Henry Clay

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Henry Clay

Henry Clay Breva to start the night. #oldisnew

‘Whats old is new’ has been a phrase I have been using a lot lately. I’ve been doing my fair share of revisiting some of the cigars that we smoked back in the early days of Stogie Review. The cigar smoker today is a different creature from a cigar smoker from 2006. Back in 2006 the whole 6×60 ring gauge was in it’s infancy and The Nub size was all the rage. With all the recent turmoil in Washington DC with the government shutdown I thought it would be fitting to review the cigar named after a man who was known as “The Great Compromiser”, Henry Clay. Made by Altadis (a division of Imperial Tobacco), the Henry Clay is a throwback cigar I remember smoking a lot in the early days when my lunch hour was spent at a nearby JR Cigars location.

Video runs under 9 minutes. So how does the Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapped Henry Clay fair for me today? Despite a minor annoyance in a snug draw, I found the Henry Clay to be an overall enjoyable experience. While not filled with ‘wow’ factors that have you on the edge of your seat, the Henry Class gave a solid performance. Predominate sharp cedar woodsy notes, sweet dark natural tobacco flavors with the occasional spice note entering the mix of this medium bodied cigar. The Henry Clay burned beautifully and the smoke had an exquisite sweet floral aroma to it. Taking all things into consideration (price, flavor, construction and availability) the Henry Clay makes for a solid choice as an inexpensive everyday cigar.

It would be educational for me if you would take a moment and answer the question I pose in the video:

What cigar released in the last 2-3 years has the most staying power?


25 thoughts on “Henry Clay

  1. Great review! I love my Henry Clay’s, just ordered another
    one today, it’s my go-to stick when I don’t know what to smoke and
    I hope it stays that way. As far as your question is concerned,
    I’ll stick with the Crowned Heads and say the JD Howard will be
    around a while. The aroma off that stogie is sweet.

  2. Nice review Jerry. I can honestly say that this was before my time. I will have give them a try.

    To answer your question, I’d say Tatuaje Fausto

  3. Although released a good bit beyond 2-3 years, the Punch original line has always had a spot in my humidor. Happy Birthday Jerry.

  4. Damn, I can’t believe I’ve never had a Henry Clay in all these years. I definitely will get around to it!

    As to your question, there are so many I haven’t tried or been able to try, but my (tentative) vote goes to the CyB Lonsdale Club.

    I really enjoyed this clip. Thanks bro!

  5. Great to see you back in action Jerry!! And the AVO Heritage Toro is a staple in my humidor and don’t see it going anywhere!

  6. Nice review bro haven’t tried that one yet but I’m definatly going to. As per your question my vote goes to the CAO MX2 may be more than 2 years but I think it’ll stand the test of time.

  7. Looks like you had a very humbling experience! Lol. I have never had a Henry Clay before but sounds like a solid smoke. I had a Punch (Honduran) After Dinner (like 7.25×45) I purchased from a local shop, the thing had to have a substantial amount of age on it since the cello was yellow. Amazing smoke. I’m sure the age helped it but smokes like these can still be really enjoyable. Great review, Jerry!

  8. Jerry, maybe I missed it, but was the Henry Clay you smoked a recent purchased or had it been in your humidor for 8 years? I remember when the Henry’s used be be all kinds of crazy shapes from being tied in a bundle and crammed in the box wet. They always were solid broadleaf smokes!

    1. Craig – Both. I found one in my humidor that I would guess had been there for 7 years. After I was impressed by that one, I purchased a five pack. The only significant difference I could notice was a whiter ash and more cedar notes from the older single I found loose in my humidor.

  9. I know the brand has been around for a little while but the series hasn’t, the La Aroma De Cuba Reserva. I believe it is a really great cigar. Also the new My Father El Centurion and Flor de las Antillas. I agree with the crowned heads, anything out of the Carrillo factory is going to be solid. That headley grange also a great choice.

  10. I’ll second Peter and say illusione epernay as my cigar that I think cigar smokers will be talking about 8-10 years from. Along the lines of “what’s old is new,” I recently revisited the El Rey del Mundo rectangulare maduro (purchased at JR Cigars in Washington DC). Still a solid smoke with lots of flavor and definitely budget friendly at ~$15 per five pack.

  11. I haven’t enjoyed the Henry Clay since the 90’s. I’ll have to re-explore that one Jerry. Used to be one of the go to smokes back then. I think the La Aurora 107, corona esp. are a pretty solid bet going forward for new and old smokers alike.

  12. Nicely done! Someday I’ll have yo go back and revisit the sticks I smoked 5+ years ago to track how much my palette has changed or developed.

    As for your question? Even though released over 2-3 years ago, I can’t believe nobody chimed in with a Liga Privada 9, 52, etc… Even to this day they are in high demand. So that’ll be my answer.

  13. Jerry, what’s the difference between this Henry Clay and the one under Santa Clara Cigars besides one being Dominican and one being Honduran if you’ve soked both kinds? Up until today I thought only Altadis had the rights to this name and there was one Henry Clay. Finding out that there is another Henry Clay out there with the same band has me scratching my head. Am I even right?

    1. Henry Clay Honduran was released in 2005 and made exclusively for Santa Clara which has affiliations with JR Cigars. You will also see this other brands like Hoyo de Monterrey, Partagas, etc,. All exclusives for JR Cigars.

  14. Great job Jerry. How about a mini series revisiting old
    stuff to see how it holds up? As for the question, Pete Johnson has
    done well not sacrificing consistency for the sake of pushing
    product. He doesn’t seem afraid of keeping production at the right
    rate to match supply. The Domus Magnus Limitada comes to mind as

  15. I think the cigar that will hang around well be the nica rustica and/or Kentucky fire cured both by drew estate

  16. Long time fan, first time commenting. Keep up the good work. Sounds like a
    solid kick around smoke. We have yet to review one of these yet on our
    channel but sounds like something we might have to track down.

  17. I bet the Olivia Connecticuts will withhold the test of time for sure.
    Everyone’s got room in the humidors/has a time for a flavorful mild smoke.

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