Tatuaje Cojonu 2012 pre-release (plus giveaway)

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Tatuaje Cojonu 2012 pre-release (plus giveaway)

Back in October, I met up with Pete Johnson at a Tatuaje Cigars event hosted by Holt’s in Philadelphia. As one of the promotions at the event, customers received a three-pack pre-release sampler of the Cojonu 2012 with each box purchase. I jumped at the opportunity to try some cigars that won’t be released until later this year, so I stocked up on a couple boxes of Tatuaje and scored the samplers.

The Cojonu 2012 will be offered in a single 5.5×52 box-pressed vitola. However, unlike previous releases, the 2012 edition comes in three different wrappers: Connecticut Broadleaf, Ecuador Sumatra, and Habano Ecuador. The binder and filler are both Nicaraguan, the same blend as the Cojonu 2003, making the Habano version just like the 2003 expression except for its box-pressed shape. Pete says the Broadleaf and Sumatra versions will ship sometime between March and April in a special book box featuring 12 of each wrapper. Then in August at IPCPR, all three versions, including the Habano, will be released in traditional cabinet boxes of 25 each.

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Tatuaje Cojonu 2012 by the numbers:
Size: 5.5×52 box-pressed
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf || Ecuador Sumatra || Habano Ecuador (3 versions)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium-Full
Factory: My Father Cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua
No. smoked for review: 4 (1 each of the Sumatra & Habano, plus 2 of the Broadleaf)
Duration: 90 mins
Source: received with box purchase during Tatuaje event at Holt’s, plus two samples from Pete Johnson
MSRP: [pre-release]
Website: www.tatuajecigars.com
Twitter: @TatuajeCigars

In addition to the sampler packs I picked up at Holt’s, Pete was kind enough to share a couple individual sticks back in October and again at W. Curtis Draper in Bethesda last weekend. Having smoked at least one of each version, I’m ready to share my initial thoughts… what essentially amounts to a “horizontal” first impressions of the not-yet-released Cojonu 2012.

Cojonu 2012 – Broadleaf


The first thing I noticed with the Broadleaf version was the gorgeous, sparkly, toothy, dark-dark brown wrapper with almost no veins and nearly invisible seams. It smelled faintly of coffee and earth, while the foot introduced some nice dark chocolate. In the first third, I tasted vanilla wafer, some lovely twang, and a spicy undertone, though the draw was a tad loose. The cigar transitioned nicely in the second third with lots of coffee and cream flavors, along with a sweetness as the spice receded and the strength began to build. At this point in one of the samples, I noticed a minor void in the filler and had to touch-up the burn.

By the final third, the draw had improved greatly. The spice came back, and I also picked up more coffee with some wood in the background. I had to break out the lighter again to relight one of these, although it quickly got going again. Also, I might be crazy, but towards the end I swore I got a hint of tingly mint on my palate. It was certainly unexpected, but enjoyable. This was the strongest of the three versions, but still within the medium-full range. The wrapper did burn a bit funky at times, but that can happen with broadleaf.

Cojonu 2012 – Sumatra


The wrapper on the Sumatra version was a seamless milk chocolate color with only a single noticeable vein. It gave off a faint aroma of wood and chocolate, while the foot smelled of cocoa powder and raisins. The cold draw was a bit too open and added some faint pepper to the mix. Upon lighting up, I got coffee and cream in the first third with lots of sweetness. In the second third, there was more coffee and a touch of savory spice (nutmeg?). Towards the end, there was a ramp-up in spice, which still wasn’t the traditional pepper that you typically expect from Tatuaje.

I’m not the biggest fan of Sumatra wrappers, and although this was a very good cigar, it was probably my least favorite of the three. It certainly had the least amount of strength of them all, and at times seemed a bit “young.” The burn was quite well-behaved, requiring only the most minor of touch-ups.

Cojonu 2012 – Habano


The Habano wrapper was a dark chocolate color, sporting some lighter toothiness, a few veins, small seams, and a nice oily sheen. Again, I only picked up some faint aromas, this time chocolate and earth. The foot gave off a bit of tingly chocolate, while the cold draw featured chocolate and dark fruit with the perfect amount of resistance. The first third was sweet and savory, with a palate-coating tingly spice that was also meaty and complex. I noticed butter, a touch of twang, and some woody notes on the retrohale. It produced tons of thick smoke, and a medium gray ash that fell off in solid, one-inch chunks.

