CAO Last Stick Standing “C”

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CAO Last Stick Standing “C”


This will be the first of three videos for the CAO Last Stick Standing contest. Basically there are three cigars, the one with the most votes, wins and becomes a future release sometime in 2013. Walt, Brian, Charlie and I all received a container of the three contenders and we wondered what the best way to present all of our opinions. We thought about centering a YQMA style video where we all smoke the cigar at the same time but in the end we decided on this format where each of us record a short video separately and then the videos are spliced into one video. Recording separately was thought best so that no one influenced anyone else’s opinion.

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Video runs a little over 13 minutes (if you think its too long blame Brian Hewitt for not following directions) and even with recording separately we all came to the same conclusion.


15 thoughts on “CAO Last Stick Standing “C”

  1. I got the same thing from an AVO Heritage, the flowery smell. I thought the roller must have just came back from the bathroom and that was the smell of the soap.

  2. It was a great review you guys. I’ve smoked CAO Cigars. The “C” is a medium in strength. The wrapper and binder are good but the fillers are too weak to support the good wrapper and binder. I like the “C” best out-of- the-three. The “A” is mild to medium in strength. It was the creamiest out of the bunch. The “A” cigar is too weak in the favors. The “A” Cigar is my second favorite of the bunch. It was simpler in the favor like the “C” cigar. It has more spice but it was weak in the favors too. The CAO Cigars should be real good in a smaller size (46″ – 52″) like the robusto, churchill and corona. So that, the wrapper and binder favors would standout.

  3. Thanks for the group review, guys. Though it would have been nice if Hewitt could have at least taken a shower.

    I think I told Jerry this, but the C is NOT the OSA wrapper. We’ll probably reveal a few more details about each of the three in the next few weeks. If you can make an event, Rick might even tell you straight up.

  4. Great review guys. I like idea of a joint review. I saw this Promo and thought it was a neat idea. Wonder how it will work out. Maybe I missed it did they give a deadline for the vote and when will it be released?

    P.S. good to see Brian looking better. haha

    1. Looks like voting goes on until June 30, but who knows when it would be released (the lead-in says sometime in 2013). I guess it depends on how quickly they can ramp up production and get them properly aged once the decision is made on the blend. It is a great idea to get their customer base involved in the process.

  5. Great format for a blind review. Seems Charlie must have had the fluke stick that matched the goal. He picked out some nuances that sounded good but the other three had it as consistently muddled.

    Prototype sticks must be tricky to work out as they work on process I’m supposing.

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