La Aurora 100 Años W. Curtis Draper 125th Anniversary (plus giveaway)

Reviews44 Comments on La Aurora 100 Años W. Curtis Draper 125th Anniversary (plus giveaway)

La Aurora 100 Años W. Curtis Draper 125th Anniversary (plus giveaway)

La Aurora 100 Años W. Curtis Draper 125th Anniversary

First of all, allow me to apologize for dropping the ball last week and not having any content to post. I was up in Maine with very spotty Internet access and didn’t plan ahead. A big “thank you” goes to Jerry who covered for me, and also to Walt who didn’t fire me. I also fudged-up this week when I didn’t have this post ready in time for my normal Tuesday slot, due to back-to-back brutal days at work as soon as I returned from vacation. That, plus prepping for IPCPR, led to this review slipping until today and resulted in a written format rather than my standard video. I’ve been informed by my wonderful colleagues that my punishment will be administered this coming weekend in Orlando.

Also, yes, I am trying to set the record for longest post title in Stogie Review history.

La Aurora 100 Años W. Curtis Draper 125th Anniversary

What I have for you this week is the limited edition release of the La Aurora 100 Años celebrating the 125th Anniversary of W. Curtis Draper Tobacconist. These cigars were launched by Guillermo León himself at Drapers back in April. This version of the 100 Años was rolled back with the original release, so we’re talking about some fairly well-aged tobacco here. Naturally, I picked up a box before they were sold out, which Guillermo was kind enough to autograph.

La Aurora 100 Años W. Curtis Draper 125th Anniversary

La Aurora 100 Años W. Curtis Draper 125th Anniversary by the numbers:
Size: 5×50
Vitola: robusto
Wrapper: Dominican Corojo
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Corojo & Piloto Cubano
Strength: Mild-Medium
Factory: E. León Jimenes Tabacalera in Santiago, Dominican Republic
No. smoked for review: 5
Duration: 60 minutes
Source: purchased by the reviewer
Price: $12.00
Twitter: @LaAuroraCigars

La Aurora 100 Años W. Curtis Draper 125th Anniversary

Looking over the cigars before lighting up, the wrapper was a milk chocolate brown with medium-sized veins and virtually no visible seams. From the wrapper, I picked up a whiff of chocolate and cedar, while the foot presented coffee, chocolate, and earth. The cold draw tended to be a bit on the snug side, with a faint medley of dark flavors.

La Aurora 100 Años W. Curtis Draper 125th Anniversary

The first third tended to be the most enjoyable for me, flavor-wise. I noted a wide variety of interesting, if subtle, flavors blended together. These included graham cracker, cinnamon cookie, cereal & milk, wood, leather, and bread.

La Aurora 100 Años W. Curtis Draper 125th Anniversary

In the second third, the flavors mellowed out even further, with wood coming to the forefront along with a Dominican twang. The burn was decent across all of the cigars, with a reasonably straight (if sometimes thick) burn line. Smoke production was very good and the draw presented few problems. The ash was consistently solid, but very inconsistent in color between sticks, as I saw the full range from very white to very dark.

La Aurora 100 Años W. Curtis Draper 125th Anniversary

Flavors ramped back up slightly in the final third, but not quite reaching the level of the first. The woodsiness was greeted by leather, some creamy caramel, and a hint of baking spice. It was easy to smoke these all down to nubs, and no touch-ups or relights were ever required.

La Aurora 100 Años W. Curtis Draper 125th Anniversary

Overall, I can easily say this was a good cigar, although the flavor profile isn’t exactly my cup of tea. It’s milder than I’d like, and the flavors were more subtle & nuanced, while I prefer big & bold. For me, the best time to smoke the La Aurora 100 Años W. Curtis Draper 125th Anniversary was as my first cigar of the day, in the morning with a cup of coffee. Perhaps all the aging and resting these cigars had seen served to smooth them out to the point that they’re just not in my wheelhouse. And to be fair, it’s rare that I find a Dominican puro that makes me say “Wow!”


In honor of this being my 50th post for the Stogie Review, I’ve decided to celebrate by giving away some cigars to our loyal readers. To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us what’s your favorite cigar that we haven’t yet reviewed. I’ll select one entry at random to receive a two-pack of the La Aurora 100 Años W. Curtis Draper 125th Anniversary plus a third mystery cigar of my choosing. Contest ends August 16, 2012; residents of the US & Canada only; must be 19 or older. Brian Hewitt, his employees, associates, and immediate family members are not eligible to win. Good luck!

Charlie has been enjoying cigars since 2000 and generally prefers a medium-bodied, full-flavored smoke. A USAF vet, he currently works as a data scientist focusing on natural language processing and is pursuing a PhD in computer science in his spare time. Originally from Connecticut and now residing in Northern Virginia, Charlie is also a fan of football, science fiction, political philosophy, and single malt scotch. You can contact Charlie on Twitter @greenbacker.

44 thoughts on “La Aurora 100 Años W. Curtis Draper 125th Anniversary (plus giveaway)

  1. I have not smoked the La Aurora 100 anos made exclusively for W. Curtis Draper, but the original 100 or cien anos is one of my favorite cigars of all time. The Belicoso, and Robusto are some of the finest non Cuban cigars in the world, and they are still aging gracefully. I would love to try this cigar just to see if they come close to the original release(s).

