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And The Empire Grows

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I’d like to take a moment to welcome Ben Lee as the newest member of Team Stogie Review. If you follow cigar blogs, Ben is no stranger to you as he spent the last three plus years blogging and doing cigar reviews over at Nice Tight Ash. We’ve run into each other many times on the show floor of IPCPR, Tweetups and he was instrumental in helping us a few years ago in New Orleans during our Twitter Cocktail Hour (TBOTLCH). Hewitt and I have also traveled with Ben on blogger trips to the Dominican and Nicaragua. I think I’ve traveled more with Ben the past two years than I have with my own family. Needless to say we’ve gotten to know Ben and consider him to be our friend and we are proud that he has chosen to join us and share his love of cigars with our audience.

Look forward to Ben’s first post in the coming days. Just like the rest of us, you can find Ben on Facebook, Twitter or you can just send him an e-mail (ben @


19 thoughts on “And The Empire Grows

  1. Congrats Ben, perhaps you can offer some dignity and class to this organization… Oh wait, you’re a swamp rat. Still…Like I said dignity and class…


  2. Welcome Ben… I have followed you over at NTA and really glad you came over to Join SR. Will you be Joining the Bundle Review team of Mike, Mike, and Mike…. LOL

  3. Great to hear that Ben is joining you guys Jerry. A solid addition to your team for sure. Congrats Ben and well wishes…

    Best Regards,
    Reinado Cigars

  4. Hey Ben, Congrats, I thought you you quiet smoking cigars, have not seen you in awhile. Looking forward to your first review.

  5. What’s going on here? Are you guys putting together a tug-o-war team…or a swimsuit calendar line-up? If the former, congrats…if the latter, AWESOME.

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