G.A.R. Opium S.T.K.

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G.A.R. Opium S.T.K.

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Wrapper : Nicaraguan Habano Corojo Hybrid
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : unknown mix
Source : received as a sample from ghcigars

I am finally back and able to do a cigar review for you! This week I have the G.A.R. Opium S.T.K. This cigar is available in one size (6×52) and in a limited production run of 1000 boxes at specific retailers.

I was sent these direct from Gran Habano Cigars so there you have full disclosure.

I will also point out, like I did in the video, that I was sent three of these cigars. When I smoked the first one it went without a hitch. I smoked the second one that

was plugged from hell and it exploded at about two and a half inches into it and with how far it split, there was nothing to be done to save it so I am basing my review off of the first cigar’s notes and this third one.


Giving this G.A.R. Opium S.T.K. the once over and I don’t notice very many veins while the wrapper has a matte feel to it.

Snorting (I know, I will try and limit these puns) up the wrapper gives a nice barnyard hay scent while the foot has a very mild tobacco smell to it.

Putting the lighter to the foot and away we go.

First Half

Taking a few puffs on this G.A.R. Opium S.T.K. and I am met with a spice right up front that almost cools the mouth when you breath in. I also get a leather taste.

An inch into the cigar now and the taste has definitely changed to a wood and spice taste.

Flavor is switching between wood and leather almost for each puff. It is actually nice. It is a pretty dry smoke in that it is really drying out my palette and making me drink a bit more than normal while smoking.

Rounding out the first half is mainly the leather and wood along with a background of sweet spice and maybe a medium body. I was expecting this cigar to be a full bodied smoke but so far it is just a medium and towards the low end at that.

Second Half

Toking (I know, I know, I am trying to refrain) into the second half with the wood and leather flip flopping and some spice in the background.

Power has ramped up to a high medium or low full already. First cigar ramped up a bit before the halfway point while this one took till after and ramped up a lot faster. Getting mostly wood and a bit of a coffee taste while the spice has turned a little harsher but nothing terrible.

At the end of the G.A.R. Opium S.T.K. and it is getting a bit of an acrid taste to it. Most of the flavor dropped out except for a harsher spice and some wood.


Would I buy it again? maybe. I would have to try some more and maybe let them rest for a while. I smoked these samples within two weeks of receiving them so they did not have a whole lot of time to sit and meld flavors together or smooth out the final bit of the cigar.

I will admit, the Gran Reserva #3 is a lot better smoke for me than this one.

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I am just me.

4 thoughts on “G.A.R. Opium S.T.K.

  1. Well, it’s about time, slacker lol! Welcome back and I’m glad you’re doing better.

    These sound pretty inconsistent, so I don’t know if I’d want to try to track them down. I did enjoy the Azteca, G.A.R. White Label, and GR#3, but hated the Cabinet Selection (3 out of 5 plugged with veins and stems and way overpriced to boot). There are too many others in that price range that I know are worth the effort to acquire to take a chance on these.

    Oh, and you do know that Brian hails from the place where the term “Shanghai-ing” originated, don’t you? That would jibe with your Opium reference. 😉

    Happy Holidays to all!

  2. Mike,Merry Christmas to you and all the Stogie guys!!Love the site and all your reviews.May God Bless you all in the coming new year..

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