Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

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Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

I recently added a 10×10 E-Z UP Sierra II canopy which does a better job protecting me from summer thunder storms than any patio umbrella I’ve ever owned. Along with the canopy I’ve spent the past week catching up James Bond movies. Believe it or not, I had never seen any of them. I have some vague recollection of watching “A View to A Kill” with my brothers at the base theatre. I was 7 or 8 years old and I think it was one of those situations where the only way my parents would let my brothers go is if they took me with them. I’m sure it was ideal for my teenage brothers to bring along their annoying little brother. I probably said I wanted to go just for the Fun Dip. I’ve watched the first six Bond films so far. Two of the last three, “Thunderball” and “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” were almost unbearable to watch. Hopefully these older ones pick up again.

Now onto the cigars…

A little Chapter 2 Casa Miranda for the evening @mccbarry @miamicigarco #smokeouthunger

Casa Miranda Chapter 2 – A subtle, balanced sweet and spicy combination of notes adorn the Casa Miranda Chapter 2 with the occasional soft woody note. Burned like a champ. The 4.5×50 robusto made for a short experience but every puff was enjoyed.

Mixing it up...a @padillacigars Burberry Habano from 2009.

Padilla Burberry Habano Perfecto – An interesting smoke that I probably had sitting in the humidor too long. I remember when I first smoked these back in 2009 they were a bit more explosive. More substance than flash. Still enjoyable with a fruity type sweetness. Construction was spot on as the Burberry burned razor straight. Prime example though of how some cigars are better without age.

A @tatuajeinc Little Boris while the food cooks for my day's 74th birthday.

Tatuaje Little Boris – Just enough pepper and spice without going overboard. Perfect medium in body with a balanced, smooth, full flavor profile. Lots of rich natural tobacco flavor with a slight sweetness that tempers the pepper early on. Throw in a sprinkling of creamy and nutty notes makes for a winner of a cigar. Still a WOW cigar.

Giving this BLOC by dissident a try and listening to @bradmeltzer #cigars #audiobooks

BLOC by dissident cigars – Wow! I come across a lot of cigars. Most are pretty good, others okay…it is extremely rare that I come across a cigar that is great! I mean, eyes bulging out of your head greatness! BLOC by dissident cigars is one of those eyes bulging out of your head greatness. Information is sparse on BLOC and Soapbox (another of their lines). For me, BLOC hit on all cylinders and I’ve been clamoring for more since.

On deck is a @custom_ash blend.

Custom Ash House Blend – If you remember my Three Accessories pre-christmas post then the name Custom Ash isn’t new to you. But what maybe new (as it was for me) is that they have their own Custom Ash House Blend. Woodsy and creamy notes galore with a solid medium body profile. Lots of clean white smoke that gave off a pleasant sweet aroma. I don’t know any details but it was enjoyable. Seemed to be a very versatile, any time of day cigar.

A little San Lotano Oval action.

San Lotano Oval – It had been some time since I smoked anything AJ Fernandez and since we didn’t get a chance to speak with him at IPCPR like we have in the past I figured I’d do my own catching up and enjoy the San Lotano Oval Corona. Woodsy and earthy with a slight creamy note and spattering of spiciness. What more can I say that hasn’t been said? The Oval is a favorite amongst many and for good reason, it never disappoints.

A little retired @padillacigars action again tonight. #cigars

Padilla 1932 Signature – Classic Padilla when they were being made by Pepin. While the above Padilla Burberry Habano didn’t age well, the Padilla 1932 Signature aged beautifully. Lots of great spicy notes, penetrating woodsiness with a slow burn that extends the experience and an even kick. A mild sweetness can be found toward the end to let you down gently. Classic cigar here folks!

Stumbled across a Bolivar Cofradia (non-Cuban).

