CI Legends – Orange Label

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CI Legends – Orange Label

Welcome to the CI Legends Orange Label by Rocky Patel review.

Starting out there is a natural tobacco scent on the wrapper, the foot has natural tobacco and some hay and the cold draw gives a little bit of spice with the natural tobacco taste.

Right off the bat there is a nice woody spice flavor with the spice being in the front.

Cigar starts off about a low medium strength wise but full flavor.

Into the cigar a bit and I notice the spice in lingering on the palette for quite a while after the smoke is exhaled. It is a nice taste and something that is enjoyable.

Around the third mark there is a citrus note that comes into play along with the woody notes but the spice is still the front runner. The spice also is a little rough on the retrohale right now.

Cigar turns to a medium at around the halfway point.

Just around the halfway point the flavors really started to meld together well and everything just seemed to click. I had this happen before halfway on one I smoked but most were at halfway or just a tiny bit after.

That is really about all there is to say. Flavor stayed pretty consistent throughout but really made me take notice when everything just came together around the halfway point. I am curious if any sort of aging on these would make that flavor melding happen sooner or not.

This cigar stayed pleasant through the nub also.

Would I buy it again? Yes. I wold not smoke it daily, unless that melding of flavors would happen sooner, but it was enjoyable.

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I am just me.

2 thoughts on “CI Legends – Orange Label

  1. I ‘ve had a few of these and just like you said, it is not a complex cigar, but it’s pleasant. I think it will make a good golf course cigar, when grilling, or other activities that prevent one from concentrating on the nuances of a more complex cigar.

  2. This and the Don Pepin rolled one are my favorites of the bunch. So Orange and Yellow I believe for the win 🙂

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