EP Carrillo Maduro (Short Ashes)

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EP Carrillo Maduro (Short Ashes)

EP Carrillo Core Line Maduro - Short Ashes - 1

This week, to put it simply, has been an absolute mess. After dealing with our massive data loss and the stress of getting everything up and operational again, I wasn’t much in the mood for recording a review for today.

Because slacking off wasn’t an option (how could I possibly slack off when all of the others members of Stogie Review came through with content after dealing with the downtime?), I dug through my coolidor looking for something short and sweet to review.

I decided to take another look at the EP Carrillo Maduro that Brian reviewed back in August. I’ve been smoking through a box of these cigars like they were going out of style and thought that a Short Ashes review was needed before I was completely out of them.

The video below runs about thirteen minutes and includes a lot of rambling. This video is also available on Youtube for the viewers on iOS devices such as the iPhone.

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9 thoughts on “EP Carrillo Maduro (Short Ashes)

  1. Great Review. Found these range from cigar to cigar.

    I enjoyed a Kristoff Corojo Limitada while I watched your review.

  2. I just want to let you guys know how much I enjoy your site. Other than my wife,family,and friends there is nothing I enjoy more than sitting down and enjoying a smoke while reading your reviews and commentary. Keep smoking and posting. You are the best.

  3. Walt,

    Always more than happy to hear everyones views on a cigar from your site. Gives you a better overall feel for the cigar.


  4. Hi Walt, yes you did ramble, a little, any way, do like the EP Carrillo. Have not tried the Maduro, nice review.

  5. I was at the B&M last week and forgot to look for one of these. 😛 I’ve heard and read nothing but good opinions of them, so I’ll have to remember next time. Like Brett said, it’s always nice to see a previously reviewed stick from a different viewpoint.

  6. Rant all you want, I prefer your longer reviews too! I definitely like the natural better, and the short run even more so, but the maduros like you said are a very nice smoke.

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