Viaje 5th Anniversary Perfecto

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Viaje 5th Anniversary Perfecto

Viaje released a special perfecto cigar this year to commemorate their 5th year anniversary.  This special perfecto comes with an all white embossed band in an all white box with the same artwork as the band painted in white on it.  At first, you would think it was a factory test box or something, but the all white box clearly is not that.  The cigar is a Nicaraguan puro with unknown tobacco as Viaje usually keeps this private.  Coming in at about $14.00 a stick, its not cheap, but what anniversary cigar is?  I sampled a couple after my local shop got these in.  The cigar had great construction and burned really well for a box pressed cigar.  That being said, the flavors to me were decent, but not over the other offerings that Viaje releases.  It had a lighter flavor profile than all the other Viaje lines with sweet hay, wood, nuts and white pepper.  The flavors never changed so its not an overly complex cigar.  I enjoyed the cigar, but for the price, I’d rather have a TNT or C4 as they are more my style.  Check out my video for a full review.
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2 thoughts on “Viaje 5th Anniversary Perfecto

  1. I’ve seen other reviews on this stick and no one seemed too impressed. I mean the packaging was cool which is obviously part of the anniversary price tag, but the stick didn’t live up to the hype apparently.

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