Mike Ditka Throwback by Camacho

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Mike Ditka Throwback by Camacho

Mike Ditka Throwback 001 (600x327)

Wrapper : Honduran Corojo Maduro
Binder : Brazilian
Filler : Nicaraguan, Dominican and Honduran
Source : Bought at local shop (Genuine Tobacco)


Welcome to this weeks review of da Mike Ditka Throwback by Camacho. This cigar is available in one size (6×50) and comes in boxes of 10 coffins. This was an impulse buy as Genuine Tobacco only had one full box and priced at $10 a stick or box for $100 it was easier on the wallet. So here we go. I like the wrapper on this Mike Ditka Throwback as it reminds me of a ruggedness that any football fan could associate with Mr. Ditka himself. I do not care for the color of the band as it seems to hide the picture a bit too much except under bright light. Cold draw is nice and open and bot the wrapper and cold draw taste like cedar.


You may have guessed already but this Mike Ditka Throwback by Camacho tastes a lot like cedar. I get a little bit of spice mixed in that has a citrus note to it as I progress into the cigar. Dominant flavor is most definitely cedar though. Throughout the cigar the dominant flavor was cedar with a little of the citrusy spice and towards the end a bit of sweetness creeped in to play but everything was overshadowed by the cedar. This cigar is really all about the cedar.

This Mike Ditka Throwback by Camacho reached a high medium at the end but was nothing overpowering, except for the cedar taste. I think most smokers could handle this cigar and you will love it if you enjoy a dominant cedar flavor in your cigar.


Would I buy it again? Possibly. I took a few out of the coffins and put in my humidor to see if more of the flavor would come out and put the cedar to the back but with them being limited edition, I dont know if I will find out until all the boxes are sold so I may not be able to get more. I would definitely buy more if the cedar would be pushed to the background by keeping them out of the coffins for a few months.

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3 thoughts on “Mike Ditka Throwback by Camacho

  1. So… you’re saying that cedar is a component? I have to say that even though I wasn’t really tempted to pursue these, after reading Ton’s review, I was willing to pick one up if I saw it. Now, I’m not so sure. Thanks Mike.

  2. Great Review mikey I enjoy Cedar in my cigars although for as much as you say its in there I’m not sure if its for me! Although I am a sucker for cigars in coffins! Great job buddy and good luck with the possible move

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