Moving on to the second third, the burn was a tad wavy at times, but self-corrected. There was sweet cream, more twang, pepper, bread, and caramel. In the final third as the strength began to build ever so slightly, I enjoyed more of the sweet, savory, woody, bread, peppery, and caramel creme notes. The construction was terrific, and, as you can tell, there were loads of complex flavors. All three versions of the Tatuaje Cojonu 2012 were very good, but the Habano was truly outstanding.

Don’t Forget the Giveaway!

Again, I must be crazy, but I’m actually going to give away my other three-pack pre-release sampler of the Cojonu 2012. In fact, to sweeten the deal, I’ll even toss a Cabaiguan WCD 120 Redux and a Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ “Little Robusto” into the mix for the lucky winner.

If you want to be eligible to win these five great cigars, all you need to do is leave a comment below. Feel free to discuss whatever you like: tell me what your favorite Tatuaje cigar is, what you think Pete should try for the Cojonu 2015, or which Stogie Review contributor you think is handsomest. I’ll randomly select one winner from the comments received.

Contest ends February 24, 2012; residents of the US & Canada only; must be 19 or older. Good luck!

About Charlie:
Charlie has been enjoying cigars since 2000 and generally prefers a medium-bodied, full-flavored smoke. A USAF vet, he is currently pursuing a PhD in computer science, focusing on artificial intelligence and computational linguistics. Originally from Connecticut and now residing in Delaware, Charlie is also a fan of football, science fiction, political philosophy, and single malt scotch. You can contact Charlie on Twitter @greenbacker.

Charlie has been enjoying cigars since 2000 and generally prefers a medium-bodied, full-flavored smoke. A USAF vet, he currently works as a data scientist focusing on natural language processing and is pursuing a PhD in computer science in his spare time. Originally from Connecticut and now residing in Northern Virginia, Charlie is also a fan of football, science fiction, political philosophy, and single malt scotch. You can contact Charlie on Twitter @greenbacker.

176 thoughts on “Tatuaje Cojonu 2012 pre-release (plus giveaway)

  1. These cigars just look great! I love what Pete does, every year there is something to look forward too. The recent video series with Pete was amazing and inspiring. I don’t know what it is about that guy that just makes you want to buy all his shit lol Its funny because he does so many interviews and I’ve seen them but when Stogie Review does it its great. Thanks again guys. You guys need a “donate” button….

  2. Great read. I think I’m the last smoker on earth to try a Tatuaje. I’m not close to a B&M and the one I deal with doesn’t sell any. Maybe this contes can change that!

  3. You may be crazy to give these away, but I’m glad you are! Great post and certainly something to look forward to.

    I think the handsomest SR reviewer is Mike, but then again, I really AM crazy and my eyesight is failing, too! lol

  4. I like the vertical format and appreciate you mixing it up with a great written format!!

    My favorite is probably the Black PL but close runner up is the 2003 Cojunos and the La Raquiza. He has so many great cigars that I can change them up to match my mood.

  5. what an awesome giveaway!!! i would have to say my favorite pete product would be the black petite corona, and im gonna go with you charlie on being the cutesst!!?? by default!!

  6. Hello Charlie.

    I live in the UK but just for the record…you are my new favourite stogie reviewer.

    It was once Jerry but he’s always confusing be with his facial hair style changes…then It was Brian but it’s hard to love someone when you only see them once a week…then long ago it was Mr White but his reviews got too short and he started playing with his pistol too much…And Mike, what can I say about Mike…I remember when he was just a simple commenter like the rest of us…How the F**k did he get this gig?

    Anyway…I can’t win the F**king thing so why did I bother writing all this S**T?

    Cheers and keep up the good work (please don’t change).

  7. Holy crap I can’t believe these are finally gonna get released. Like you, I’m not the biggest fan of the sumatra wrapper. But I am however eagerly awaiting the release of the broadleaf wrapped 2012!

  8. Great reviews. My favorite tat hands down is the black label petite lancero. I do like almost all of Pete’s stix I seem to always go back to the PL.

  9. Great review and a great looking stick, but then again it’s a Tat, and I personally have not had a bad Tat…I was in my b&m this past weekend for a Nestor Miranda event and looked at some tat’s damn they are pricey. Would like to try these, so crossing my fingers.

