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ROMEO by Romeo y Julieta Robusto

Altadis’ new, bolder take on the Romeo y Julieta line has landed, and since I was the one that leaked a picture of the band and posted a pre-press release post about ROMEO by Romeo y Julieta, it seems only fitting that follow it up with a proper review. I covered a lot of the details in the aforementioned post, but here for a quick refresher is the official ROMEO press release:

Introducing Romeo by Romeo y Julieta
A Romeo y Julieta cigar unlike any to come before!

Ever since 1875, cigar aficionados have been passionate about Romeo y Julieta. Now Altadis USA is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the latest act in this enduring love story – ROMEO by Romeo y Julieta. As one of the premium cigar world’s best-known and most highly trusted brands, Romeo y Julieta has always been revered for its consistently excellent, mild smokes. Now, Romeo brings new excitement to the contemporary aficionado with this line of modern, fuller-bodied cigars. The new cigar will be available at retail tobacconists in May.

Robust, full-bodied and rich in complex flavor nuances, Romeo is meticulously crafted at the famed Tabacalera de Garcia in the Dominican Republic by the skilled hands of the factory’s most accomplished artisans, each with decades of expertise, chosen specifically to create this uncommon cigar. The new cigar will be available in four sizes: Churchill, Piramide, Robusto and Toro. We’ve made an early introduction of the new Romeo cigar at the TAA meeting and plan to start presenting the brand during the week of April 23. Romeo by Romeo y Julieta – a spectacular smokedestined to set a new trend in luxury cigars.

I’ve gotta hand it to Altadis, there’s no shortage of slick and thorough promotional information, covering everything down to the features of the tobacco fields. In short order, I’ve learned that the wrapper was grown in the cloud-covered volcanic soil of Ecuador, the binder in the mountains of the Dominican Republic, and the filler in the rich soil of low-lying fields along Dominican riverbeds. Heck, I think I know more now about the ROMEO now than I ever did about any the girls I dated in college.

But the most important factor in my decision on whether or not to pony up for a box of 20, is how does it smoke? Let’s find out.

Cigar Stats:
Size: 5 x 54
Wrapper: “Select” Dark Ecuadoran Habano
Binder: Dominican Olor
Filler: Dominican Piloto and Olor
Smoking Time: 1 1/2 hours
Beverage: Water
Source: Purchased by reviewer
Price: MSRP $6.99

The Pre-Smoke
It’s not possible to miss that band, huh? I don’t care for the design myself, but it certainly is bold, eye-catching and modern, which seems to be in line with the cigar’s marketing. To be sure, nobody’s going to pick up a ROMEO expecting to smoke an 1875 or a Reserva Real.

Band aside, the ROMEO is a good looking smoke. The wrapper is dark, oily and toothy with medium-to-fine veins and nary a surface imperfection that I could find. And at a 54-ring gauge it’s beefy, but just inside my tolerance for girthy smokes.

The cigar feels heavy for its size, and is very firmly packed. (Though I did find the hint of a soft spot in one.) I didn’t pick up much of an aroma on the wrapper, a little light compost, and an interesting sweet floral note. The cold draw was good, and tasted of chocolate and molasses.

The Burn
There’s not much to say with regard to the burn, the ROMEO did its job almost immaculately every time. Perfect draw, even burn lines, light compact ash, the works. The only time I had any trouble was when I tried to rush the initial toasting, but when I did it right the first time it was smooth sailing.

The Flavor
The ROMEO had a rich, smokey and meaty beginning, and quickly developed a pronounced leather. The leather ran the show for a while, but faded and was replace by earth and pepper well before the beginning of the second third. I also picked up light touches of vanilla sweetness, and dark chocolate.

Meaty, savory, pepper and dark chocolate took over by the second third, and basically carried the profile through until the end of the cigar. There weren’t any major flavor changes going forward, but along the way slightly bitter earth, hints of vanilla and smokey wood notes made appearances.

The Price
The price seems reasonable, but the competition is heating up in this range.

The Verdict
The ROMEO by Romeo y Julieta is exactly what the press release says it is. It’s a bold, new, fuller-bodied, meticulously-crafted smoke. It’s also a decent, reasonably cigar, and I’m hard-pressed to find a flaw with it. The problem is, I’m far more enamored with the construction than the flavor profile. A great ash and a perfect burn line only get you so far. I could see myself smoking these on occasion, but I don’t think I’d seek them out. It’s definitely not one that’s going to replace any of my boutique favorites.

