Nub USA (First Impressions)

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Nub USA (First Impressions)

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Right about now, Brian probably has his feet up, puffing on a cigar, and drinking some form of alcoholic beverage at the Drew Estate Compound in Nicaragua. As a result, I’m filling in for him and have to warn you, if you were looking for a Tower of Burn, you’ll have to check back next week.

Up for review today is the Nub USA 460. This cigar is another from the Studio Tobac Word Tour sampler sent out to the Studio Tobac Advisory Board Members. Of all the cigars within the sampler, this is the one I was most excited about smoking. At the same time, I was also concerned at how much I might enjoy it.

You see, I tend to run hot and cold when it comes to the Nub line in general. Some cigars seem to hit the spot and others I have simply grown tired of. I was unsure where this particular Nub would fall. To my surprise, it was one of my favorite Nubs to date.

For a line that supposedly starts right at the sweet spot, the Nub USA went through a massive transition early on. The first couple of puffs were loaded with pepper and spice. So loaded, in fact, that I felt like I was punched in the throat by a spice bomb. Despite being walloped by spice and pepper, I found the power of the flavors very appealing.

Before long that nearly overwhelming spice component settled down and flavors with more finesse entered the picture. The core flavor profile was made up of a meaty sort of taste that hung on the palate for a considerable amount of time. Included in the flavor profile was a nice woody tone that made for a pleasant aftertaste.

The finish was middle of the road, not quite creamy but not quite dry. The body and flavor level was medium to full. As I would have expected with my past experience with the Nub line, this cigar smoked beautifully and produced plenty of dense smoke which coated the palate.

When it was all said and done, I was impressed with the Nub USA and look forward to smoking more in the future. While this one cigar wouldn’t be enough to drive me to purchase an entire box of cigars, it certainly does ease the pain of a box purchase.

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4 thoughts on “Nub USA (First Impressions)

  1. Hey Walt great review, I saw this stick in those samplers its looked like it might be good, glade you enjoyed it. I to and up and down on Nub Lines some are great some not so much. Do you think any of those lines will become regular production lines?

  2. If you fired the founder….You’ve lose the CIGAR TASTE…. The NUB has lost it……. So the CAO’s…… GIVE UP MANN….Don’t be in a Hooiser team….

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