Nomad Cigars Connecticut Fuerte

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Nomad Cigars Connecticut Fuerte

Nomad Connie 002 (600x400)

Wrapper : Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder : Ecuadorian Habano
Filler : Dominican and Nicaraguan
Source : Samples sent from Nomad

This week I take a look at a brand new cigar from the Nomad Cigar Company. This cigar is the Nomad Cigars Connecticut Fuerte. This cigar will be available (today, March 1st actually) in four sizes, corona, robusto, robusto gordo and toro with a msrp from $7.90 to $8.50.


Taking a gander at this Nomad Cigars Connecticut Fuerte and like most Connecticut shade wrappers you find a bit of different coloring throughout. Does not make a lick of a difference as far as I can tell with smoking them but it’s just a neat observation on Connecticut wrappers. Not much of a scent all the way around but the cold draw gives a bit of a hay/barnyard. Torch time.

First Half

Starting out this Nomad Cigars Connecticut Fuerte gives a nice buttery taste along side of a hint of spice and it is real creamy. Started off with a bit of oompf to it which may make you stand up and take notice. After a bit a woody taste came into play with the buttery taste going to the background but the spice hangs around. This surprised me the most in the ones I have smoked, the fact that the spice is there, all the time but never gets “in your face”. Ash is super nice and held on for a good inch and a half. Grass and hay taste come in at around the half way point along with wood and the spice.

Second Half

Heading into the last half of this Nomad Cigars Connecticut Fuerte and the buttery taste has reared its pretty little head again along with the wood taking back over from the hay/grass and the ever present spice component was there as well. I am having a hard time putting the spice component into words as it is always there but is not the main focal point. Really interesting.


Would I buy it again? Hell yes. This is right in my wheelhouse for a mild-medium cigar and if I would have my smoking room I would have tried it in the morning with coffee as I think it would do well in that arena. For me personally, I think I like this better than the original Nomad Fugitive. Now if only this Nomad Cigars Connecticut Fuerte were to be made in the Fugitive size……Fred?

I am just me.

10 thoughts on “Nomad Cigars Connecticut Fuerte

  1. Thanks for the review Mike. Good to see you recording/reviewing again. As for the Nomad Cigars Connecticut Fuerte – I was looking forward to trying it as soon as it was announced. Will keep my eye out for it.

  2. Always up for a deranged hippie review! J/K! Sounds like Fred is hitting on all cylinders. I would love to give this one a shot.

  3. Mike-
    Been looking forward to this one for a while. I’m a big believer in Nomad and Emilio. Always a good choice.

  4. Bought a box and resisted smoking one for a week. Now I’m on my second box. Fred nailed this. It’s not only great with coffee but I enjoy the NCF any time of day.

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