    Thanks for the contest, and keep up the great work.

  10. grat review!!! i dont have a fav tat cigar because i never tried one of their yet but soon tho. handsomests? prob jerry with his slick head, but i dont roll that way lol.

  11. my favorite tatuaje is probably the Fausto. I love the overall strength and flavor of the cigar! I also really like the brown label for their overall smoothness! I’m really glad I live by a shop that sells these great cigars!

  12. Exemplary review.
    Based on your experience, the Broadleaf of this new release is one I’ll definitely be hunting for 🙂 As for the other Tatuajes, I’ve been liking my vitolas nice and fat lately. The Havana Six Gorditos has to be my pick.

  13. I’ve only had one Cojonu (2006) and I was a bit disappointed. Funny, but the cold draw as EXACTLY like chili powder. The flavors were nice – but it burned rather quickly. I honestly found the regular Miami line to be more enjoyable, so I haven’t tried another Cojonu since. I’d love to be able to do a sample with the different wrappers!

  14. The Tats are hard, if not impossible to get ahold of in my neck of the woods but I can dream! Nice reviews, keep up the great work.

  15. Great review Charlie. These sound right up my alley considering you seem to like the same profiles of cigars as me! Long ashes.

  16. Love all of the Cojonu’s that Ive tried, Im sitting on two 2008’s now. My favorite Tat is still probably the Black Lanc. Thanks for the review man.

  17. Hey Charlie,
    You are really becoming an old pro at this!
    Great job on the review. Curious why you say you are not a big fan of sumatra wrappers. Did you have you have a bad experience with one or are they just not your cup of tea? I don’t especially care for Cameroon wrappers. But to each his own, I suppose. Anyway, please keep up the great work. With Walt drifting more away from stogies to guns, I really look forward to seeing yours. Of course, still enjoy Jerry and Brian. Mike…uh…well……let’s see…maybe I can describe him as a Cameroon wrapper??!!
    Preferences right??!! Take care and thanks again for the review.

  18. Thanks for the review Charlie. I can tell you that I am a Tatuaje ho, anything by Pete I find incredible. Unfortunately there aren’t any close local B&Ms that carry Tats. I too was at Holt’s for the October event, but unfortunately did not have the extra $$$ to pick up a box in order to get the sampler. I am particularly interested in the Habano wrapper. That seems to be my favorite.

    I am real fan of powerful, but favorable smokes – which is what I have heard the Cojonu is (Ballsy to say the least).

  19. Is it true that broadleaf makes poor wrappers? To me they all have their niche and issues. I love Cameroon wrappers but they crack if you look at them cross eyed. Sumatras are fine but need to be retouched more often. My real issue is WHY do we need a new cigar every week!!! Is there a tobacco glut?

  20. Great review Charlie. I can’t wait to try the Habano version. My current favorite Tatuaje is the Black Petite Lancero. Thank you for the contest!

  21. Only have had the Hav-VI and the Miami–Love em both. Would love to try the Cojonu
    Stogie Review, The Place to go for Cigar Info—Thanks for all the reviews

  22. My favorite was the AVION! tried one and promptly bought a box.

    Still have 4 in the bottom of the Humi.

    Up here in the NorthEast its difficult to find some of Pete’s smokes at B&Bs.

  23. Thanks for the review! What a nice addition to the Tatuaje lineup…I love sumatra wrappers, so am looking forward to that one!

  24. I appreciate Charlie’s generosity. I do. After watching the four part series of Pete and George, when talking about ratings, George says you have to be careful that people don’t gloss over your review and pay attention only to the rating. I feel similar about your posts Charlie.

    I think more people pay attention to what you are giving away instead of paying attention to your review. I wonder how many of the 40 comments left so far actually read the entire review or just scrolled to the bottom to see how to enter?

    With all that said, I hope you continue to do giveaways BUT remove the “plus give away” part from the title? People are more likely to read it and appreciate the review for the review and not for the giveaway.

    Just my 2 cents from a reader thats been around for since almost the beginning.

    1. Since the beginning of what? My favorite cojonu was in 09…a shop near me had a stash and I could get them when they were long gone to others. So Tat stuff has serious construction issues IMO, and then for me the smaller ring gauge stuff wins out hands down. I have been here maybe not since the beginning of the first time I searched for cigar reviews and found this site…please keep up the good work!