Liked It: It was OK.
Buy It Again: Maybe
Recommend It: It’s worth a shot.

The Giveaway
Once again, Altadis generously sent me a special 3-count box of review samples. But instead of smoking them, I wound up buying my own at a local ROMEO event. And since my humidor space is at a premium, I’m giving it away to one lucky commenter. All you have to do to win it is be 18, and leave a comment telling me why you think Jerry “The Stache” Cruz is Stogie Review’s weakest link. I’ll pick a winner next week.

Tower of Burn
Here for your viewing pleasure is my trademark Tower of Burn.

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55 thoughts on “ROMEO by Romeo y Julieta Robusto

  1. I love a decent , reasonably cigar! Sorry no coffee yet!! Jerry is not the weakest link , he is the missing link!!

  2. The weakest link is the one that breaks. That doesn’t qualify Jerry as such. I bought a couple of churchills but haven’t smoked them yet. Probably a great floating in the pool smoke.

  3. That’s easy… all his reviews are on video! Ha ha. I do enjoy his Week in Smokes though. But, the Tower of Burn certainly rules!

  4. Jerry is the weakest link because he no longer dresses up in crazy costumes. Or he does and does not share it.
    Great contest

    1. Yeah, we all know you’re too lazy to do that.

      C’mon guys, make with the dirt. You’d rather have my ROMEO three pack than that silly monster box, right? I’ll bet Jerry just sends the box and the bands to the winner after smoking the cigars.

  5. This definitely had a modern taste. I was pleasantly surprised with the one I had this week. I need to get more.

  6. How can a guy that is giving away great cigar after great cigar (Quesada, Casa Magna, Little Monsters, etc.) be the weakest link? Hmmm… The only words that come to mind are “Baltimore Orioles”. (Even though I would pull for them over any other team in that division.)

  7. This looks like a great looking cigar. The band is very bold for sure. Hopefully they come in at my local B&M soon so I pick a few up.

    Jerry is the weakest link b/c he checks in to too many places on foursquare to write decent reviews anymore 🙂

  8. Why is Jerry the Weakest link…. hm….. lets see. I don’t trust anybody that goes Gluten Free… just don’t trust em…

  9. Thanks for the contest and I have no clue why Jerry is the weakest link. Probably because he lives in MD?

  10. I’ve had my eye out for these. I’d definitely give it a chance, considering the price. I can’t bring myself to trash Jerry. Check back with me after his Tatuaje contest. ????

  11. Listing Jerry as the weakest link is a bold statement. I don’t think any of you are any good.

    All kidding aside, keep up the great work.

  12. He is the weakest link due to the fact his nickname “Stache” is weak for a cigar reviewer… Along with being a missing link too. What a combination.

  13. Jerry is the weakest link because he’d rather get a mani pedi than smoke a cigar. He’s already picked who gets the monster’s right? Oh well only had a 1 in 400 chance anyway…

  14. A very fair and balanced review. Sounds like I should try one, and that might be all I’ll ever try. Funny how boutique cigars have taken over most of our favorite smokes. You’d think the “big boys” could dupliciate the effort, but so far they haven’t shown that they truly can.

    As to a bad word about Jerry: Never. I’d rather lose any chance at the contest than constantly be looking over my shoulder as he stalks me for the rest of my life.

  15. I’ve never tried the new ROMEO. As for Jerry being “The Weakest Link” I think Jerry is the weakest link because he shaves his stache once a year keep your signature look man! lol All kidding aside Jerry love your reviews!

  16. I think the Romeo sounds like it is worth a try, maybe not a box worthy stick but will definitely see how it fits that price range.

    The only thing I could say about Jerry is how great he is at reviews and stellar job on video production. First class!! (What? Kissing ass won’t get me the Little Monsters? Pfft, eff Jerry then…) j/k (smiley face)

  17. I picked one up at my local B&M and was impressed. Cruz is the weakest link because he loves White Owls and always lights up with a Bic!

  18. At that price, I guess it’s worth a try.

    Jerry is the weakest link because he can’t projectile vomit like Drunk Brian Hewitt. He only throws up in his mouth.

  19. Hay Jerry, don’t think for one minute that your [friends] really love you, even thought they seem to through you under the bus, I think? O, and thanks for the give a way.

