Montecristo Epic

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Montecristo Epic

Welcome one and all to this review of the Montecristo Epic in the toro size. This cigar is only available at brick and mortar stores and is availble in three sizes, Churchill (7×56), Toro (6×52) and Robusto (5×52). Prices go from $13-$15 MSRP from what I could find.

Wrapper : Ecuadorian Habano
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan and Dominican
Source : Blogger sample sent by Altadis

Now for the nitty gritty.

Really a nice looking stick with a good heft and odor to it. Diving right in there is a definite nutty taste that is very noticeable right up front with a bit of spice and cocoa/chocolate. Starts off mild but builds rapidly to a medium range. Very full flavor.

Still within the first inch the flavor changes to a more earthy note and then a couple puffs later changed to wood with a nice spice.

Flavor has once again changed with the nutty taste coming back to the front along with a salt taste (salted peanuts HAH). We are still in the first 2-3 inches of the cigar. The flavors are impressive so far and with it being in the medium range for body, it is enjoyable.

As we get around the halfway point the cocoa/chocolate flavors come back into play and a leather taste has worked it’s way into the mix also. Chocolate/cocoa is definitely at the forefront of all the other flavors but I am impressed by how easy it is to pick a lot of the smaller flavors out.

Full bodied. Yes, I know, not a happy camper (HAH). I really wish this cigar would have stayed in the medium range but a bit after halfway it ramped up. We don’t always get what we want so we just have to roll with it.

Around an inch to an inch and a half left and I ended this stick with a nutty chocolate taste with a slathering of spice. It was getting a bit strong for me at this point but the flavor profile was so nice, I hated to put it down.

Would I buy it again? Maybe. Make that a Kinda Maybe. Price is an issue with this stick for me, especially since it is not in my comfort range body wise. I do think with the wonderful flavors that it is worth it, if you have the money and if you can find it at your shop. It would also help if you like full bodied sticks.

All in all I smoked all three of the samples sent and enjoyed every one of them until the body ramped up to full. I think it is great that Altadis is branching out the Montecristo name with offering a B&M only stick like this. Hopefully in the future we will see them have something in the $7-$9 range that would be a medium body (hint hint).

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I am just me.

9 thoughts on “Montecristo Epic

  1. Nice reiveiw, Mike! Sounds like it would be an enjoyable smoke, were the price a little more approachable. I had to chuckle at the name, though.

  2. Great review friend! I really enjoyed it! Ill be watching your others 🙂 . I just bought an epic churchill, letting it rest a little then ill give it a try.

  3. The “taste” never really kicks in. Overpriced for what you get. Better off with Olivas g or camacho crriojio and cheaper.

  4. I’m relatively new at this….but I received a box of Montecristo Epics from my son for Christmas. I must say that this has to be one the best smokes I have had to date. I don’t quite understand all the cocoa/chocolate/nut/leather flavors yet, but I’m sure I’ll learn. But until then, this is a damn fine cigar!

  5. Just bought a second box of the Rubusto’s. I have been smoking/collecting cigars for about 17 years now and for my taste this cigar has it all. Full bodied, great construction and nice thick creamy smoke. Against many other premium cigars such as OpusX and Padron it is my opinion this particular cigar has he best balance. Consistent smokes throughout the box is also another notable attribute for these each is as good or better than the one before. I have yet to purchase any other boxes where every cigar is the same. I do agree with everyone’s price point comment but if your only a one or so smoker a month like I it is fairly reasonable. Let me also mention the box is nicely made but very shallow so cannot really use it for storage as I do with all of the empty boxes. Just to throw this comment in the #2 Cuban is awesome however the US version is sub par to even an everyday stick so wait till you can get your hands on a Cuban one. Also got a box of the Bolivar torpedo’s cannot remember exact name while down in DR so they are Cuban and they are fantastic.

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