Swisher E-Cigar

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Swisher E-Cigar

Swisher 001 (600x400)

Wrapper : Plastic
Binder : Batteries
Filler : Some liquid stuff
Source : Free sample through BzzAgent

Welcome one and all to the wonderful world of Mike. On today’s show we have for you a free sample I got from being a BzzAgent called the Swisher E-Cigar. Yes, that Swisher. I know most of you have started calling the men in the white coats for me but with new technology comes some interesting things. This is really not one of them.

If you ever wondered how a Swisher E-Cigar compared to a regular Swisher Sweet, well my friends, I have you covered. Would you like to know if your local store would let you smoke one inside of it, I have a few responses for you. I will let the video fill in the gaps on this one.

I do want to ask if anyone has experience with any other e-cigars or with any laws regarding the use in establishments, please let a comment. I found it very interesting that most companies have no policy regarding the electronic smoking devices and am even more curious how the law would react if a business kicked you out for using one.

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I am just me.

11 thoughts on “Swisher E-Cigar

  1. Mike ,Great review buddy! A swisher E and a swisher sweet in one review ……..Outstanding!!
    I guess everyone deserves a fair shake!! Kudos to you !!I always appreciate your reviews here .
    P.S. I still want your`e paper towel holder!!!

  2. Hey mike, I have a cuecig ecigar and it tastes like a premuim cigar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’ts 23.72 and comes with a charger , liqud ,and ten high level catridges so maybe you can reveiw it and tell everybody what you thimk !/1
    I’ts avalible at cuecigs .com

  3. Hey Mike, that was a nice review. You are the second cigar smoker I have seen reviewing an e-product. Reddit Reviews did the same on the Katana Kit. I smoke cigars and that is not going to change for me, but I have purchased a couple of disposable e-products. I travel alot for work in rental cars and they have the “no smoking policy” in effect. I usually carry a few cigars with me, but I also carry the e-cig to puff on when I am in the rental car and I want to feel like I am smoking. I guess it is my way of defying the laws that have been placed. The e-cigs leave no smell and I can smoke in the rental all I want. To me it will not replace a real cigar, but I can see where they can be useful.

  4. C’mon, I thought this was a cigar review website. None of the Swisher products qualify. Review real ones or don’t submit a review. PLEASE

  5. Mike,

    Good job! Sure, in my opinion Swisher stuff is pure garbage, yet thousands of people smoke em. I guess the cigar biz isn’t all about ME. I realize the snobbiest of cigar snobs will forever hate on you for this review, which earns you extra respect in my book. Now please head to Walgreens, and pick up a fiver of Blenders Gold. It would be cool of you to review em. You’d be surprised at how many hits you’ll get from Google searches over time. As you know, not everyone can afford “Premium” cigars, and it’s good to see SR reviewing everything that is cigars, good and bad.

    1. Thank you Tom. Yes, it did suck pretty bad from a cigar smoking stand point.

      There are more and more of these electronic ones coming out and some people might want to know how they taste/work so they might invest in some for during times they cant puff on a real cigar.

      Haters hate, snobs are always going to be snobs but I will never turn my nose up at a cigar product until I tried it. Well maybe turn my nose up but I would still try it given the opportunity.

      If I ever make it to Florida we will have to enjoy some Swisher Sweets together. LOL

  6. Now that this is off the front page I’ll chime in…LOL…I’ll admit, I had a WTF moment. After awhile, the old saying that it takes all kinds to make the world go round made sense…and is true for Stogie Review. Part of our success is our diversity and eclectic nature.

  7. E-Cigs are all the rage these days. Still not sure where I stand with them? The shop I work at sells more ecigs then Cigars and it actually hurts to say that. Either way I love my cigars and nothing will replace them! Fun change of pace for this review though!

  8. Went to a bar in San Deigo and I asked if I could smoke an e-cig inside and was told no. The reason that was given made sense: if you smoke it, the normal smoker well want to smoke inside too. Some cities in California have outlawed e-cigs just like cigarettes and cigars.

  9. Call me old-fashioned, but I’d rather go bareback. Making a Swisher e-cigar is like putting a pig in a prom dress.

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