Elogio Habano Crescent City Cigars Exclusivo

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Elogio Habano Crescent City Cigars Exclusivo

Crescent City Cigars has released a special exclusive cigar from Elogio called the Elogio Habano Crescent City Cigars Exclusivo.  If you’ve followed me for very long, whether on Twitter, Facebook or my video reviews, you know about how much I’ve fallen for the Elogio brand.  A very small, exclusive boutique, these cigars are made to exquisite standards for a very reasonable cost.  The Habano and LSV lines average about $10 per cigar.  The person that gets credit for introducing me to Elogio is Armando Ortiz of Crescent City Cigars.  He’s been a good friend to me and his shop is where I bought my first cigar.  It wasn’t much of a surprise to me to see that he partnered up with Elogio for his exclusive house cigar.  He is the only retailer in the state of Louisiana and the retailer with the largest sales of the brand in the US.  The Habano, which is what the exclusive cigar is based one, is my favorite of the blend.  What’s different is the special size of this cigar:  6 x 48.  I was curious as to what the larger size would do to the blend as I smoke the Gran Corona and Petit Corona.  I was right to expect a change.  It was a subtle change, but the sweetness was different and there seemed to be a more dominant spice note.  In short, I’ve pre-ordered a box.  The release date is February 2.  You can call Armando and order some at Crescent City Cigars at 504-522-4427 or at www.cccigarshop.com.   Price will be $10.90 per cigar.  Watch the video for a more detailed review.


4 thoughts on “Elogio Habano Crescent City Cigars Exclusivo

  1. This is a pretty darn good smoke! I lke the ample amount of spice as well, its not a spice bomb, but it has a nice spice that compliments the creamy and woody flavors. I can’t decide wether I like the PCs or this one, but either way, a mighty fine smoke!
    Good review Ben, keep up the great work.

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