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Welcome to another accessory or tool review if you would. This week I have for you the Humidor Notes cigar journals.

These are available at Humidor Notes for $12.95 + shipping.

If you want to ask questions you can also hop on twitter and follow HumidorMuse

Short summary. I think they are a nice thing to have on hand if you are a casual smoker so you can keep track of how well a cigar was for you.

Take a look at the video and let me know if you think these would be something you would like.

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I am just me.

11 thoughts on “Humidor Notes Cigar Journals

  1. It’s a nice idea, but my lazy ass would do it for about a week and give up on it, and like you, I currently smoke a lot more than these things will hold without needing a boatload of them. One thing I don’t need is more clutter. I would rather see a software program (not iPhone app) with a built-in spreadsheet that can be extended as much as needed. Actually, maybe I just need to brush up on my Excel prowess.

    Now onto the cigar reviews. Bring on the Devil’s Weed Limited Edition!

  2. Actually I like the idea, and have been keeping a book on new smokes since about 1996. I agree with the both of you above, there are times I just don’t bother, but others very limited or HTF cigars I want to write about. They are written for me to look at, not for blogging or publication, so they are simplistic. The issue I see with these format of a book, is I fit 2-4 cigars on a page as opposed to 1 per page. Plus alot of this information is not needed/ space required for it etc… I have one of those B&N generic journals that is about an 3/4″ in width and love the size and has probably 300 pages for like $6. I believe at last check I have about 275 bands/ cigars reviewed in it. It is fun to go back to 1997 and reread my reviews of the original Opus x, etc… Some of the early boutiques like La Diva, Thomas Hinds, etc… Also to re-review special cigars and see how my profile has changed. Just my two cents…

  3. I found journaling my smokes helped me to develop a vocabulary to describe what I liked or didn’t like about the cigars I smoked. Helped me tune into flavor profiles I enjoy, and choose smokes that match those profiles. Makes every herf an enjoyable experience. And a good way to slow down and enjoy as well. I used a journal called 33 Cigars (

  4. I bought some a month ago. Very handy. And, a good way to preserve cigar bands (to go along with your own review of a stogie you’ve smoked.) And, the small size is actually handy; it fits easily in a pocket. When you’re carrying smokes, a lighter, and a cutter already, this diary takes up very little space. I just wish it had more room to write about the tastes you’ve experienced with the cigar. Overall, a decent value.

  5. I made my own using a 3 ring binder and regular size paper (used heavier bond paper, to make it sturdier). The sheets look exactly the same as in your little book. I downloaded the sheets from Microsoft templates. It’s perfect, has enough space for all my writing and bands. I also put alphabetical dividers to keep cigars reviews organized.

  6. Interesting idea! I like how everything’s broken down into categories to make it really easy to try to pick apart the cigar. actually has a “Your Humidor” section if you join as a free member which is actually pretty nice- lets you save your own reviews and it organizes them pretty well. The only thing that annoys me about the CA system is it forces you to pick certain sizes for cigars (doesn’t have common sizes like toros for some reason) and it won’t let you put in decimal points for the price forcing you to round up to the nearest dollar. But can’t bash it too much as it’s free!

  7. Great ideals Mike, The Humidor Notes need to have more pages ( like the Composition Book). I need about 500 pages The Humidor Notes…..

  8. What I use is my phone. I use an app called Evernote. Pretty common app on the iPhone. I take a picture of the cigar and you can write what you want about it. It’s great because it automatically syncs with my computer. Try it out. Oh and it’s free!

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