  20. I’ve smoked The ROMEO by Romeo y Julieta Robusto a few weeks ago, and I like it more than the Partagas 1845.

  21. There is only one way to measure the weakest link at SR and it is summed up in the immortal words of Ty Webb when asked by Judge Smails how he measures himself with other golfers…it is of course “by height”.

  22. I guess the ROMEOS might be worth a try after all. Jerry? The “Long Fuckin Ashes” is very offensive to me. I have to turn off his videos or cover my ears before he says that. it’s shocking, just so very shocking to me.

  23. Jerry is the weakest link because he thinks the Brick House robusto is better than the Brick House Churchill. Correction; he says no Brick House is worth smoking, save the robusto. He has been chopped down a peg that he can only regain by making the ‘stache a permanent fixture. That is why Jerry is temporarily the weakest link. Brian is the strongest link because he only does written reviews.

  24. Jerry is the biggest ASH I never met!

    This STICK aims to buy Love and Attention
    with a free box of cigars for trashing Brian.
    Then pulls the “random winner” cop-out.

    Jerry, you had your request fulfilled!
    I trashed Brian with truth and accuracy,
    revealing the DICK he is. Nobody did it BETTER.

    Now stop JERKING OFF, show me you’ve got some
    BALLS and send me a box of EARNED cigars!
    Yes, I know you already gave away the Monsters
    in ERROR, so do the right thing and overnight a proper box.
    Brian, be a better man than this INGRATE.

  25. This would be a good cigar to pick up if the establishment only sells Altadis and General Cigar brands. Have to admit, though, both are trying hard to improve their offerings.

    Jerry the weakest link…is he really worse than Mike ?

  26. The last R&J I had was a year ago, a Cuban Short Churchill purchased in a box of three in a small shop in the shadow of Windsor Castle and turned to ash on the piazzetta of “my” rented villa in Tuscany. I was with my son and his now-fiance. Memorable evening, not a very memorable smoke.

    As for Señor Cruz, nothing could dim my man-love for this bright shining star in the Stogie Review pantheon. Jerry, you have introduced me to some major awesome smokes, may your tribe increase!

    So for the ROMEO (stupid name, with all that marketing clout you would think they could do better than all-caps) keep ’em, give ’em away, give them to Walt for target practice, whatever.

  27. Yikes, that band in my opinion is terrible looking, kind of an interesting sounding flavor profile at least.

    Weakest link? I think you mean shortest. 🙂

    Funnily enough though, if I learned anything in my college foray into physics, the shortest link should be the strongest… Shit that backfired.

  28. Jerry is the weak link because,,,his Mom told me he was last night, then she told me again this morning…..

  29. Jerry is the weakest link because he doesn’t have the confidence to leave the house in a Hawaiin shirt and jorts ike some people might!

  30. I tried this cigar out on the advice from the Manager at Liberty Tobacco in San Diego. I like the line of R&J but at times it just doesn’t have the “oomph” to get my tastes around. This particular cigar was good…I enjoyed it but would rather see it at a price point to actually keep it in my humidors full time. Life is fun when trying out new cigars and this was a nice change of pace.

  31. +1 for Anthony F.

    If for some reason he doesn’t win, it must be that you sent the sticks to me.

    Jerry! *shakes fist*


  32. This cigar looked and felt great. It burned ok but fell short on flavor. I am so tired of manufacturers putting out below par sticks that are not ready to be sold. This cigar had the usual “plastic” flavor component that indicates that it has not been properly aged. I can always pick up on that flavor and it kills the experience for me. If you want to buy them to put away for a year or so it may be ok but not enough there for me to take up space in my humidor.I can’t understand why any company would release something into the market that isn’t the best it can be. I threw it out after the half way point because I was so disgusted by the same old crap that these companies keep putting out. Let me know what you think…….

  33. Whats with the Bromance ? Lets talk Cigars: How good does Jerry look savoring a 56 ring cigar? LOL Best bang for the buck, Vegas 5

  34. I am unimpressed with this cigar. I normally love romeo julieta, but I’m not loving this. IT’S ok, but my favorite is a lega t52, so it’s not that I like mild. Their attempt at full body just doesn’t make me love it at the 1/2 way is getting better the whole time. MINE didn’t burn that we’ll either.

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