Montecristo New York Connoisseur Edition

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Montecristo New York Connoisseur Edition

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Wrapper : Ecuadorian Habano
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Dominican
Source : Sent as a blogger sample from Altadis

Welcome to my first cigar review of 2012. I figured I would do something a little special for all my fans so we are going to take a look at the Montecristo New York Connoisseur Edition.

I received this as a blogger sample from Altadis.

This cigar comes in only one size, a 6×60 box press and is only available in New York City.

MSRP is $14 so with your New York taxes….we will just say OUCH and hope they get that taxation under control soon.


*this part was not on the video as I had to do a take two and forgot to do it*

Giving this Montecristo New York Connoisseur Edition a once over and the wrapper is beautiful with hardly and veins showing at all. I get a bit of a barnyard and chocolate scent from the wrapper and kind of a sweet hay on the foot.

*this is all that was missing from the video, the rest is there*

I decided to punch this cigar.

Flame on!

First Half

Starting off this Montecristo New York Connoisseur Edition and the main tastes are a leathery coffee right off the bat. Very nice open draw too.

Definitely a hit you in the face wood flavor coming through at around the inch in mark. Also getting some of the coffee but more of a sweetened coffee rather than black and some spice.

Draw started to tighten up as I got close to the end of the first half so I went ahead and clipped the cap. Draw is now again very nice.

Flavors have really intensified with the leather up front along with a little bit of a spice. There is still a small hint of coffee, the sweetened kind with cream but it definitely a lot less potent than the leather taste. There is also a bit of a musty taste. I really do not know how to classify this but it seems when I say a cigar has a musty type taste others say honey. I do not eat honey so I am just guessing so you will have to try it yourself to see.

Second Half

Diving into the second half of this Montecristo New York Connoisseur Edition and I would say we are about a medium cigar at this point. Still a good slathering of leather and the spice started to hit the tongue a good bit. Most of the coffee taste has gone away, what little was still there, and more of an earth taste has crept in.

I am not getting that musty/honey taste any more either.

Have a pretty large hardened char piece on the one side of the cigar that I will try to get on camera. I would love to know what causes this.

This did not happen with the first cigar I smoked and since I really do not know what causes it, I do not know if it is a manufacturing issue, tobacco issue, or my fault.

There was a little bit more harshness in this last part but it may be due to that piece.

Musty/honey taste is coming back into the cigar and making it a bit less harsh right now. Still getting the leather and earth along with a tangy spice.

Medium body with full flavor for this cigar.


Would I buy it again? Very rarely. With a price at $14 then add on New York’s ridiculous taxes and it is just out of my ability to buy on a regular basis. Plus I live in Pennsylvania. It would make a great special occasion cigar or having a box in your humidor would be a great conversation piece especially if you live in the Big Apple.

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I am just me.

8 thoughts on “Montecristo New York Connoisseur Edition

  1. I’m looking forward to the Red Lion version. I think it’s your sexy voice that caused that rock hard ash, but maybe not. Great review!

  2. Mike,
    I’ve had that hard ash problem on a couple of occasions. I reached out to a couple of manufacturers and got a few different answers. The answer that made the most sense to me was that the ligero in the cigar didn’t burn properly (for an unknown reason) and turned into what looks and feels like a lump of coal.

    On the rare occasion that it happens, I rap the end of the cigar against the ashtray and try to break it off. Sometime it resolves the problem, sometimes it doesn’t.

  3. Mike nice to see you back to reviewing cigars lol. I haven’t had this one but again I haven’t really smoked to many Monte Cristo. Keep up the great job buddy.

  4. Great review Mike I’m not a big Monte guy but I have heard good things about this stick, the box looks cool and your right something nice to have around. I’m excited to try a box press 6×60.

  5. You do cigar reviews? Who knew? Thanks for the review Mike. I have not been lucky enough to ever suck on something and make it rock hard. Keep up the good work!

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