Tarazona Revolution 305

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Tarazona Revolution 305

Tarazona Revolution 305 001 (600x400)

Wrapper : Ecuadorian Maduro
Binder : Ecuadorian Habano
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : Got in pack from Delaware Cigar Festival for ticket purchase


Welcome to another little writeup for a short smoke, first impressions cigar review. This week it is the Tarazona Revolution 305 that is in the crosshairs. This cigar is available in 5 sizes but the one I have for the review is the No. 18 (4.5×42) which would work great in a tin also. I do not know how these come packaged nor the MSRP right now. I dm’d them on twitter about 10 minutes before I started the review so it is not their fault for not getting me info. I am going to guess that these would come in a box of 50 and maybe even a tin of four or five and at a price point around $4-$5. We shall see if I am even in the ballpark when I do get information from them.

I was wrong all around! 20 count boxes with a MSRP of $5.95. Bit higher price than I would like to see for this size but still worth it. Box pricing will bring it down close to the $5 anyway.

Heading right into the cigar with a sweet citrus taste up front and a nuttiness that turns the smoke creamy. There is a spice component to it also which is more noticeable on the retrohale, like normal. Surprised a little bit that the strength is not higher as it is a low medium to start with full flavor.

About halfway into the cigar and a bitter taste has come into play and turned the nutty taste more leathery while the citrus taste is still there but has lost a little of the sweetness attributed to it in the beginning. Strength has picked up into a solid medium and seems like it is going to keep heading up. We shall see.

At the end of this Tarazona Revolution 305 No. 18 and the spice is a lot stronger through the nasal cavity than it was in the beginning with the flavors staying with the leather, citrus, bitter taste and spice. Strength would be a high medium to low full for me with full flavors.


Would I buy it again? Yes. I have really been diggin these small cigars for car trips and such here of late and with most of the price points being in a reasonable area, it makes sense to have a bunch of these sitting around as you never know when a short 30-45 minute smoke will be the perfect thing for you.

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4 thoughts on “Tarazona Revolution 305

  1. I like the Papas Fritas when it comes to smaller cigars. But in all honesty, due to me being a beast of habit, when I smoke I always set an allotted amount of time to get through a regular-sized smoke. There are a few instances where I do smoke a smaller cigar, i.e. herfs. Like if someone gives me one to try, etc. Nonetheless, solid review, Mike!

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