E Stunner by EP Carrillo

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E Stunner by EP Carrillo

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To put it plainly, things have been crazy busy for me over the past several months. With my daughter getting older, she has hit that age where she rarely naps and spends the vast majority of her day running and playing. This leaves little time for Daddy to slip in a cigar while Mommy works and goes to school.

Even with things being as busy as they have, there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not working on something for Stogie Review. Be it fixing little gremlins that pop up in the site or answering email. Even so, I missed the good old days of kicking back and recording a video review.

I had to get creative but I was able to record a review of the E Stunner by EP Carrillo, while my daughter ran around in the yard. I had to bribe her to be quiet but it all worked out in the end. This particular cigar was sent to me by EP Carrillo a little while back as a Blogger Sample and was my third and final sample.

If you would like to learn a little more about the cigar makeup, which is missing in my little down and dirty review, you can check out our IPCPR 2013 Coverage with Ernesto Perez Carrillo. In addition to the interview, you should check out Jerry riding the Mechanical Bull in the EP Carrillo booth prior to the interview.

Take a second and use the comments section below an tell us what you think of the E Stunner by EP Carrillo. Is it a smash hit or did it not hit the mark?

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13 thoughts on “E Stunner by EP Carrillo

  1. i got a box of te smallest size and i have to agree with you on everything! but i keep going back to it, i don’t know if it is the short smoke because of the size, but i like it! and im not really a full bodied kind of smoker. the first one i smoked made me alittle woozy, but i got used to it after a few sticks. i might try the other sizes as well.

    1. Tosh,
      This is one of those cigars that I could see growing on me after a while but I don’t think it would ever become one that I would reach for on a regular basis.

    1. Tosh,
      I think this one had a bit more punch than the JdN. I don’t smoke the regular Cain line (Don’t like it at all) but do enjoy the Cain F. Between the two, I think the E Stunner edges out the Cain F in terms of power.

  2. I didn’t notice any amount of substantial power while smoking this. It started out nice & flavorful but totally lost it’s stride in the final third & was boring. Could need more time in the humidor. I wasn’t impressed, and I love EPC.

    1. Matt,
      Like you, I love EPC Product. I was pretty excited to try the E Stunner but I think it lacked the nuance that I like in the other lines. The first two I smoked were definitely more powerful than the third (and got kind of dull rather quickly). This last one rounded out nicely and I’d be curious how these smoke after a few months in the humidor.

      I’d much rather smoke a Cardinal Maduro (I love those things) over the E Stunner.

  3. Walt great to see you back in front of the Video camera. You are looking like you have lost a good deal of weight buddy. I love the EPC lines but I don’t see me searching these out I’m much more of a flavor guy then a Power guy I’m no (Mikey) but I also don’t need to get lightheaded from a smoke! Great job buddy


    1. Corey,
      I’m down about 35 pounds, thanks for noticing.

      This is one of those cigars that could catch you off guard and make you a little woozy. You’d be fine smoking it in the evening with a drink though.

  4. Just watched your review of the Four Kicks and I guess it’s kind of happenstance to see your response here haha. Cardinal Maduro in the 5.5×56 vitola is probably my favorite of what he has to offer. Looking forward to the 2013 LE. And just had my very first Four Kicks last Sunday in the Lonsdale (it was like 6.5×44 I think?), really enjoyable smoke. Just need to get my hands on a JD Howard now, I heard those are great!

    Best wishes,

  5. You guys got it slightly wrong……the comparison you are
    looking for is the Liga Privada “Dirty little Rat” I am smoking the
    Stunner now and immediately said…It is on that same scale. A
    little firecracker powerhouse for those that like a quick spicy
    smoke that makes you say wow……WOW..I’m going back to my brick
    and mortar cigar shop again tomorrow and buy a handful of these. At
    $6.00 Retail vs the $15.00 Liga ….I will smoke all of these I can
    get my hands on. Full bodied smokers…this one is for you

  6. I think your review was right on the money. I have been a long-term fan of EPC and received a single E-Stunner Siboney as a promo pack. After a workout, I decided to light it up and mellow out for a bit. I was totally surprised by the power of the cigar, it definitely is not a mellow cigar. This is a cigar you fire up prior to a night out on the town not chilling on your back porch.

    I wish I would have watched your review prior to smoking it, I would have waited ’til I had a night out planned.

  7. After 3 years my B&M finally started carrying this. I had one and had no complaints; I’m a nicotine wuss, but I don’t recall feeling any overpowering effects. Has this been re-blended recently?

    The reason I ask is that I found it quite enjoyable, but this is a cigar Halfwheel gave 70 rating – they actually took offense at it!

    And I enjoyed it and will try another tomorrow. And it was far from overpowering, but sometimes a stick will just breeze right by me, while other times it will KMA. ? I don’t know if it’s biorhythms or what. Have you experienced that?

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