Curivari Achilles Eternos

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Curivari Achilles Eternos


In 2013, Curivari introduced the Achilles as a stronger line to its already impressive line up of cigars. The Curivari Achilles is a Nicaraguan puro that was given more ligero to boost its body while still retaining a well rounded flavor profile. Released in three sizes, the cigar will be re-released 4 times a year on a limited run.

  • Eternos: 6 1/4″ x 52
  • Gloriosos: 5 3/4 x 56
  • Heriocos: 5 1/4 x 50

All retailing for under $10.00, I was given the Eternos by my friend Armando Ortiz of Crescent City Cigars for a review. Armando was quite impressed by the blend and really thought I would love it. Well, he was right. The cigar was well constructed and burned quite evenly putting off a lot of smoke. The flavors weren’t overly complex, but they were very good. At the onset, I got notes of black pepper, cedar and a hint of sweetness. As the cigar reached the midway point, the sweetness developed in a more caramel like flavor and also developed a citrus note that I can best describe as grapefruit. The reason is that the citrus flavor had a slight sour note like grapefruit that actually worked very well with the caramel sweetness and spice. As the cigar neared the end, the caramel subsided along with the grapefruit note leaving me with a spicy, cedar flavor. All in all, quite a good smoke. Highly recommended.


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