Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

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Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

Crazy days at work but thankful I still have a job (for now) after an intense IT Audit and my boss getting the boot. Times they are a changing…so who knows what other changes are ahead of me. I can only control what I can control. Who ends up as my new boss, their philosophy, their “strategic” plan…I don’t have any control of that. All I can do is what most of us do and thats…stay afloat. One thing I do have complete control over are the cigars I smoke. My little tent and propane heater can only handle so much…unfortunately a polar vortex isn’t one of them. Thankfully the wife has noticed my stress level as of late and has cut me some slack to go out and visit a few shops to enjoy a few smokes:

A @rockypatelcigar Vintage 1990 for my brother Chris on what would be his 40th birthday. #remberingchris #suicide #rip #gonebutnotforgotten

Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 – The Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 and 1992 were my brother’s favorite cigar. This would have been my brother’s 40th birthday. Sadly it was the first birthday celebrated since his suicide last year. I think about him often and the influence it will have on his children and their children. I haven’t come to grips with him taking his own life. I can’t imagine the darkness he was feeling. Maybe I will never come to grips with it all. As I’ve learned through other tragedies over the years, we sometimes aren’t supposed to know why. What I do know is that I miss him and the simpler times of our youth.

A nicely aged Emilio Series H Maduro @emiliocigar @houseofemilio

Emilio Series H Maduro – I recently organized one of my treasure dome humidors and came across these Costa Rican beauties from the pre-House of Emilio days when there was simply the Series H, Grimalkin and AF1. AF2 was still in the beta stages. Nicely aged with a lot of the essential oils accumulating on the cellophane the Emilio Series H Maduro was impressive. I felt the floral earthy notes were much more mature than what I remember of it a few years ago. Probably not found in many places but if you come across them; pick them up. Different and refreshing change of pace.

A black themed evening...a Black & Gold by @1502cigars and some Double Black from @johnniewalker

1502 Black Gold – In all honesty I can smoke the entire line of 1502 Cigars (Emerald, Ruby and Black Gold) all day long. Just a great consistency in variety. On the cold evening that I enjoyed this Black Gold I am not sure what kept me warmer, the cigar or the Johnnie Walker Double Black? I’d add that the creamy maltiness of the Double Black was a nice compliment to the smooth tobacco intensity of the Black Gold. It was definitely an enjoyable experience.

Some Curivari action this evening.

Curivari El Gran Rey – Curivari use to be a brand that I didn’t come across. It seems with its recent performance on a certain Top 25 list has had some impact. It is always nice to explore new brands and new lines that you find on humidor shelves. Exploring comes with some risk. The risk of not knowing what that cigar will deliver. Sometimes you are greatly surprised…other times, like this time with the Curivari El Gran Rey, you are left disappointed and putting the cigar down and writing “DNF” (Did Not Finish) in your trusty Humidor Notes. The Curivari El Gran Rey was lackluster with an overwhelming spongey and sourness that left me scratching my head, questioning my judgement.

Let's get it going with a Aquitaine Mode 5 by @chiefhava @smokeroma while hanging with @justinryan4 and @humidormuse ... @dk_fxn using beard oil now lol

Aquitaine Mode 5 by RoMa Craft Tobac – A different kind of cigar from the CroMagnon Mode 5. I think the Aquitaine Mode 5 exposes the lighter, gentler, teddybear side of Skip Martin’s creative palate. It felt like I was smoking tea with a splash of milk. Creamy and earthy at the core with a consistent soft woodiness on the finish and a lot of delicate floral notes that are easily missed. Great construction with beautiful smoke billowing out. A wonderful experience that I can’t wait to replicate again.


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