Gurkha Royal Challenge

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Gurkha Royal Challenge


OK lets get rolling in this review of the Gurkha Royal Challenge.

If you are watching live I believe you will have to refresh the page to see new content.

This Gurkha Royal Challenge has an Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper with a Honduran Habano binder and Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers.

I will be smoking the 5×50 robusto for this review that was sent to me by Michael Williams

Starting out and the cigar has a nice appearance but the bands take up half the cigar. Wrapper has few veins and has that familiar velvet feel to it.

Getting a mild tobacco scent from the wrapper, foot and the cold draw.


First puffs are very mild with a hint of spice with the tobacco taste. Very nice open draw and a good amount of smoke.

Already an inch into the cigar and the smoke is pretty creamy and the spice picked up just a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, the spice is still mild but it is just a sliver more potent than it was in the beginning.


At the bands already. I wasn’t kidding when I said they were huge.

Getting a nice nutty taste along with the spice that has gotten a little sharper but not stronger.

Burn is going very nice and the draw is still nice and loose. It does seem to be heating up some though. I am hoping it settles down especially when it is only in the 40’s right now.

Nutty taste is dominant but a woody taste has crept in. Spice is hanging around on the aftertaste but again, it is not overpowering.


Yea, gloves stayed on, I am a wuss.

OK close to the end being paged inside so I am wrapping this up.

Nutty taste with a.nice spice. Smoke was very creamy and the draw was very open. It got hot even at the halfway point and it probably helped turn it a bit fugly towards the end.

Would I buy it again? Yes. I want to try the Toro and the XO sizes to see if they heat up or keep a nice consistent flavor.

Hope you enjoyed this as it was kinda fun for me to do and it kept me from getting bored sitting outside by myself.

I am just me.

7 thoughts on “Gurkha Royal Challenge

  1. Good review bro. My local b&m is having a release party for these and another gurkha. They look good! I hate smoking outside. I don’t know how you, Jerry, and Charlie do it.

  2. For a Gurkha, I thought it was pretty damn good. Lots of creamy flavors and a real easy smoke….especially outside! Thanks!

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