Whirlpool AP51030K Air Purifier Review

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Whirlpool AP51030K Air Purifier Review

Welcome all my friends. I have had so much peer pressure put on me to get this review done, I figured I would cave in and do it now.

Yes, my head is cut off on most of it. Some may say that is a good thing.

I hope you enjoy the review and as always, leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. If everyone who dm’d, pm’d, emailed or even called me about this unit leaves a comment, I may have a new record.

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I am just me.

13 thoughts on “Whirlpool AP51030K Air Purifier Review

  1. Thanks for the great info, Mike. It’s obvious that once the offending molecules are imbedded into stuff like carpeting, furniture, clothes, etc., the only way to get them out is to do a thorough washing. An air cleaner can only be used as a preventive measure. The only other option for actually removing odors that I know of would be an odor neutralizer like PureAyre, which Walt reviewed a few years ago.

    Good work!

    1. I agree. I would need a lot of them to cover the whole house to make it effective where I live. Our house is a very open floor plan but not too big. I keep trying to think of a way to close off my computer room to the rest of the house but unless I hang plastic sheeting I just dont see a way to do it.

      Also, with the cost of these things I just can’t afford to buy multiple units 😉

      If I ever get a way to close off a room, I will update this and let everyone know the updated status.

  2. Nice review Mike.What I use in my basement is a Bathroom exhaust fan,an Ionic breese ionizer an sometime use a Lamp Bregere oil lamp which really helps.

  3. Thanks, Mike for the long-anticipated review. I have an Oreck ProShield Plus with a patented Truman Cell electrostatic filter but it does a crappy job of getting rid of the smoke smell that lingers. In the winter I smoke in my back office at my place of business and use a 400 cfm 6 inch vent fan (Hydrofarm Active Air) that is designed for hydroponic gardens (think about it…) The fan is mounted outside with flexible tubing that goes to a wall vent and I have an inside speed control. It keeps most of the noise outside and really sucks the smoke out at full revs, but the smell remains. Right now I am using the Oreck and an ozonator fan (widely discredited for a variety of reasons) along with the exhaust fan. Still looking for the ideal solution, and it sounds like the Rabbit Air, while better, is still deficient in smell elimination. Still searching…

    1. Consider odor absorbing beads. I purchased a couple of different brands. The first at Yankee Candle, which I haven’t tried yet. The second I purchased at Target (~$4.00) a larger (12 oz I think) jar I think it is called “up & up™ Fresh Linen Odor Neutralizing Gel Beads 12-oz”. I don’t smoke a lot in the house, but every once in awhile I do. I does wonders with ANY lingering odor. Not just cigar smoke. As the beads absorb odor they shrink. The instructions state the jar should last between 60-90 days. Use this in conjunction with an active air purifier or exhaust should almost totally eliminate the after smell.

    1. Me squatting on the floor leaning down, with long hair…..That would have been very entertaining for my viewers but going up in a ball of flame would not have been to neat for me LOL

      Thanx for watching.

  4. Great reveiw Mike….u got me leaning toward the RabbitAir….just funny to know u had your fingers around the blade area with the thing was still plugged in!, if only it had that auto-start feature…just kidding

    1. Hey, are you a safety inspector? LMAO

      I would lean towards the RabbitAir also. If the price would be lower I would have stayed with it after sending the test unit back. I just cant afford the $550 for it right now though.

  5. Mike,

    I appreciate the review. I agree with you and others: if money is not as much of an issue, the RabbitAir models are the better choice. They are quieter, more automated, and better at smoke and odor removal.

    Years ago, I bought a large Norelco unit, I think it was the CAS900. I was at a NYC Big Smoke at the time, held in a cavernous event space. I remember asking the rep if the unit was quiet, and he assured me it was. He turned it on high and I thought it was decent. Of course, it was loud as can be in that hall, which I did not consider, and when I got it home, running it on high was not a good option for the same reasons your showed on the Whirlpool. Oddly, I remember the same smoke intake patterns on the Norelco – not nearly as much suction into the front as the noise level would suggest.

    In an age where there are so many powerful and cheap “silent” fans, I wish more manufacturers would get the memo and reduce the noise:efficiency ratios for these filters. As a cigar shop owner, I know I’d pay a premium for a low-noise, high CFM unit.

    Thanks again! – Paul M.

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