Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

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Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

First week of graduate classes in the books. I mentioned on Facebook that it was a bit intimidating, fast paced and surrounded by those who seem more accomplished. I’m staying positive and hoping I didn’t bite off more than I can chew. Despite work and classes twice a week at night and a study group session in between I still found time to smoke a cigar or ten. I’m hoping that my schedule starts to become predictable and I can get back into the swing of actually doing some videos again. Lots of exciting things happening here at Stogie Review too. A site redesign, maybe a new member of Stogie Review? More on all that in the coming days and weeks ahead.


Ortega Series D Maduro – A few weeks ago the Natural version made an appearance here in Week in Smoke and I dubbed it as an okay cigar that just didn’t fit in my flavor wheel. Now this here Maduro is a completely different story. Its simply phenomenal! It is the truest definition of a flavor bomb. I’ve always been enamored with the Maduro since the first time I smoked one and I’m glad they have been a hit for Eddie who is one of the nicest guys in the industry. Sorry about that Cubao Maduro review I did years ago…but you know I was right! LOL.

Smoking a Royal Challenge by @GurkhaCigars

Gurkha Royal Challenge – The Royal Challenge is a bestseller for Gurkha. I had all kinds of draw issues with my Royal Challenge. The draw started off really stiff and I had to do some work to get things moving. It was short lived. A few puffs after getting it to open it up, the tight draw returned. I really tried to stick with it, seeing if I could locate where the plug was. I even broke out my draw tools all to no avail. We can all disagree on flavors but draw is one of those fundamental things that you have to get right. The only thing challenging for the Royal Challenge was the draw.

Smoking a Brick House Maduro by @jcnewmancigars

Brick House Maduro by JC Newman Cigars – You all know of my love of the natural Brick House. The Brick House holds the record for most appearances in Week in Smoke. The Brick House Maduro was introduced at IPCPR and started hitting shelves last week. Available in only one size, a 6×60 behemoth. Despite not loving the size, I enjoyed the Brick House Maduro. The only thing preventing me from pulling the trigger on purchasing them is that 6×60 size. Like I’ve said many times, I realize I am in the minority in the 6×60 craze. Flavors were good, construction was phenomenal…all around a solid flavorful cigar. I just wish it was available in a robusto size. Maybe next year…

Smoking a @Davidoff_Cigars Golden Band 2012 via @wcurtisdraper

Davidoff Golden Band 2012 – I don’t know the complete story of the Golden Band. I didn’t pay close attention to the press release. What I do know is that John Anderson of W.Curtis Draper was awarded a Golden Band Award from Davidoff for his work to sustain the premium cigar industry and to advance the industry’s agenda in legislation, regulation and the community. I believe there are only 10 shops or so who are carrying the Golden Band. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Smooth, clean, with a familiar Davidoff profile that showed a lot of maturity.


Davidoff White Edition 2012 – No I’m not on the Davidoff payroll although, you have to admit, it wouldn’t be a bad gig to have. Although I’m sure my crocs would not be acceptable footwear. Even with the hefty price tag of the White Edition I can’t help myself. I’m just lucky that there is some separation on the shelf so the White Edition isn’t right next to the Special R. Still one of the most impressive cigars I’ve smoked. Its quickly gaining status and approaching the Colorado Claro as my definition of perfection.

Smoking a @terencereilly82 Oktoberfest

Quesada Oktoberfest – Hearty and stout. I’m talking about the Oktoberfest although the Woodchuck Pumpkin Private Reserve (gluten free) was nice too. The Oktoberfest had a beautiful slow sharp burn that produced a nice amount of lingering smoke. I didn’t try any of the Oktoberfest last year so this was my first experience with the line and I am thoroughly impressed. I totally get why many were singing it’s praise last year and I don’t see that changing this year. In fact, I’ll add my voice to the chorus. Well done…


Cuenca y Blanco – One of the darlings from IPCPR that I’m sure we will see a lot of later in the year when folks start publishing their Top 10 cigars. Fantastic. Copious amounts of flavors. Lots of complexity that really challenges your palate. Jose Blanco was right, the Lonsdale size is really a beautiful cigar to smoke. So many nuances in these classic sizes that you don’t get in the 6×60 format.

Let's go with a Bait Fish to start @jonathandrew1

My Uzi Weighs A Ton Bait Fish – I love this little guy. What a great anytime time of day cigar that can start your day off on the right foot, an afternoon pick me up or a wonderful way to relax after a hard day of work and school. Medium body, great palate penetrating flavors. Like I said, an all around spectacular cigar that I’m sure will quickly become a must have with winter coming for those of us who smoke in the outdoors.