  2. Ill have to go with the Illusion Burn. An exclusive to RP Burn Lounge in Naples. Just a fantastic smoke.

  3. Good review, and thanks for the contest!

    One of my favorite not-yet-reviewed cigars would have to be the box pressed Epernays. The Le Matin, and the newer fat ones. These cigars are excellent, and noticeably different than the original rounds. I’d love to see one or more of them reviewed by someone who likes the round versions, so they can compare the newer ones.

  4. I would have to go with the Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta No. 11, an enjoyable and affordable first of the day smoke. I would vote for the Cremo or maybe the Curivari 1000 series, but I’ve only had one of each so far.

    Great review – hope things will ease up a bit for you soon, and have a great time at IPCPR.

  5. I would like to see a review of the Curivari Reserva Limitada 1000 Series. This is one of my favorites, a true delight to my palate.

  6. First off, Congrats on the 50th, and secondly how have you NOT reviewed the Graycliff 1666? Man I love this smoke, but not the price heh.

    I have recently been introduced to the La Aurora 107 and fell in love with it, would love to try the 100 Anos.

    Great review, thanks for the contest and keep it up..

  7. If you can get your hands on a Viaje Zombie, that would make a good review. Second to that, how about Tatuaje Little Monsters. I guess I’m on a halloween kick today.

  8. Great review. Sounds like a flavor profile I could enjoy. I was recently gifted a Gurkha Beauty. Would like to see a review of this great looking stick before I sample it myself. Have a blast in Orlando!!

  9. Have not seen you guys review the moan o war puro authentico .Excellent smoke!
    Thanks for all the reviews!!!

  10. Thanks for the great website.

    I would like to see you review The Bucanero Treasures of Costa Rica! I’ve always enjoyed these and would love to see what you guys think of them.

  11. I’ll suggest the La Flor Dominicana LG Diaz Oriental. I’m partial to the 2009 vintage, but any year would be fine.

    Great review. Sound like this would be great with a morning cup of coffee, as you said. Unfortunately I’m to far from WCD and will likely never get to find out.

  12. Nice review buddy we all know that life gets in the way sometimes of having a good time. As far as a stick SR hasn’t reviewed.. oh hell …um Devils Weeds… there ya go unless Mike already did that privately

  13. Congrats on the 50th post!

    I guess one of my all time favorites that hasn’t been reviewed here is the original Graycliff Espresso. Even though I don’t smoke them often, it really was one of the first cigars that trained my palate to pick out some of the more subtle complexities in a smoke that a beginner would normally miss.

  14. Tatuaje TAA. The 2011 is very rare now but the 2012 version should be out soon. Have fun in Orlando. By the way, all the other commenters are related to Brian.

  15. The natural Puros Indios Chief! I have one sitting in my humidor and I can’t justify smoking it without having the opinion of someone reliable. Also, it takes half a damn day to smoke. I’ve heard some good thigns abot the maduro, but that’ not what I have.

  16. Table 36 Fellowship. They are a local (St. Louis) group of guys that made their own cigar. I would love for them to get some publicity. Thanks.

  17. I would love to see the Kristoff GC Signature series. It is a personal favorite, of which I just found and bought my first box!

    1. Congrats, Cody! You were randomly selected as our winner. Please check your email for the official notification and instructions for how to claim your prize.

  18. You have worked so hard, just pick an easy one. Have a great time in Orlando, behave yourself,if you can’t, be careful.

  19. I’m a big fan of the Ave Maria label. Medium body with lots of flavors throughout; spices, cedar, graham cracker, caramel, etc. Also, even though it’s a new cigar, I hope you guys do a review on the new Ramon Bueso Genesis Project. Very underrated cigar.

  20. How about showing any of room 101 some video review love…i seen brian write one for san andreas, but how about the fantastic room 101 OSOK…..dying to know your guys’ take. Great contest Charlie

  21. Illusione MK Ultra needs reviewing and I just saw Brian tweet he smoked one so no excuses!!!

    Oh and congrats on 50 posts and I don’t know where you guys find the time to do so many reviews but good job and keep it up!

  22. I’d like to see you review the Cromagnon EMH and/or the Intemperance EC VXIII short perfecto by RomaCraft Tobac. Really enjoy both of these sticks myself.


  23. Charlie, Did you went to the Rockland, Maine lobester Festival? They are the best lobsters and seafood in the country.

  24. A favorite of mine that seems to come in under the radar is the Esteban Carreras 10 Anos. I Came across them at my local B&M and grabbed a couple just on looks. A bit pricey but worth it…very rich esspresso flavor with a hint of sweetness.

  25. After a nice Grass-Fed Beef (Cut:Tenderloin), sipping on some Jameson 18 year old and smoking one of the W.Curtis Draper’s La Aurora 100 Anos 125th Anniversary Robusto. It is a wonderful treat. I might have to see if they have another box or two left.

  26. Congrats on 50!

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen you guys review the Ratzilla so that would be a suggestion I would make, but I’ve also been on a JdN Cabinetta Lancero and Torcido Lancero kick lately. All would serve as good choices for your next review!

  27. Congrats on your 50th posting

    My favorite smoke that you haven’t reviewed yet is the 2011 version of the Padilla Miami 8/11 made at El Titan De Bronze.

    Cleared the shelf as soon as they hit my one B&M, love em.

  28. I have recently come across the My Father Flor de las Antillas. I like it as my first cigar of the day . The finish is sweet and floral, which is great because then I can follow it up with a stronger spicier cigar.

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