A. Flores Gran Reserva Half Corona

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A. Flores Gran Reserva Half Corona

AFloresGranReserva 001 (600x400)

Wrapper : Dominican Corojo 2006
Binder : Dominican
Filler : Nicaraguan Habano, Dominican Corojo
Source : Sample sent to me


Welcome to this weeks First Impressions/Short Ashes review of the A. Flores Gran Reserva in the Half Corona (3 1/2×46) size. I ran late getting to this weeks review so the video will do most of the talking for me while I will do a short and sweet writeup for the videophobes.

This A. Flores Gran Reserva gives off a massive amount of spice right off the bat with a hint of a leather taste.

Cigar stayed pretty consistent with the spice up front and a bit of leather in the background. I got a subtle sweet citrus for about two puffs but then it disappeared. Tons of smoke from this little guy with full flavor and a tiny bit of the nicotine hit. Not much but I can feel it a little (remember I am a wuss)

Smoking this A. Flores Gran Reserva in the Half Corona size would be great for a short car ride, lunch break or a quick anytime smoke.


Would I buy it again? Yes. I have really started liking these short little smokes for a quick ride to the grocery store or even the cigar shop as I don’t have to relight it after sitting in my car for hours, it is already done. Be warned a bit about the spice and know going in it is a little smack in the face to say hello stick.

I will say I wish the price was a bit better as pushing the $5+ mark for such a short smoke makes it hit the full sized cigar price point for some good smokes out there. Just remember, I am a cheap bastard so your opinion may vary.

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