Casa Fernandez Aniversario Boheme

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Casa Fernandez Aniversario Boheme

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A few weeks ago I came home from work to find a package waiting for me. Inside the package was a note, t-shirt, and several cigar samples from Casa Fernandez. It has been quite a while since I’ve smoked a Casa Fernandez Cigar but I’ve had excellent luck with the lines. With my expectations set very high, I was eager to dig in and start smoking.

On a whim, I grabbed the bag containing a pair or Casa Fernandez Aniversario Boheme Cigars. Upon opening the bag I was hit in the face with an intense rustic barnyard aroma. Immediately, I was reminded of Spring car rides through Pennsylvania Farm Country, although not quite as stinky.

I began handling one of the cigars and was impressed. Visually, the cigar was very appealing. The wrapper had the color of over-creamed coffee and was almost silky to the tough. The construction was solid and the cigar felt consistent when pinched from head to foot.

Even though things were off to a great start, I was a little worried after clipping. The cold draw was mild and pleasant but the draw had virtually no resistance. While I love a cigar with a loose draw, this was a bit extreme, even for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would the cigar burn properly or would the lack of resistance cause problems down the line? There was only one way to find out, I reached for my lighter and got down to business.

Despite the loose draw, the Casa Fernandez Aniversario Boheme smoked beautifully. The smoke was thick plentiful, coating the palate with a creaminess that I enjoyed thoroughly. The burn rate was a bit fast and an occasional touch-up was necessary but problems were few and far between.

The flavor intensity was what I would consider medium while the body was mild to medium. This, coupled with a creamy finish, gave me the impression that the Casa Fernandez Aniversario Boheme would make for an excellent morning smoke. The flavor profile was made up of coffee, nuts, the slightest touch of saltiness, and a rich sort of earthiness.

I’d have to smoke more of the Aniversario Boheme to be sure but at this point I’m thinking it has a good shot at making my Top 10 Cigars of 2013 List.

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3 thoughts on “Casa Fernandez Aniversario Boheme

  1. Walt, your review of the Casa Fernandez Aniversario Boheme Cigars was spot on. I remember that barnyard smell as a kid as well. My grandmother lived in Lititz, Pa., so we were always driving through Lancaster when the Amish were plowing the manure into the fields. Just what the kids wanted to smell. Thank God for the recycle button on the dashboard, but only if you were lucky enough to hit it before the smell got into the car that is.

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