Tatuaje Apocalypse – First Impressions

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Tatuaje Apocalypse – First Impressions

Tatuaje Apocalypse 002 (600x400)

Wrapper : Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : gifted to me by Todd Kauffman

Welcome to the Apocalypse, the Tatuaje Apocalypse that is. This is a cigar that is exclusive to Smoke Inn and is available in 15 count boxes for $134.25 or a 5-pack for $44.75. It is 5.25×48-52 perfecto and only 1300 boxes were produced. This is the little brother to the original Tatuaje Anarchy which Jerry reviewed.


Starting out the Tatuaje Apocalypse has a great perfecto shape and looks very well constructed with the bun pigtail at the cap. Cigar feels very solid. I totally forgot to do the sniff test but I think you will survive. Clipped the bun pigtail and was met with a very tight draw so I clipped a bit more which opened it up just a little more but not very much. I am hoping it opens up itself once it hits the point in the perfecto shape that the cigar gains girth. Lit up nicely and away we go.

First Half

Starting out this Tatuaje Apocalypse is not giving much smoke to me at all as it is really a super tight draw at this point. Like I said, I hope it opens up. What I can taste gives me some chocolate with a dark coffee and of course, pepper. I am surprised at how little of the pepper I am getting at this point. Half inch into the cigar and it has opened up to give a nice smoke volume and easier draw along with the boatload of pepper that I was expecting at the start. Medium body at this point but massive flavor. Power has definitely moved to the high medium range already with the pepper in the forefront with a black coffee taste a bit of wood and a good chunk of chocolate.

Second Half

Into the second half of this Tatuaje Apocalypse and is getting into the full range right now but not much with the nicotine. Massive amounts of chocolate coming through with the pepper and just a hint of the coffee remaining. I get some wood taste ever once in a while but it is definitely overshadowed by everything else. Pretty quick smoke as it has only been about a half hour so far but I figured it would go fast due to the size. Pepper has died down a quite a bit but the chocolate is very nice in the front with a small smidge of coffee. Power has settled also into a lower full range at this point. Pepper picked up again at the end and dominated the ending of the cigar but the chocolate was still there in the background.


Would I buy it again? yes. It was a really good cigar and the medium to full bodied crowd should be excited to give it a try. It would not be a daily smoker for me but definitely a nice cigar to sit down and enjoy.

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3 thoughts on “Tatuaje Apocalypse – First Impressions

  1. A friend and I just had the first two out of my box last night. I liked it a lot. It tasted fuller to me than the Anarchy, but they are both tasty sticks.

  2. Under your would I buy it again line… you said yes… but you didn’t buy it to begin with! Mike I have heard great thinigs about this stick I would like to try it bu this looks like one I wont be seeing in my Humi anytime soon! Great review.

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