El Cruzado (Coming Soon)

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El Cruzado (Coming Soon)


Coming soon to a retailer near you the El Cruzado featuring a pre-embargo Cuban wrapper found in perfect condition in the back of a abandoned warehouse in Ohio. Each box comes complete with your own stache just like El Cruzado. Available in 37 sizes including the 4×90 War Pony.

Thanks to Jose Flores Jr. for the box work.


18 thoughts on “El Cruzado (Coming Soon)

  1. ROTFLOL! Best cigar-related post I’ve seen in a long time.

    I hope the “War Pony” is a torpedo, or else nobody will be able to smoke it 🙂

  2. Two questions?
    1. Where can I pre-order a box?
    2. Anyone know an orthodontist who can expand my jaw to accommodate the “War Pony”?

    Fuck yeah, dude!
    You’re even sporting the ‘stache on the band!

    Now make one for Walt, Brian, Mike and Charlie!

    1. I’m on it…

      Walt: 4.5×40 belicoso “Stopping Power”
      Brian: 1×64 parejo “Angry Inch”
      Mike: 6×54 torpedo with a 3-inch shaggy foot “Hippie Hippie Shake”
      Charlie: 4×60 box-pressed perfecto with a pigtail cap “Slam Pig”

  3. Sign me up! Will these be limited editions? I can’t wait to try the Tatuaje War Pony or the Liga Privada War Pony!!!! LMAO! Hilarious post! War Pony! I love it!

  4. Hilarious. Love it how those pre-embargo stashes just keep showing up…but only Thompson cigars has them apparently and they are so cheap to buy…these guys just love passing on the savings.

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