Gurkha Seduction

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Gurkha Seduction

Ok folks, this review will be going up a little bit later today (probably at around 9-10AM) in the same format as the Royal Challenge. I will tweet when I am going to start live posting.


Starting out with this Gurkha Seduction with my first observation of the band and how it blends in with the cigar. This is not a good thing in my book.

Cigar seems a bit spongy with a barnyard scent on the wrapper and a little bit of chocolate on the foot.

Snip and am met with a tobacco taste on the cold draw.

Light and I get a nice spicy leather.

Almost forgot the specs for you. I am smoking the 5×50 robust sent to me by Michael Williams .

This cigar has an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Dominican binder and a Columbian corojo filler.

Woody flavor has developed in this first third and the spice has started to get a little harsh for me.

Smoke is really pouring out if this cigar and there is a huge amount of flavor, just not many different ones.


As you can see I am at the bands. Spice has actually toned down just a little and the wood and leather have started to meld nicely together.

Still a lot of smoke from this cigar so be prepared to get yelled at if you are around non smokers.

Strength has picked up to a high medium to low full for me. I was concerned about this due to smoking it at 10am but still going good.


Been tasting a bit of citrus on the after taste but it quickly gets swallowed up by a charred taste. Flavors are getting a lot harsher and the spice more potent and sharp.


Here we are at the nub and I am going to let it go now.

This Gurkha Seduction was really good fir the first two thirds but slowly started getting pretty harsh and even a little bitter towards the end. Power ramped up to a low full but never went further.

Would I buy it again? Doubtful. I really did enjoy it at the beginning but with how it got towards the end, I was wishing it was more like the Royal Challenge.

Hope you enjoyed this and I should be back with a video next week.

I am just me.

10 thoughts on “Gurkha Seduction

  1. Sounds like a “try if locally available” cigar. I don’t really go out of my way for Gurkhas since many are overpriced in stores. I do like the vintage shaggy and the Cuban legacy though not cubanesque in any way heh. Will buy if I see one as I love spice on my smokes.
    Thanks for the review!

  2. U a fan Of Gurkhas mike? Can’t say I will ever spend my money on them. Not that they’re all bad, but u can get much much better for a fraction of the price. I would sober up before I typed the next review up though hahahahaha.

    A lot of broken half sentences on this one. I bore with ya though. At least u didn’t take the pictures next to ur dick this time.

    1. Not a “fan” but I do like some of them. I think most are overpriced but you can usually find really good deals on them online to get them for a decent price point.

      I was trying to make it more like my review process with the broken sentences. I will usually write something like that, compare with my notes and then make final adjustments. I guess I should have polished it a bit more. Sorry about that!

      Thanx for reading.

  3. You got it all wrong Mike. You need to set the mood better. Turn on some Barry White, light some candles, throw some rose petals on the bed…I was surprised that I liked the Seduction so much.

  4. I have this same experience with most Gurkhas. I really wished I liked them better. I go 2 Cellar Reserve cigars for my Birthday haven’t tried them but really looking forward to them. Just hope I don’t have the same experience.

  5. I’m smoking the Seduction now. I’ve been long drawn by the excellent construction of the two handfuls of Gurkhas I’ve smoked thus far and I’m a newbie. This now being 2015 I think Gurkha cigars vary as do wines from year to year. Today, this Seduction is mellow with an inviting leather/wood combination. Not very complex mind you but a solid flavor nonetheless.
    The band is beautiful though not a must when it comes to cigars for me though it adds to the Gurkha story. I find this ring gauge perfect between the lips. Smoke varies from plentiful to just shy of moderate. Ash longevity is not important to me and with Gurkha I’ve learned not to test it lest you have it in your lap.
    I’m a fan because of the variety I’ve come across in this brand and while not all have been anywhere near stellar, they have a relative consistancy; that being fair to pretty darn good. With the great prices I’ve found them for online at a certain seller, I tend to stock up as the sales come ’round. Especially on the medium to upper end of the price range.
    More than half way through now and the burn line is tight even with the approaching storm and stiff breeze I’m experiencing on my balcony.
    I think it would be cool to have a bar top with various brand’s bands laquered beneath the surface. Gurkha would take up alot of space and make for a nice presentation at that!
    No chemical taste for me here with this Gurkha Seduction, just continual flavor of wood and leather. Still mellow approaching medium bodied now coming closer to the band. Seduction as the name is a misleading attribute but I do like the look of this stick and the band while coming close to the color found on the wrapper may make the two look more as one, at least it doesn’t scream “look at me cause I’m special”. Special it ain’t but it is worth the $2.25 I paid for it.

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