Illusione Burn – First Impressions

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Illusione Burn – First Impressions

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Wrapper : Criollo 98
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : was a gift

Hopefully I have a nice treat for you today as I will be reviewing the Illusione Burn in the Toro Grande size (6×56).

This cigar is made for Rocky Patel’s Burn Lounge in Naples Florida. There were only 50 boxes of each of the four vitola’s that were made. I have read some people found this cigar in Dion’s shop in Nevada but I have not verified one way or the other so your best bet on getting these is to call the Burn lounge and nicely ask if they would ship. I honestly do not know if they will or not but it never hurts to give it a try.

Price point starts at a hair under $10 and goes to a hair under $11.


Starting off with the Illusione Burn and there is a nice tangy/spicy scent that emanates from the wrapper, while the foot of the cigar is a little more laid back. Not many veins either.

Taking a cold draw and there is a nice sweet and tangy taste that comes from the cigar.

Lit it up and off we go.

First Third

Starting out the first third of this Illusione Burn and right away there is a nice spice through the retrohale and it hangs around your palette for a while also. I am really only getting a mild woody flavor right off the bat but that may be due to the spice.

I will note, the ash is very flaky starting out. I am a little surprised by that but you can’t always have 3 inch ash.

Smoking down at around the inch mark and coffee has taken over as the flavor of choice. A really rich dark coffee. Very nice.

Burn is a little wonky and the ash is still flaky, if you care about those things.

Strength is a medium so far and the coffee taste has introduced a little sweetness to it, like you would have added a bit of sugar.

Second Third

Heading into the second third of the Illusione Burn and hoping the strength is going to stay about where it is. Still getting nice flavors from it though.

Some of the woody flavor has come back along with the coffee and a bit of a sweet taste. It has really slowed down in the burn department. I think this second third may take an hour to smoke by itself, that’s how slow it has gotten. I do not mind, I love the longer burning times to let me enjoy them that much longer.

Rounding out the second third with the power coming down a little bit and the woody taste becoming more noticeable. Still a coffee taste with a bit of sugar in it but the woody flavor was in the background.

Ash is still very flaky but the burn always catches itself up even if it goes off a bit.

Final Third

Down the final stretch of this Illusione Burn and so far I am really enjoying it.

Power has come back again and I would say it hit the full mark right now.

Bitter coffee is the really powerful flavor at the end.


I have read and heard people saying it was in between the Cruzado and the Epernay but I really don’t think it needs either of those two as it stands on it’s own very well.

Would I buy it again? Yes but I would have to have the extra cash at the time as they are not real inexpensive.

Take a gander at what Jerry had to say about the Illusione Burn in one of his Week In Smoke editions.

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  1. Morning Mike, watching your review while having some coffee and just waking up. That chair always makes me laugh, great way to start the day, hope all is well. Nice job.

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