Leaf Maduro by Oscar

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Leaf Maduro by Oscar

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Short writeup today as I am not feeling well at all. Hit me last night, hence why this review is up later than usual.

This cigar is the brainchild of Jim Robinson (owner of Leaf & Bean Company) and Oscar Valladares. They have now produced four varieties all in a toro size (6 x 50) which included connecticut, maduro, sumatra and corojo wrappers. All binders and fillers are Honduran. As you can tell from the picture, or video, this cigar is wrapped in a cigar leaf rather than cello. It is a unique idea and it seems to work very well, although I imagine it does add a bit to the price.

It seems we may have said the wrong price in the video as I have been seeing these for $9-$10 online unless pricing can be set by each retailer. Like I said, I was gifted these so I never saw the price myself.

This Leaf Maduro by Oscar was really great. Complexity throughout with a nice spice and uniqueness that kept me interested in what was coming next. I really hope to be able to try the other flavors and maybe one of these days make a trip west to Pittsburgh and hang out at Leaf & Bean.

I want to thank Jon Brown for joining me in another video. I think he did a good job so be nice to the kid.

I am just me.

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  1. “A white pepper Baker’s chocolate cappuccino.”…. mmmm. That actually sounds good. I really like these group reviews; we also find the conversational style engaging. Nice to have more than one take on things in the same video. So hey – going outside the everyday, whether it be for cigars or for video reviews, is refreshing. Keep it up.

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