King of Kings

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King of Kings

King of Kings 001 (600x392)

Wrapper : Nicaraguan Habano
Binder : Nicaraguan Habano Criollo
Filler : Some secret herbs and spices
Source : Sample sent from Manufacturer

Welcome to this weeks review of the King of Kings cigar by Kings Cigars. This is available in only one size, Cuadrado (6×64) and it is a soft pressed cigar. For big brother who is probably watching me I will say, this was a sample sent from the manufacturer.


Looking at he King of Kings cigar and it just portrays boldness. Really a hefty cigar with a colorful, beefy band. Scent from the wrapper is slight barnyard, foot gives a chocolatey smell and the cold draw gives a dry cocoa taste. I used the Xikar VX cutter and cut it width-wise (see video) to preserve the cap with it being a soft pressed and the cap was not attached at one part. Lit up easily and away we go.

First Third

Blasting right into this King of Kings cigar with a woody spice taste. It seems to be on the dryer side right here at the beginning. Hitting about an inch in and it seems to be smoothing out a bit but the spice has gotten a little sharper. A little vegetal taste is coming into play and a small bit of sweetness.

Second Third

Heading into the second third of this King of Kings cigar with a solid woody taste, sharp spice (zing if you will) and just a small amount of a sweet vegetal taste in the background. Picking up a little bit into a solid medium with a little more of the sweet vegetal taste coming into play. Power is picking up a little bit into a high medium but nothing overpowering as of yet. Flavors are staying consistent.

Final Third

Heading into the final third of the King of Kings cigar with a solid flavor profile so far consisting of wood, spice and a sweet vegetal taste. Power is picking up into the full range but again, It is close to noon and the other one I smoked towards the evening which seemed to stay in the medium range, possibly low full. Time of day really has an effect on the potency of a cigar for me. Might be due to having at least six meals before the evening cigar. Consistent till the end.


Would I buy it again? Yes. I would keep some of these around for a nice evening smoke because I love the size and the consistency of the flavors makes it a cigar you don’t have to concentrate on to enjoy.

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