  25. All three look appetizing, although I tend to be partial to the sumatran wrapper. Thanks for the up-front review, now I have to wait and see when they become available locally.

  26. Thanks for making this available to Canadians…tough to get Tatuaje sticks up here…would love to try these and others in Pete’s line.

  27. Great concise reviews of the three stogies. Once again, Tatuaje masters the art of cigar blending and rolling. Too bad they’ll be in such limited supply. I hope enough make it to the West Coast.

  28. Great concise reviews of these stogies. Once again Tatuaje seems to have demonstrated their art of blending and rolling fine cigars. Too bad there’re limited in supply. I hope enough of them make it to the West Coast. And, what a contest. Thanks!!

  29. Thanks for the great review and giveaway! My favorite Tatuaje smokes are probably the J21 Reserva, La Riqueza and Anarchy.

  30. Nice review. I don’t get to smoke many Tats, would like to change that.
    Don’t know who among you is the handsomest, but Mikey sure looks good in Nutella face paint.


  31. Hey Charlie, love your reviews…just getting into Tatuajes…just had a Havana VI and loved it! it would be great to have the opportunity to get the give aways and have a chance to dig deeper into Pete Johnson’s line of cigars! Thanks.

  32. Great review. I think the La Casita Criolla or the La Riqueza are probably my favorites. I can admit it I’m a Connecticut Broadleaf whore.

  33. I have enjoyed a few Sumatra wrappers in the past but I’m not experienced enough with them to say whether I really like them or I just liked the change of pace from all the corojo and broadleaf. These sound delicious.

  34. I came a little late to the Tatiaje craze but I have become a huge supporter of his (financially!). My favorite so far is the petite cazadora.

  35. Tatuaje is one of my top 3 brands, and I can honestly say that I’ve never had a bad stick. Can’t go wrong with any label, as I enjoy the Havana VI and Series P as regular smokes, and I also enjoy the La Casita and La Verite for special occassions.

    Charlie, I always enjoy your reviews, keep up the good work.

  36. Great as always, and love pete johnson. I’d be interested in Pete trying a candela, I know its maybe a fad idea but I really love the Illusione 88 candela and can’t wait to try the La Flor Double Claro, its a unique smoke. Other then that La Casita Criolla is a go to must smoke.

  37. Charlie,
    You’re not crazy. A giveaway is always a great idea after some good reading especially with tasty smokes!

  38. Booyakasalsa!!! Gotta love a chance for free cigars. I always been a huge fan of everything Tatuaje. But still my favorite is the B Rex. Nothing bad can be said about that cigar. So glad I still have half a box left 🙂

  39. The 2003’s ring the bell for me. Yesterday smoked a Tatuaje Brown Label 7th Capa Especial for the first time and really dug it. Thanks for the contest.

  40. Good idea for a review. So the Habano is the same as the original Cojonu 2003 but with a box shape? If so then it better be priced the same as the original 2003…but a lower price point would be coolish 🙂

  41. I really want to try both the broadleaf and sumatra wrappers. I have love both wrappers on Pete’s other cigars and I cant wait to give these two a try.

  42. Wow. I wonder if anyone wants this sampler?

    Anyway. Cojonu 03 is fantastic in my book. However I do like the Verite 2009.

  43. I will definitely have to try these when I’m able to find them, or maybe win them.

    My favorite Tat would have to be the Fausto Avion.

  44. It would be awesome to win the 5er. What a great giveaway…with that said, I’d have to say I’d like to try the JJ aside from the Cojonus

  45. The Tat. 2003 was my personal favorite of the Cojonu line. But overall best Tatuaje stick for me has to be the La Riqueza! Awesome smoke. The Casita Criolla is also flying under the radar.

  46. Hey Charlie, always good to hear about what’s new. I am a certified Tatuaje whore, but with classic tastes. I love, love, LOVE (tip of the hat to Jerry) the Havana VI, including the Verocu #5 for those in-between times, and also love the El Triunfador, the unsung hero of the Tat line. La Riqueza is excellent for those Cuban-esque moments. Ah, Tatuaje… so little time, so many cigars.

  47. Pick me, pick me, pick me (smile)!!! I recently purchased the el triunfador (the ghost stick), and was instantly hooked! I’d love to try so of Pete’s other offerings: just catching on to the Tatuaje-craze. Thank you.

