Tatuaje Jason – Group First Impressions

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Tatuaje Jason – Group First Impressions

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Welcome to my first video in a while. I know, some of you are rejoicing and others are yelling at the computer asking why I had to come back. After the water leaks, ceiling falling down, roof repairs, etc etc, I am back with a little something different. I got a text from my local shop (Genuine Tobacco) that said they got the new Tatuaje Jason in. I was stoked! After texting some of the guys and finding out they were going to be there also we figured why not sit down and do a joint first impressions of this hard to find stick and share it with the world, so we did.

By all means this is not a full in-depth review but a good first look at the cigar and an opportunity to try something different for a change rather than just having my ugly mug up on your screen, I added three more for your enjoyment.

Very big thank you to Todd, John and Rick for joining me in this experiment. Hopefully we can do more of these and maybe have others join in also (Dave, I am talking to you, Mr camera shy). Let me know what you think of this idea in the comments and if you would like to see more reviews in a group like this or not.

For all the readers out there, to sum it up the cigar was very good with a nice sweet cocoa and spice. I did not delve into the different base flavors and how it changed as it was a first impressions and we were just smoking and enjoying ourselves while Todd pondered moving to Hollywood to embark on a new career.

Would I buy it again? Hell yes! I would have to smoke more and also get some more of the Face but one of those two are my favorite and I am leaning towards the Jason at this point. Grab them quick as my local sold all he had plus more promised before I left the shop that evening! The Tatuaje Jason lives up to the monster reputation and more.

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I am just me.

15 thoughts on “Tatuaje Jason – Group First Impressions

  1. I smoked a Jason and although I am not one who usually buys Tatuajes, the Jason was one of the best cigars I smoked this year.

    Only probelm is at 7 1/2 inches long, this is a long smoke. If I am at the B&M Lounge for Movie Night or there with a group of friends, it is a perfect cigar. 2 1/2 hour smoke.

  2. If this was any other review I wouldn’t have watched the whole thing. Sorry Stogie Review, not a fan of this format and will be skipping any future ‘group first impressions’.

  3. Sorry Pete, its over price and Its the worst Halloween Cigar of them all. I got a box 10 cigars to prove it. I like the cigars size but Its missing the Tajuate favors.

  4. Meh…if you are gonna do reviews like this in a group, at
    least have people who aren’t camera shy. Nice idea…poor
    execution. For me the JV13 was solid. An investment in time but all
    good things are.

  5. Haven’t seen your reviews in a while will you be doing any
    more soon. I find em entertaing as well as informative and answers
    most of my questions.

  6. Those guys not only made that review what is was “astonishing” but I love group reviews and will be watching ALL group reviews from here on out.

  7. Well done Mikey and guys! Great review… I like this format. This way I don’t have to just see your ugly mug!

  8. Just bought a box of 10, so I hope, they’re as good as you say – but usually, we have similar taste in cigars, so I took the chance with a box, since it was only 10 😉

    Interesting experiment with this review – if you could get the other three to participate a bit more, i think it would be really great once in a while to do these – but that would of course mean, that you should talk less 😀

  9. Hey guys enjoyed the review. I was able to get myself a box. I smoked one last night and I’m glad I bought it (non-dress box of 10) . I got the cocoa and spice and as stated in the video it was cool burn all the way down to the nub. Long burn time , although I do tend to puff slowly. Thanks for the vid.

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