La Dueña by My Father Cigars – La Dueña is one of those cigars that I sampled before they were released and wasn’t enthusiastic about. After they started hitting shelves I gave the Petite Lancero a try (previously I had only sampled the robusto) and any hesitation I had went out the window. Love it! Like I said earlier, there is something simply amazing about smaller ring gauges that shine through and bring a new dimension to a cigar. Such is the case with the La Dueña. I’m a huge fan of La Riqueza and a huge fan of La Casita Criolla so its only natural that I’m impressed with La Dueña. Definitely give the cigar a try in the petite lancero size (if your retailer still has that size left)…you won’t be disappointed.

Smoking a Ten by @ZinoPlatinum

Zino Platinum Ten – Celebrating ten years of Zino Platinum is the Ten. Available in two sizes. This is the Toro but it is also available in a Salomon size. All the artwork and promotional stuff for Ten is pretty impressive and eye catching. The cigar itself is just as impressive with a bold, peppery and sweet flavor profile. Nothing extreme or over the top but just a beautiful balance that works all your senses in harmony making for a truly unique and memorable smoking experience even with its 60 ring gauge. The Ten shines!


16 thoughts on “Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

  1. Jerry, I’m sure you’ll do just fine. As for the classmates who are (or seem to be) more accomplished, it’s not about where you’ve been, but where you’re headed.

    I enjoyed the Bait Fish I had, but I think that I would still prefer the 7-20-4 Dog Walker and Intemperance BAXXI in that approximate size, although I suppose I should try another couple before I write that in stone. 😉

    Another great Week in Smoke!

  2. Very nice week Cruz! So did you find the Brick House Maduro or did they find you? LOL…what is the story of the Bait Fish? Same blend as the My Uzi Weighs a Ton just in a smaller format? I had a La Dueña in the petite belicoso size and couldn’t finish it. I knew I should’ve waited for you to comment on the best size. Will give the petite lancero a shot.

  3. Busy week riding the Davidoff/Zino train huh? LOL…Great stuff. I’m always impressed with your diversity of cigars…I wonder if crocs would be appropriate footwear at any cigar company? LOL

  4. Another great week! I was sick all week, so I’m jealous 🙂

    I’m excited to try the CyB at some point, keep hearing great things. I do have the La Duena PL so I plan to try that one soon. Still haven’t smoked a Davidoff, Ortega, or Octoberfest, need to get on those at some point.

  5. Excellent Week in Smoke Jerry…always insightful and the photography is really setting the bar and making it challenging for some…take care…

    Reinado Cigars

  6. Great reviews like usual.

    In regard to Kevin’s question on the MUWAT BAIT FISH – the blend is def stronger than the 60 ring MUWATS, but is a little less sweet as we moved in more Nicaragua Ligero and a touch less Brazil Mata Fina filler.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to come here and reply to my little ole comment. I wasn’t really expecting an answer. Stogie Review – Where the manufacturers actually respond.

  7. Jerry – great week! good luck on your classes bro. Its a lot of work but worth it!

    The Cuena y Blanco looks and your description sounds amazing! I tried the Bait Fish from NHC. Will these be the same as those just distributed nationally? I heard a rumor that the Viva! size will be expanded outside the Undercrown to all of the Ligas. Any idea if there will be a MUWAT Viva! Its an amazing size!

  8. Oktoberfest mmmmmm…delicious! Great choices this week! Well…except that Gurkha. To be honest though I actually enjoy Week in Smoke than your regular video reviews. Your goal should be to turn Week in Smoke into a video…kind of like Sports Center but cigar themed!

  9. Wow! Awesome lineup of cigars. Why do you even bother with Gurkha though? Their good stuff is few and far between but hey, you get a cool tactical knife with every order. LOL.

    I predict Cigar of The Year on a lot of blogger lists will either be Cuenca y Blanco or Headley Grange.

    You know you are da man when you have two manufacturers commenting on your posts. Don’t be intimidated by those fools in your class.

  10. I agree about the Ortega Serie D. Great blends both the natural and maduro. Someone should make Ortega a better logo though–that band is pretty bad.

  11. Great week it looks like Jerry, I love the Serie D its a great stick I bought a 10ct of the #7 and I can’t put them down. I hear the C&B is just the stick to really come out of the IPCPR show I’m hoping I’ll be able to find them soon. Keep up the great work.

  12. Jerry – So I gave the Brick House Maduro a shot. You are wholeheartedly right. It would be amazing in a robusto size. Nothing wrong with it in its 6×60 size. Decent cigar. But you can totally see the potential of it in a smaller format. Great call Cruz!

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