My Father No. 1 (plus giveaway)

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My Father No. 1 (plus giveaway)

My Father No. 1

Yesterday, Jerry posted a review for a cigar that he was surprised to discover we had not yet reviewed before: the Liga Privada No. 9. Following his lead, today I’m doing something similar with the My Father No. 1. It should come as no surprise that this is a cigar I enjoy immensely — so much, in fact, that I bought an entire box to commemorate the birth of my first child. I’ve been smoking quite a few of these recently (including several from my “It’s A Boy” box), and have featured it in a recent Month in Smoke, but for some reason none of us here at Stogie Review have treated it to a full review before now. Allow me to rectify that oversight at once…

My Father No. 1 by the numbers:
Size: 5.25×52
Vitola: robusto
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Full
Factory: My Father Cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua
No. smoked for review: 5
Duration: 1 hour
Source: purchased by the reviewer
Price: $10.00
Twitter: @MyFatherCigars

No spoilers here: I loved it. But please still do watch the video to see just how much I loved it and what sort of flavor profile I picked up from these great cigars.

(Video length: 9:22)

Soundtrack: “Game Changer” by Thomas Hogan (used with permission) | @ProgressNotesTH

Suffice it to say, the My Father No. 1 is a “WOW!” cigar for me. Tons of complex, delicious, and evolving flavors that hit me right in the sweet spot of my palate. Absolutely flawless construction. Definitely full-bodied, but not so much that it’ll knock you on your ass. An absolute classic and a personal favorite since the first one I smoked. Without question, the perfect cigar to share with family and friends as we welcome a precious little addition to our tribe.

I enjoy almost everything manufactured by My Father Cigars, both the cigars produced under their own labels and those they make for others. The namesake line, however, will always have a special place in my heart.

My Father No. 1


To celebrate Father’s Day and the birth of my son, I’ve decided to give away two sticks from my “It’s A Boy!” box of the My Father No. 1 to a lucky Stogie Review reader. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling me which box of cigars you’ve given away as part of the “It’s A Boy!” or “It’s A Girl!” tradition (if you are a parent), or what you would give away hypothetically (if you’re not a parent). I’ll select one entry at random and mail out a pair of cigars for you to enjoy.

Contest ends July 3, 2012; residents of the US & Canada only; must be 19 or older. Good luck!

Charlie has been enjoying cigars since 2000 and generally prefers a medium-bodied, full-flavored smoke. A USAF vet, he currently works as a data scientist focusing on natural language processing and is pursuing a PhD in computer science in his spare time. Originally from Connecticut and now residing in Northern Virginia, Charlie is also a fan of football, science fiction, political philosophy, and single malt scotch. You can contact Charlie on Twitter @greenbacker.

86 thoughts on “My Father No. 1 (plus giveaway)

  1. I would buy a box of these! Actually, I smoked one of these on Sunday to commemorate my first father’s day. It was the first time I had smoked a My Father and it was amazing. I’m going to be buying a box of these soon. And thanks for the contest!

  2. not a father yet…but I think…

    MY FATHER LE BIJOU 1922 for a boy
    LA AROMA DE CUBA MI AMOR for a girl

    I enjoy both very much!

  3. Unfortunately I was not smoking cigars when my daughters were born. They are 17 and 13 yrs. old. And being 50 and celebrating my 30th Anniversay today June 19th. I don’t think there are any more children in our future. But if I were to buy a celebratory box of cigars I think it would be Padron 1926 #9’s.
    Take Care and congrats on your first Fathers Day.

  4. I did the little Padron Londres for my Daughter, and also purchased some R&J Short Churchills with a boxcode of her birth month (3/’10). I plan to get some more cigars from that month, since these R&Js are going too fast, lol.

  5. In an ideal world I would hand out anejos 55s…. But who has that kind of $ after preparing for a little one let alone finding a whole box to yourself

  6. When my daughter was born I bought a box of brickhouse toro`s to hand out. Great smoke for a fair price.I know , you cheap bastard!, but not every one I know smokes so!!!For my self and a few close friends it was liga privada #9 that had been sitting in the humi for quite some time. How nice!!!

  7. I am still just a kid myself at 26. Not too worried about children right now, but I would give out an assortment of cigars to my friends with each stick tailored to their tastes. Light smokers get Camacho Connecticut. Medium get the Rocky Patel 1990, if the batches are still good. The guys who want a full bodied and full flavored smoke will get the Camacho Corojo or the Cain F.

  8. I went traditional when my son was born ten years ago and purchased a box of Cusano churchills in the “it’s a Boy” box.

