Romeo y Julieta Museum Edition

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Romeo y Julieta Museum Edition

Welcome to my review of the Romeo y Julieta Museum Edition cigar. This cigar was only made in one size (6×54) and comes in a beautiful humidor that holds 36 tubed cigars.

This will be considered a first impressions because this is only the second one I have smoked.

Beautiful presentation on this cigar. Just take a look at the picture. I would love to have the entire humidor but it is pretty expensive. If you have one, let me know what you think of it in the comments.

Starting off there is a spice scent on the wrapper, a tobacco smell at the foot and both on the cold draw.

Upon lighting there a dominate woody taste with a spicy note in the background. Smoke has a chewy quality to it and there is a good bit of it.

Spice went almost away then came back and gave a nice taste and even the retrohale was pleasant. Very mild smoke at this point.

I was a little disheartened by the major lack of flavor changes in the cigar at this point. My first one was a little more flavorful but still a straight forward smoke.

Getting a bit of leather mixing in with the wood and spice and everything is melding together nicely. Still a very mild smoke.

Ash has been very flaky throughout so I suggest you keep an ashtray handy or else smoke outside.

Very slowly the cigar is creeping to a medium strength with full flavor. Still have the leather, wood and spice with the spice building a bit in intensity.

Into the final third and the cigar has built to the medium range but on the low end. Spice has ramped up to a level 10 at this point. It coats your entire palette and lingers for a long time after releasing the smoke. It is not overbearing to me but it is very noticeable.

Would I buy it again? Yes but only at the lower pricing they are being sold at now. I do not think I would have been happy at all paying $30 for this stick with the lack of something to make it stand out in the flavor department. I tell you in the video where to find these right now, so take a peek if you are interested.

Have you ever had these? Did you have them when they were first released? recently? Let me know in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “Romeo y Julieta Museum Edition

  1. I enjoy Romeo y Julietta occassionally but think they are not complex or strong enough for the price range they are in i would consider them good every day cigars with a lower price

  2. I have two left out of a gift basket that I won at my local shop at least a year ago.I’ll have to burn one to see if it changed.I remember it being very mild.I’ll let you know Mike.

  3. I’ve really only had a couple Romeo y Julietas and have never really been impressed. I always thought of them as a good cigar to give to a new smoker as they are smooth and mild. It’s be great to see them start competing with the full flavor stuff like a My Father, maybe I’ll have to try one of these (if I can find for a decent price that is)… Thanks for the heads up!

  4. I happen to own the 3 different humidors that were offered with this cigar, beautiful humidor. Cigars stand upright but reusable, it also comes with a Fazzino original 3d painting.

    Outstanding cigar

  5. I just got one of these as a gift from some friends. I’m
    going to keep it in my humidor for a while though. It does have a
    beautiful tubo! I smoke Romeo Reserva Real No. 2 as my every day
    smoke and I’m looking forward to smoking this one!

  6. I purchased one of these a month ago at a local B&M and enjoyed it last night. I’m not a fan of RyJ’s offerings usually, but I really enjoyed this. Very easy to smoke, nice taste and an amazing aroma. The cigar really comes to life at the final 1/3. It’s definitely not worth $30, but if you can find it for $10, maybe $12, I’d say give it a try, it’s pretty decent and not like their usual products.

  7. I got 30 of these for my wedding party, deff not worth 30$ each. I have had much better for that price, and this guy doing this video, is a clown and can’t even pronounce the name of the cigar right…. Clown shoes

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