Ben’s Recent Smokes – Inaugural Edition

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Ben’s Recent Smokes – Inaugural Edition

I figured it was about time to have my first week/month in smoke at Stogie Review.  Its kind of a Stogie Review specialty.  Instead of limiting my time frame to either days, week or month, I’m just going to call it my recent smokes because I truly have no idea how far I might go back with these.  In my first edition, I’ve smoked a wide variety of cigars ranging in different strengths and flavor profiles. Some for a first time. Without further ado, here is some of the cigars I’ve been smoking lately.

CAO Concert Roadie

CAO Concert


This year at IPCPR, CAO released the Concert in five sizes named after things you would find on stage at a concert.  This cigar was made by Rick Rodriguez, manager of CAO, to celebrate  CAO’s Nashville heritage.  I missed this one at IPCPR, but luckily found it at a local cigar shop.  The cigar was ok for me.  It did have decent flavors of spice, nuts and a hint of sweetness, but nothing truly memorable.  This is one I’m going to have to try some more of to figure out its place.

Emilio Cigars Quetzal robusto


Emilio Quetzal


Gary Griffith seems to be a man on a mission.  It seems like every few weeks, he’s introducing a new boutique company to the House of Emilio to distribute.  Lost in the shuffle it seems is some of Emilio’s own blends.  One of the new blends that just hit the market is the new Queztal.  For me, this cigar is the best cigar in the Emilio line up.  Big on flavors of coffee, caramel, spice and woodiness, this cigar hit a homerun with me like a steroid popping, coked out centerfielder.  Totally box worthy.  Oh, and before you say, “oh, of course he would say that.  He’s an Emilio rep.”  No, I am not. So zip it.

Espinosa La Zona Connecticut robusto

Espinoza La Zona


Ok, sometimes you just don’t expect to much out of cigar.  A couple of those times, that cigar turns into something that wows the hell out of you and reminds you of being in one of those Doritos Jacked commercials   This is one of those times.  I got this cigar from my buddy Shawn over at Nice Tight Ash as it was his cigar of the year.  I’m glad he shared.  Its a Connecticut   No one really expects anything from Connecticuts.  WRONG.  This cigar, while not a power house by any stretch of the imagination, blew up my palette with flavor.  One of the main flavors I get out of this cigar?  Buttered croissant.  I shit  you not.  Full review coming soon.

La Aurora Fernando Leo Family Reserve robusto

Fernando Leon Family Reserve


A new release for 2012 for La Aurora, the Fernando Leon Family Reserve is tribute to Guillermo Leon’s (La Aurora owner) father.  Its made a huge splash across the cigar blogging world.  I haven’t tried it until now.  When I first smoked it, I didn’t think it was anything special.  Sort of ho hum for me, but as I smoked on, the flavors, which aren’t very complex, started to grown on me.  I really want to try more of these, but I only had this one.  I hoping my local shop orders these soon as I want to devote some more time to it.

La Flor Dominicana Torpedito


LFD Torpedito


La Flor Dominicana released this little power house this year at IPCPR.  Its considered one of their strongest cigars to date and I have to agree.  My only problem is that it might be a little TOO strong.  I got a lot of spice and bitterness out of the cigar.  I didn’t really care for it.  On the other hand, I do think this is one to set down and age for a bit to mellow it out.  I think it might be something special then.  Only time will tell.

Padron Family Reserve 85 Years (maduro)

Padron 85th


Ok, no matter what your views are about Cigar Aficionado and their Top 25 Cigars of the Year list, they nailed this one.  Amazing flavors.  If you’ve had the 80th Maduro and loved it, you’ll love this one.  For me, this is like the 80th, but spicier.  Not only that, but the cocoa note on the 85th is more reminiscent of milk chocolate than dark cocoa like one the 80th.

Drew Estates Papa Fritas

Papa Fritas


These little suckers are awesome.  Made from unused tobaccos of the Liga Privada lines, these little suckers are great for a short smoke but  you want that Liga/Undercrown flavor smackdown.  They are a little expensive, but, hey, its Liga Privada tobaccos to quit yer bitchin.  For me, these are closer to the Undercrown so I like to refer to them at Baby UCs.  No matter what, they are flavorful, smoke great and are perfect for that time you have little time to smoke.  Winner winner chicken dinner, y ‘all.

PS – Thanks to Tristan Eaton for the Dunny prop.

AJ Fernandez Oval robusto

San Lotano Oval


Who doesn’t love these?  Its one of my goes to cigars for when I just need to a full flavored cigar. A staple in my line up.  That’s that.


4 thoughts on “Ben’s Recent Smokes – Inaugural Edition

  1. The problem with the Papa Fritas is that they are just a little good. I’ve damned near smoked out my stash.

  2. I have a feeling I’m turning into a Emilio Fan Boi!!! I love the Los Regalos I think its the tits! Gary is doing some great things right now and I wish him the best of luck. Looks like you had a great week in Smoke for sure.

  3. i couldn’t agree more with you on the buttered croissant on the La Zona. Great conneticut smoke for sure! The Quetzal is one of the most un-noticed Emilio cigars and sould get more attention; one of my favorites Gary has.

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