Week in Smoke – The Bayou Edition No. 3

Week in Smoke7 Comments on Week in Smoke – The Bayou Edition No. 3

Week in Smoke – The Bayou Edition No. 3

Welcome back for another Bayou Edition of our week in smoke. These are a few of the cigars I’ve smoked this week.  This is just a quick overview of the cigars I’ve smoked which you will probably see in an upcoming full review soon.  If you have smoked any of these, leave your impressions of the cigar in the comments belows. Thanks for reading.  Enjoy.

Davidoff of Geneva 25 Anniversary

Davidoff 25th Anniversary copy

This is was released this year to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Davidoff’s North American operations.  This Dominican puro is a large cigar coming in at 5 x 56 with a Yamasa wrapper.  It had notes of pepper, black tea, nuts, leather, cedar and a hint of citrus.  Excellent smoke.  You will see a full review on this upcoming soon.

Camacho Blackout Figurado

Camacho Blackout Figurado copy

This is Camacho’s new limited edition after their rebranding this year.  Super dark wrapper that is full of body and flavor.  It has notes of pepper, dried dark fruits, espresso, leather and cocoa.  Very tasty and a well constructed cigar.

Zino Platinum Crown Rocket

Zino Platinum Crown Series Rocket copy

This cigar is a classic.  Pretty expensive, but great for a special occasion.  It has flavors of oak, cream, light roasted coffee, earthiness and a hint of pepper.  Classy cigar.

Drew Estate Nica Rustica El Brujito

Nica Rustica copy

Another cigar that I’ve really been enjoying lately is Drew Estate’s Nica Rustica.  Named after the El Brujito, or Witch Doctor, that adorns caves, graffiti art and sculptures throughout Esteli, this toro has flavors of rich cocoa and earth, sweetness, black pepper and raw almonds.  Great after dinner cigar and only $7.00 to boot.

Room 101 Master Collection Mutante

Room 101 MC Mutante copy

Matt Booth recently introduced his Master Collection as a limited run to retailers throughout the US.  Davidoff recently sent me a box for review of the Mutante size, which is a large lancero.  This cigar has very tasty woody notes along with leather, pepper and a charred meat flavors.  Very good blend.  You will see more about this on in an upcoming review.

The Crowned Heads Mule Kick

The Crowned Heads Mule Kick copy

The elusive Mule Kick.  What can I say about this cigar that I haven’t already said?  One of the best cigars I’ve ever had. This was my last one.  I wept a little when it was gone.  I smoked it to celebrate my beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs win over our hated arch rival, Ole Miss.  It was definitely worth it.  Legendary smoke.


7 thoughts on “Week in Smoke – The Bayou Edition No. 3

  1. Hey Ben, congrats on your MS Bulldogs win. Not to rub it in, but I still have a box of the Mule Kicks. Forgot I had them. I was going through my coolidor a couple weeks ago, and there they were at the bottom just sitting there untouched. 🙂

    1. And I was just thinking about cracking open the first box of 3boxes of Mule Kicks for New Years Eve. It will be paired with a Lavugullin Cask Strength.

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