  9. When my first daughter was born I wasn’t smoking cigars yet and I just bought a box of “It’s a Girl” cigars to hand out, no idea what brand. Smoked one, kept one (still have it in a plastic bag stashed away, not smokable since I did not have a humidor) and handed out the rest. When my second daughter was born I bought a box of Arturo Fuente “It’s a Girl” cigars. I don’t remember which line they are but I smoked one the night she was born and knew it was time to get a humidor and more cigars. That was a little over 12 years ago. I still have two from that box in my humidor and I plan to smoke one at each of their weddings. I don’t expect them to have a whole lot of flavor but they will be followed by whatever special box of cigars I decide to get at the time.

  10. Thanks for the review!!! I would give away a box of La Riqueza. IMHO, one of the most under appreciated cigar in the Tatuaje/Pepin line.

  11. Congrats again Charlie on your new addition. My “its a boy” stick was a bundle of Perdomo Frescos, nothing special but I have kept 3 around and will smoke them with him when he is older. Congrats again buddy

  12. Congrats Charlie. For my kids I just bought some cheap no-name cigars to give away because my heathen friends wouldn’t know Cohiba Esplendidos from Swisher Sweets. However, I did buy a pair of Ashton VSG’s that I will hold onto until my Virgin Son is Grown, and we will smoke them together.

  13. When my twins were born I gave out 2 box’s of sticks

    Oliva serie V torpedos for my son
    Perdomo Reserve 10th Champagne for my daughter

    Great contest

  14. I started smoking cigars enthusiastically after the births of my children, so hypothetically, I would’ve given away cigars from both the ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ boxes.

  15. Given that most of my family do not smoke cigars, i would would go out and buy me something like a padron 85, to give away a perdomo champagne toros, something everyone can enjoy!

  16. When my daughter was born, I ordered a box of Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankees. I removed the bands, and ordered a stash of custom bands with her name on them. Not a bad smoke for the price.

  17. First, congrats on the birth! I am going to have a new daughter in about two weeks, and I’m getting ready for the whirlwind that is a newborn.

    When my son was born, my father-in-law brought me a box of Cohiba Esplendidos that I handed out to everyone. That’s actually what got me into cigars in the first place.

  18. congrats charlie!! thanks for the contest, my box would be some rocky patel sumatra!! thats a nice smoke!!

  19. My son was born before i was really into cigars like I am now. I would probably hand out something good, but not crazy expensive. I’d probably choose a Hoyo Excalibur(was my dad’s favorite stick). Not too strong for the non or beginner smoker.

  20. I went with the My Father No. 2 for Father’s Day…like the Belicoso shape…so would probably go that route…would love to try the No. 1 though.

  21. I would buy out the local gas station out of their White Owl stock. Since that’s all people I know smoke. They make fun that I waste my coin on expensive sticks. In all seriousness, I would give out Padron 1964 Aniversario Corona Maduros.

  22. My kids are grown, but I would hypothetically give out a box of La Gloria Cubana Wavell, my first love in cigars, to commemorate marrying my first love. If I am blessed with another grandchild I would give out a box of EPC New Wave Connecticut to honor my New Wave younger son.

  23. I’d hypothetically go with an EPC too: the SR 2012. I like it. It is mild enough for people that aren’t regular smokers. Its cheap enough. I guess I’d have to get my hypothetical wife something else because she can’t stand Connecticut wrappers.

  24. For my first I got a box of Gurkha Castle Hall (it works well with my last name). I haven’t decided what I will get for the one on the way. Maybe a my father or an opus x lost city.

  25. Happy Father’s Day, Charlie and all the other dads out there! 8 months ago I gave out Alec Bradley Tempus sticks to commemorate the birth of my daughter.

  26. For my family, nobody else enjoys a good cigar so I’d opt for the bubble gum novelty things. Saving that $$ would allow me to then get an Anejo #77.

    1. Congrats, Jason! You were randomly selected as our winner. Please check your email for the official notification and instructions for how to claim your prize.

  27. That’s a tough one because I am not deciding this on merits of the cigar alone but which one would appeal to as many of the various tastes of my friends as possible. Theortically, I’d have to go with the Oliva Series G torpedo.

  28. Not a father yet, but it would be totally apropos to get a box of My Father cigars to give out. A great cigar with a name that suits the occasion to a T. A box of some Alec Bradley blend would also fit the bill since the brand is named after Alan Rubin’s two sons…

  29. I ended up giving away a cheap box of JM’s “it’s a girl” cigars knowing ahead of time that maybe 1-2 actually were going to get smoked. Did this for my first daughter and then didn’t bother with the second daughter, I just enjoyed a good cigar myself to celebrate.

    Hopefully father’s day was good and thanks for the contest!

  30. For my first, I gave away some AB tempus’. My next is due in three monthes and havent picked one out yet… Was thinking something like La Aurora Preferidos #2. Thanks for another giveaway!