  48. Great review and give away. I don’t have a favorite Tatuaje, since I’ve only smoked one (Havana VI). They’re never in my local B&M stores. Just ordered some El Triunfador’s today online. Can’t wait.

  49. Great looking sticks….hard to find by me..

    Handsomest? Thats like asking who is the tallest midget ! No offense jerry

  50. A couple weeks back I had a brown label El Triunfador lancero, I had almost forgotten how good of a cigar that was.

  51. Intentionally avoiding the subject of which SR writer is hotter… I’d like to see Pete try a Conneticut Shade wrapper on the current blend. I’ve been getting into CS wrapped power bombs lately, like the Camacho Connecticut, and I’d love to try this in that combo. As it is, I’ll have to settle for trying the 3 varieties Tatuaje has graced us with, and dream of what could be.

  52. (Well, this may not win any cigars, but it should be in the running for “Suck-up Comment of the Year”.)

    As far as “… which Stogie Review contributor you think is handsomest”, I’d have to say it was a three-way tie.

  53. Handsome is overrated. Talented & funny gets the girl ever time…

    My favorite Tats are polar opposites which must make me bipolar? Love the big bad Face and little great Noella Reserva. Hoping & praying Pete re-releases the Noella Reserva again before I run out of the ’09s.

  54. Charle, DO IT RIGHT MANN……good lucky to whom entered the Tatuaje Dead Smoke Sampler . its an awsome sampler for the lucky person to receive it….

  55. Great review. I’m really excited to try the Connecticut Broadleaf version. Hard to say what my favorite Tatujae is. Right now, it’d probably be the Black Label Petite Lancero. Btw, Jerry’s beard gave him the advantage in the handsome department. ;-P

  56. I agree with the sumatra. I am not a huge fan of that wrapper. I am looking forward to the cojonu releases. Thanks!

    It is hard to pick a handosmest guy, its like picking the prettiest of the ugliest girls…

  57. Thanks for the review. I really enjoyed it!! I still love the Triunfador’s from Tatuaje even with all the new stuff Pete’s released.

  58. Great set of reviews charlie, i was at that event at holts too but didnt’ have the funds for a box at the time. My favorite Pete makes is still the brown label in the havana cazadores size. love me a corona gorda, ESPECIALLY in that blend.

  59. Those are some great looking sticks! Haven’t tried enough Tatuaje cigars to say which is my favorite. I really enjoyed the La Casita and the Wolfman came over me the second time around. Can’t wait for the little monsters box!

  60. Thanks for the pre-release review Charlie! They all sound great but the Habano sounds amazing, interesting how a different vitola can change the profile of a cigar so much. My favorite cigar Pete makes? Well thats tough I love what he can do with Conneticut Broadleaf wrappers but Im going to say the Cazadores, now a Cazadores Reserva…that would be awesome wink wink if you read this PJ! As far as the 2015 Cojonu how about a differnt sized Gran Cojonu? Thank you for the very generous giveaway Charlie and to you and all of Stogie Reviewers keep up the great work!

  61. First of all, thanks again for a great review Charlie. You have been a great addition to this site. I would have to say that my favorite Tatuaje to date would be the 7th Reserva with a Black Label PL coming in at a close 2nd. Oh, and bout the handsome folks on stogiereview.com, he may not be handsome, but Brian definitely has some big “Cojonus” to go out in public in jorts and a Hawaiin shirt!

  62. All things I like in a cigar, great review. I started smoking cigars a little over a year ago and have yet to try a Tatuaje cigar despite all the great reviews ive read on just about his whole line. One of these days

  63. Love everything that Pete does, and love that he is a success. But I think it is hilarious the reviewers you have on SR. The “Hippie”, The Beer Guy, and The Great Torpedo. Love the commentary on the group videos.

  64. Thanks for the reviews! I was fortunate to get a pre-release sample of the Sumatra version, though my stick was very different from yours. Mine was very strong with tons of pepper right away, and the pepper continued most of the cigar. Mine reminded me a lot of the Wolfman, though it tasted a bit young still. It was the strongest Cojonu I’ve had, though it’s the only 2012 I’ve had so far (and a pre-release, so anything goes).

  65. Gotta go with the La Riqueza for my favorite. But i like almost everything the dude makes. Interesting reviews, i’m looking forward to trying these when they come out.

