Jesus Castanon – Mareba

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Jesus Castanon – Mareba

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Hello all my fans and haters, I am finally back! Moving took so long with the condition my neck is in but now everything is finished and I can hopefully get back to reviewing some cigars. I did lose my smoking room so I will either record at a shop or outside when it isn’t too cold for my wussy ass.

This week I take a look at the Jesus Castanon Mareba cigar which is a Brazilian puro available in one size, 5 3/4 x 50 with a MSRP of $12 a stick. Yea, a bit out of my comfort range but lets give it a shot anyway.

I am going to let the video do most of the work this week as this was a bit of a trial run due to my internet connection being at least 10 times slower than my DSL at our old house. Country living is great but cheap companies that wont get true broadband out here make life difficult.

A little short snippet about the cigar is it surprised me with how little chocolate taste I got and it was a little one dimensional. Now this is not a bad thing in all forms but for a cigar at this price point I was hoping for a little more.


Would I buy it again? Yes. I cant see buying a whole box but I would definitely be keen on keeping some in my humidor(s) when I wanted a great smoking cigar without a lot of complexity. It really is a nice relaxing smoke, I just wish the price point would be a little lower (yes, I am still cheap).

I hope to be back to my regular format next week as long as I can find a place to smoke and record (local shops are still 40 minutes plus away)

I am just me.

7 thoughts on “Jesus Castanon – Mareba

  1. Welcome back, Mike! We missed you on the SR. Excellent review, man. Brazilian puro, eh? Wonder what that’s like… Anyways, can’t wait to see more coming from you and the rest of the Stogie Review crew!

    1. Thanx man. Yea it was one I really want to smoke more of to see if I get anything new but normally with the Brazilian wrapper i get a nice chocolate taste but did not with the two I smoked of these so far. It deserves a spot in my humidor, just dont know how big of a spot until I try some more 😉

  2. Thanks for the review. But for me, unknown cigar company + $12 cigar = no sale.

    Noobs need to learn that one needs to prove oneself before jumping into the super-premium game. In a market with awesome $4 cigars like the Illusione Rothchild and MoW Ruination, this kind of cigar is a non-starter.

  3. Nice review Mike, glad to see you back on. I can see where people wouldn’t pay $12 for a new cigar from a new company. But, the cost sets the brand above a $2 bundle cigars and lets people know this is not a $2 bundle stick. Although a higher price doesn’t mean a quality/flavorful smoke. I have had some bad $10+ cigars and some good $4 ones!

  4. Great to see u back again great review I really like these cigars to but this video is almost as good as that Tatuaje JV13 video you did back in October you guys have to do more & I mean a lot more!!

  5. Well, it’s about damned time you got your ass back here! LOL, just kidding; I know how busy (and snowed in) you’ve been. Nice little review, although I’m not sure what my chances are of seeing these around here.

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