Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

Week in Smoke9 Comments on Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

The 2014 DC Cigar Tweetup (put on by the B&B Cigar Club) was a few weeks ago. My attendance was cut short since my wife’s grandmother passed away. Even my select few hours spent at Signature Cigars during the Meet and Greet portion of the kickoff event was fantastic. It is always nice to see old friends like Barry Stein of Miami Cigar & Company and meet so many new friends that connect with me on Instagram. People often ask, which Tweetup-like event they should attend. I’m not in the business of telling people what to do, all I can do is tell you why I choose to attend and support DC Cigar Tweetup. Its not about the cigars you get and its not about the people that are there. Its about the causes they support. Its about giving back and supporting causes that effect them personally. This year, the 2014 DC Cigar Tweetup benefited The American Diabetes Association. Through ticket sales and raffle items, the DC Cigar Tweetup raised $5,000 in support of The American Diabetes Association. We all have different priorities so I can’t speak for you but for me its all about giving back.

Now onto the All Nicaraguan edition of Week in Smoke…

Some @tatuajeinc action

Tatuaje 10 Grand Chasseur TAA 2013 – Found this little gem on a recent visit to Signature Cigars and it is impressive. The Ecuadorian Habano wrapper is shiny and oily and I’m a sucker for a closed foot. Lots of strength and pepperiness at first but then calmly transitions to a smooth creamy woodsy concoction thats delightful. Add to it a lumberjack style aroma (woodsy and piney) and you have one serious cigar on your a hands.

Another day, another @smokeroma @chiefhava to start the evening here at @wcurtisdraper with @notwhitejustin

RoMa Craft Tobac Fomorian – I’m late for Saint Patrick’s Day and we’ve all heard the phrase “its not easy being green” when it comes to Candela style cigars. I’m no Halfwheel, I just smoke cigars but I imagine there are different kinds of Candela wrappers. Whatever strain Skip Martin and company are using is legit. The Fomorian smokes like no other boring ass Candela out there. Reminded me of sipping on some green tea with a cube or two of sugar. Sweet cedar, slight pepperiness and only a faint grassiness. Thin wrapper; hearty flavors!

It's a @smokeroma night, time for the best, CroMag Knuckle Dragger @chiefhava

CroMagnon Knuckle Dragger – It all comes back to where it began for me. The CroMagnon Knuckle Dragger is historically THE BEST cigar by RoMa Craft Tobac proven by the multiple awards I’ve given it here on Stogie Review (multiple Top 10 appearances, favorite short smoke). Assortment of semi-sweet dark chocolate, cedar woodiness with a mature spice on the finish. Most of all, I love the smokey aroma.

Some @smokeroma @chiefhava  Intemperance action. Thanks @humidormuse

Intemperance BA XXI A.W.S. IV – Never heard of this release by RoMa Craft? After you are done here head on over to our friends at Halfwheel for the story of this lovely lonsdale. Strong beautiful white ash throughout. Complex is an understatement when it comes to the AWS. I picked up an assortment of flavors that had me doing some soul searching for the words to do it justice. At the end of smoking the AWS, I was left speechless.

El Centurion smoking like a boss...amazing smoke @myfathercigars

El Centurion by My Father Cigars – I don’t know what they are doing in Nicaragua but whatever it is, I hope the gravy train never stops. The El Centurion was an old favorite of mine when it was originally released as a limited edition run a few years ago. Usually when a limited edition becomes a regular production…something is always missing. Not the case here. The El Centurion fired on all cylinders for me and smoked like a boss. Lots of nuttiness and spicy notes throughout with a nice bouquet of floral aromas.


9 thoughts on “Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

  1. Thanks again for continuing to support our event, Jerry. Always great to get a chance to hang out with you.

  2. Nice week there Jerry. Sadly we don’t get any RoMa Craft cigars up here in Canada. I will definitely have to search for them on my next trip. That Tatuaje TAA looks super sharp there. Thanks for another great week!

  3. Woot! Just in time for the weekend! I’ve seen the El Centurion at my local. Will have to stop on the way home and pick some up. Awesome stuff.

  4. Discovered your site from your Cigar Dojo posts! Awesome site! Had no idea cigar blogs go as far back as you guys do.

    My local has some of those Tatuaje TAA left on the shelf…your endorsement means I should pick up the rest of them.

    The El Centurion is a boss but your beard is a pimp!

  5. ” I’m a sucker for a closed foot”

    I’m not familiar with how the foot is done on the Tatuaje 10 but I don’t like when the wrapper is folded down over the foot. I’ve gotten into the habit of cutting them open before lighting (either I use a pocket knife or my cutter).

  6. So jerry i know you have smoked both of these cigars that i am going to ask your opinion on. Please help me in my decision of buying a box. I have been wanting to buy a box of the hammers the padron 45 maduros but i also love the liga provida no.9s. So i ask you if you were buying a box which one would you buy and one. Please help me…..

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