  66. I got one of the Sumatra wrapped ones from Pete when he came through Draper’s, probably thanks to sitting near you and Jerry when he pulled ’em out. I’ve got it lined up for Puerto Rico next month.

  67. Love Pete’s stuff. Just was gifted an anarchy this week a couple of days ago. Phenomenal. Also like the black lancero, noella and 7th reserva. For some reason, I haven’t tried any of the cojonus yet. Must remedy that….

  68. Sweet Review! would love to pick up this 5 pack! I’ve had a JJ “Little Robusto”, but this Tatuaje Cojonu 2012 sounds amazing!! Good Luck to all that enter!

  69. Really can’t wait for the little monster series. I was slow to jump on the tatuaje ship so I missed out on some of the earlier superlative releases.

  70. Holy comments Batman… looks like giveaways are great for business. Great write up Charlie, I personally haven’t had much of Petes stuff, can’t find it Locally, But the small amount of stick I have had are great, and I really enjoy them. Hope all is well with you and your ever expanding family.

  71. Tatuaje Serie P Sumatra Robusto …… even a Tat mixed filler tops other long fillers in quality & taste…..wish some of the “other” stogie reviewers spread some of the giveaway love. Long live Charlie

  72. Can’t recall if I’ve entered or not, so please forgive if this is a repeat entry.

    I would have to say Jerry is easily the handsomest member of the crew, and I’m not just saying that because he’s the only one I’ve met. LOL!

  73. So far, I have to say my favorite Tatuaje stick is the Black Label Lancero. Really enjoy that one. Thanks for the great contests!

  74. I wonder how they select wrappers for some years; it was Habano and then Conn Broadleaf, now Sumatra. how do they plan for it?

  75. Great review Charlie! I must say, the trend towards more box-pressed/Cuban-press/oval-press being released by the cigar manufacturers is a good thing for me, great feel in the mouth. I really hope more think about incorporating/applying this technique to their lines.

  76. Another great review. I have not yet tried these cigars but i am looking forward to it after this review, thanks for another eye opening review.

  77. ” . . . what you think Pete should try for the Cojonu 2015.”

    How about a Monster Series based off the vampire from Twilight. Cover it in a very pale CT shade wrapper and market it to lonely housewives.

  78. I know it’s random, but maybe my luck will be up because I live in the middle of Hell, Saudi Arabia & you can’t get an even decent cigar for under $20.

  79. Excellent reviews! Thank you very much. Out of all the different sticks I smoke, Tat’s are my favorite. I have a few of the Wolfman resting in the humi and a few of the Miami Reserva J21. I’ve been really loving the Anarchy’s from Smoke Inn and I’ve got a couple of those and a couple Fausto’s in another box. My local B&M sells most of the Miami’s and I’ve had quite a few of the Cojonu 2003 and 2006. I’d love to try these 2012’s!! I think I’ll probably agree with you that the Habano will be my fav. Thanks again for the review’s Charlie. Keep up the excellent work!

  80. I have honestly never smoked a tatuaje. It’s been on my list of brands to try for a while, but just hasn’t happened. So, i’ll have to answer the who’s handsomer question. I’d have to give it a tie between charlie and the great torpedo (don’t know his name). Charlie on overall, great torpedo on looking like a stereotypical cigar smoker.

  81. Great review! I have always wanted to try a Tatuaje. You are just making it harder and harder to hold onto my cash…

  82. Excellent review I can’t wait to try them, sumatra is actually one of my favorite wrappers. For a future cojonu release I wonder how a cojonu 2003 blend would work with a black label wrapper? Could be good!

  83. My fav Tat is the wolfman, but it changes every now and then. I think it would be interesting to for Pete to use a lighter shade Connecticut wrapper.

    Thanks for the chance at winning.

  84. Hey you guys do a great job on your reviews! Its nice to have reviews on cigars that a normal person can afford! Pete Johnson seems like a pretty cool and down to earth guy that knows a lot about h is cigars.

  85. These sound great. I’m a big fan of box-pressed cigars and any tatuajes i’ve had have been good. Hook a brother up. Go Phils

  86. Hey Charlie. Great review as always. Im a big Tat fan and have to say most recent have been hooked on the Casitas. Great smoke. Looking forward to smoking the Broadleaf Cojonu!

  87. I can live with a small delay for free cigars. Especially when they are really good cigars. Now to find a hiding place so my my wife doesn’t smoke them. Thank you again for the contest!

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