better!

  2. Hopefully you’re feeling better Mike, because I’m sure this cigar did not help. You’re quite the trooper. Lol

  3. I have three reasons to not buy this cigar. It has a stupid name, it has a larger than 52 ring size which I hate, and it’s not any good.

  4. To be perfectly honest at first smell, it smelled like a dog, as soon as I lit up I was tasting hints of phone-book, and mulch. Do not buy!

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