Casa Miranda – First Impressions

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Casa Miranda – First Impressions

Casa Miranda - main.jpg

Wrapper : Ecuadorian Habano
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : gifted from Rene Castenada


Today I have the Casa Miranda in the torpedo size (6×52). This is available in a robusto (5×50) and a toro (6×52) also.

This stick was gifted to me up at Cigar Expo by Rene Castenada.

I only have this one stick so it will be a first impressions.

Starting out with a bunch of spice right off the lighting of the cigar. I would say it is a medium right up front with notes of wood and spice.

I have to say, this cigar ramps up very quickly. I think this will end up being a real nice smoke for the full bodied lovers out there but be careful if you are a mild smoker.

Around the third way mark and the spice has mellowed out a lot and the body seems to have settled back to a solid medium. Main flavor I am getting is still the wood taste. It is a bit on the dryer side but not so much as to make you swallow a gallon of water or anything.

Here at the halfway point I can taste a dull sweetness and almost a citrus like flavor. I can not categorize the dull sweetness but its a very nice mix with the spice, pepper and wood.

I will give a shout out to my friend Chris from Nice Tight Ash for telling me at Cigar Expo this cigar had a sneaky power to it. He was right. A bit past the halfway point and I started to notice it, subtle at first and then more pronounced.

Ending out this Casa Miranda and it is a full bodied cigar but the flavors really came through after the first little bit of all spice and wood. I really liked that subtle sweetness (I wish I could think of what it tastes like but I cant right now) and the citrus taste surprised me. It didn’t last long but it was a neat little part of the experience.


Would I buy it again? Yes, I think I would. I am not fond of the price at all but the taste was really good. I would prefer a price point below $8 a single on these but being made in Miami it is understandable, yea, me saying $11 is understandable, you can tell I liked it.

I do want to warn novice smokers or mild bodied smokers to be prepared for this as it will sneak up on you.

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I am just me.

6 thoughts on “Casa Miranda – First Impressions

  1. Nice short review, Mike. Thanks for reminding me that I have a couple of these in my humidor, although they probably need a little more rest.

  2. Well done, mike. I bought a box of the robustos from Buckhead Cigar several weeks ago. I really enjoy them. You’re right about the “sneaky full bodied flavor”, but I like that.


  3. Mike,

    Your review was spot on from the one i sampled. The sweetness I got was of honey, I also tasted the citrus. This stick is very sneeky on its full strength from the robusto I sampled. I pick up a stick everytime I go to a Nestor shop in miami.


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