Viaje Exclusivo Leaded

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Viaje Exclusivo Leaded

Viaje first released the Exclusivo blend in 2010 and is the exclusive blend for the owner of Viaje, Andre Farkas.  The blend remains unknown.  All we know is that its rolled at Fábrica de Tabacos Raíces Cubanas for Viaje.  In 2014, Viaje released their latest version in the Exclusivo Leaded.  Continuing the firearm theme that began with the Super Shot cigars, this cigar differs slightly from the other releases as it uses medio tiempo tobacco in the blend.  Medio tiempo is a leaf grown above ligero leaves which means it gets more time on the stalk giving it a rich and more full bodied flavor.  Other than that, not much is known about the blend.  With an MSRP of about $10.00, its easily approachable for most people considering its a limited release.

The construction of the cigar was pretty good.  The wrapper looked a bit rustic and had an almost velvet like appearance.  The cigar has a nice pig tail cap and a closed foot.  Upon lighting the cigar, I was hit with a blast of black pepper.  It was strong on the palette and on the retrohale, but not harsh.  Along with the black pepper, I got a nice coffee note along with some woodiness.  As the cigar reached the middle point, the black pepper faded and the coffee note ramped up.  The cigar also developed a buttery note that reminded me of the buttery quality you get on some California chardonnay wines.  As the cigar neared the end, the flavors flip flopped again.  The pepper became more dominate over the coffee note and the buttery note faded away.

Overall, I really enjoyed the cigar.  I do believe that with some age, this cigar can become something spectacular.  That being said, if you like spicier cigar, this is one is ready for you right now.  A very good release by Viaje.



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