  31. This was my first fathers day as well!! I went for the Liga Privada #9. A classic.
    Thanks for the opportunity to get a couple great sticks Charlie

  32. I bought a box of El Triunfador #4 for birth of my son. Great flavors, not so strong that newbies can’t smoke them and left me some money to buy diapers. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. I have 2 daughters, and when the first was born I gave out Montecristo #2’s and when the second daughter was born I handed out Cohiba Robustos. What can I say…..I was excited!

    Congrats Charlie.

  34. I gave away Arturo Fuente Royal Salutes for my first boy. I gave away AF Rosados for my second. We’re getting ready to have our 3rd and I’ve bought a box of AF Hemingway Work of Arts thinking i might have a little girl. if i was sure i was having a little boy, i think i would buy a box of My Father El Hijos to pass out.

  35. From a young Dad to another – you blink & another year comes, enjoy these moments.. I would give a box of The My Father Le Bijou 1922 to celebrate & commemorate the big day. Take care.

  36. When my first child was born, a girl, a few years ago,it was a White Owl, back then it was a popular cigar. What I think was, a OK cigar, was not into smoking cigars that much back then. Thanks for the contest

  37. I have my first one on the way after the first of the year and i plan on Undercrowns for a boy or LaDC Mi Amor for a girl.

  38. I would gift some Alec bradley family blends. Great cigar with a decent price since a lot of my friends aren’t avid cigar smokers

  39. Puros Indios 2012. It’s a decent cigar, and the band is a convenient reminder of the little pisher’s birth year.

  40. Since I am expecting a new grandson in 6 weeks, I have thought about this. Since i am the only cigar smoker in my family, I’ll give out chocolate cigars and buy some My Fathers for myself. They are delicious cigars and worthy of any celebration!

  41. My daughter was born in October 2008 and a few days after she was born I shared a box of Padron 3000 Maduros with family and friends.

  42. Excellent review Charlie! Don’t enter me in the contest, I already have a box just wanted to comment. The no1 is def one of my favorite cigars. Consistency check flavor check can’t beat em.

    If you get a chance check out the corona version from CI. Heard good things about them

  43. Theres a only a few people who would smoke a cigar once my child is born. The cigar I will hand out is one of the little monsters from the box I bought. My son will more then likely be a little monster so its a fitting name.

  44. I handed out some Montesinos with the birth of my last child. My “cigar smokin” buddies were getting them whether my wife and I had a girl or a boy. It’s a nice, mellow stick that wouldn’t offend anyone.

    Congrats on the birth of your son!

  45. Well, I am not really to that point in life yet. But I have to admit, giving away some Carlos Torano “Exodus” would be great. Great smoke and a subtle pun…

  46. Box of LIGA PRIVADA #9 for my son born 2 yrs ago.
    Expecting new addition (son) in a month … ROOM 101 Conjura…

  47. I was gifted a CAO Bella Vanilla and a Macundo Hyde Park Maduro recently for the birth of my first son. They were a great introduction into the world of cigars. Since then I have been able to smoke a Partagas Serie D No. 4 and a R&J Short Churchill on a recent trip to Sao Paulo. WOW! Giving a box of either of those would be a significant gift for a very significant occasion. But I’m new to cigars so I reserve the right to change my judgement as my experiences grow.

  48. Well I am not a parent but hypothetically speaking I would of course have to go with something mild to make it universal. All things considered then I believe it would be either Montecristo Classics or Macanudo Cafes(love that citrus twang).

  49. I would give a box of CAO La Traviatas. It’s a great cigar and it’s easy for anyone smoke and appreciate. Besides its cheap and I wouldn’t want to waste an Anejo on someone doesn’t understand what they’re doing. The site of a half smoked Anejo would make me cry.

  50. I’d give a box of illusione epernay so when they need the illusion of quietness they just have to go light one up!

  51. Our three were born well before I started smoking cigars. But knowing what I know now about cigars, and that very few people I know smoke cigars, I’d likely get a box of CAO Gold to hand out. They’re mild enough for anyone and yet classy enough that people would want to try them.

    And congrats, Charlie!

  52. I’m not (yet) a parent, but I think i’d give away either Montecristo Whites or Light of Ybor’s, in the hopes that people would actually smoke and enjoy a milder, sweeter stick.

  53. I gave away “Its a Girl” Gran Habano Triples coronas at work. Good cigar for the price, so as to impress non-smoking workers while not breaking the bank on nonsmokers. Famous exclusive, though CI calls them Gran Habano 3 SLS

  54. I’m actually having my first child in less than 3 months and this is something I’ve been trying to figure out. I’m actually thinking of getting a box of My Father Le Bijou Petit Robustos as my “Its a Boy!” cigar. The MF Le Bijou is probably my favorite “old standard” cigar and the Petit Robusto is not only the best vitola for the blend IMO, but also a perfect, relatively quick smoke to enjoy a celebration with friends and family.

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