Bolivar Cofradia – Stumbled across this Bolivar Cofradia (non-Cuban) while I was looking for an ISOM to replace an ISOM I took out of a Cigar Pass that reached my door. These Bolivar Cofradia were (and still are I think) only sold through JR Cigars. Probably purchased 6-7 years ago in the early stages of Stogie Review when I would spend my lunch time at JR Cigars in DC. Even better than what I remembered. Endless amount of creamy woodiness. Almost no strength to it but just a full onslaught of creamy woodiness. Burned evenly and steadily throughout. It was definitely a nice surprise. Maybe worth picking up a box and storing away.

Let's give this Abaddou Criollo a shot. Made by @chiefhava exclusively for Blue Havana in Chicago. @schedel

Abaddon – I had no idea what Abaddon means until I did what everyone does, I turned to Wikipedia. Depending on how you interpret it, it could either mean a place where the dead go or some demon. All I know is long time reader Schedel needs handwriting lessons. I thought the label said Abbadou which then conjured up images of Fred Flintstone saying his iconic “Yabba Dabba Doo” phrase. Whatever it means or however you say it, it is simply, tits! Okay, maybe not as good but if you can’t get your hands on the real thing, Abaddon is it. Plus you don’t have to cuddle with Abaddon afterwards. You could, but that be awkward. Really unique sweet and spicy notes almost like a thick gritty syrupy chipotle flavor with a little bit of zing on the finish. Meaty! Medium-Full in body and the closed foot is a nice touch. Made by RoMa Craft Tobac for Blue Havana in Chicago is limited to 40 boxes in the first run available later this August or September with a $8.15 price tag. I see greatness on the horizon for Abaddon.

Long day...lets try this Ouroboros another @chiefhava creation exclusively for Blue Havana Chicago @schedel

Ouroboros – Yeah you got me here to. Ouroboros, according to Wikipedia is considered to be the first living thing in the universe. I’m lazy so I’m paraphrasing of course. Ouroboros is another RoMa Craft Tobac production for Blue Havana in Chicago with the same August/September release date. First run is also limited to 40 boxes priced at $8.50 a cigar. Ouroboros has an impressive dark silky cocoa sweetness to it kind of like you get if you ever tried a 85% cocoa bar. Just like it takes time for that cocoa bar to melt it your mouth, the Ouroboros takes time to open up to develop and deliver that rich silky smoothness. Abaddon was more dynamic and lively and will do well with the ADHD crowd, Ouroboros will be perfect for the quiet moments alone on the deck when you have all the time in the world.


5 thoughts on “Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

  1. Great week in review.

    I’m interested in the Blue Havana smokes, but their web site doesn’t seem to take online orders. Do you know of any way to purchase the two smokes you reviewed? P.S., I’ve been enjoying the RoMa Crafts (Intermperance, Crogagnon, etc.) a lot recently.

  2. Jerry. Awesome. Thanks for the super-kind words about Abaddon and Ouroboros. Another great week, and great company to be in.

    BENNETT – Looks like we are looking at a mid-September release for both the Abaddon and Ouroboros. As for our website and online/phone orders. Illinois laws and taxes are completely asinine, and we are working on getting something going for when the cigars come in. As soon as that option is available we will let people know via the website, twitter, and facebook.

    Jerry, thanks again, your torpedo truly is great. And ps, my handwriting is fine. Fuck you. Learn to read. 😉

  3. I have been patiently waiting for the release of Dissident
    Cigars’ Soap Box Cigars, for quite a while. They did not
    disappoint. Not in the least, actually. What I did not expect,
    however, was the Bloc. I don’t pretend to be enough of an
    “aficionado” to wax poetic about the subtle nuances and oaky tones,
    blah, blah, blah, that others might be able to. What I CAN say,
    however, is I’ve been fortunate enough to smoke quite a few cigars
    with fancy labels and high price tags. The Dissident Bloc bears
    neither, while easily surpassing quite a few offerings from brands
    that do. Simply put, the Dissident Bloc is an incredible smoke with
    fun and creative packaging, for a decent price. And, though it
    remains to be seen if the industry will support creative thought
    and years of patient development over the vanity and unoriginality
    of the status quo style I see so often, I for one, am a
    Dissident… and proud to be.

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