BSB No 1 by Bernie Parent

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BSB No 1 by Bernie Parent

BSB No 1 001 (600x400)

Wrapper : Ecuadorian Habano
Binder : Unknown
Filler : Unknown
Source : Bought at Genuine Tobacco for $6.12

Welcome to this weeks review of the BSB No. 1 from Bernie Parent by Rocky Patel Cigars. This cigar’s namesake was an awesome goalie from the best NHL team around, the Flyers. Two Stanley Cup’s back to back, what more needs to be said. Nish created this cigar with Bernie and you can find the shops listed here if you would like to purchase any (Famous Smoke Shop is not on that list from what I can see but they do list boxes available). This is available in one size, a 4×54 box pressed petite toro (54 ring gauge is closer to toro than robusto in my eyes so I created a new size, sue me) and is limited to 500 boxes and the Delaware Valley at this point in time.


Starting out the BSB No. 1 and I get hit with some pepper, wood and a doughy taste while the retrohale gives a very pleasant pepper sensation. Like I said in the video, this will be a quick smoke so I am going to do the writeup as a whole rather than breaking it apart. About an inch in already and it is a low full in body for me with a nice amount of pepper and wood mixing with a chocolaty dough taste. Let’s call it chocolate chip cookie dough. Down about an inch and a half and the burn has gotten real wonky. burn has not been perfectly straight on any I smoked but this one is the furthest it freaked out, of course, the one for review. Ash is still holding on strong.

Halfway point and the burn has already corrected itself with the ash still holding on. I have to admit I am babying it at this point to see how long it will hang tough. Flavors are still the up front pepper with the woody and chocolate chip cookie dough. Personally it is still a low full body for me but it does seem to be mellowing out ever so slightly. Ash just fell off almost right at the band. Has gone back to a definite full body and the pepper has dropped off a bit while the chocolate chip cookie dough has come to the front. Wood is still noticeable also. Finishing out the pepper started to come back but the chocolate chip cookie dough stayed dominate with the woody taste almost disappearing.


Would I buy it again? YES! I am hoping I have the funds next time I get to the shop to buy a box, if they have any left. I wish the price point was a bit lower due to the size and how fast this smokes but with it being associated with Bernie Parent it could go for a lot more.

I forgot to turn the wireless lavelier mic on for the first segment *sigh*. Was a good one about the Flyers ruling over everything too. I am a rookie please do not bash me too hard.

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  1. Im going out there this morning and looking forward to trying these even know i dont usually like RP cigars!!

    Thanks Mike great review


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